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Published on November 21, 2008

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Slide 1: Conservation Program Overview April 11th, 2007 Bill Gruen Xcel Energy Conservation Programs Background : Conservation Programs Background Programs run through 2013 Overall goals are 320 MW and 800,000 MWH Authorized to spend up to $196 million Annually: 40 MW, 100,000 MWH, $25M Why use the conservation programs? : Why use the conservation programs? Programs provide rebates to reduce project costs Improves project economics May help projects move forward Projects help Boulder meet the GHG reduction goals Conservation Programs for Businesses : Conservation Programs for Businesses Currently Available Lighting Efficiency Cooling Efficiency Motor Efficiency Custom Efficiency Recommissioning Energy Design Assistance Compressed Air Additional program in design EMS Prescriptive Program Similarities : Prescriptive Program Similarities Pre-determined rebate amounts for the most common equipment upgrades/retrofits Cash rebates Up to 50% of the project cost Available for existing facilities or new construction (including major renovation or additions) Must be an Xcel Energy electric business customer in Colorado No Pre-approval required Purchase and install equipment and then apply for rebate Subject to random verifications Program Overview : Program Overview Lighting Efficiency Rebate requirements : Rebate requirements Weekday on-peak operation Indoor lighting only Per fixture rebate based on the type of new equipment being installed Overall wattage reduction Customer has one year from invoice date to apply Retrofits Covered : Retrofits Covered Retrofits Covered : Retrofits Covered Program Overview : Program Overview Rebates also available for: Low wattage T8 lamps (28w and 25w) Reflectors Based on square footage of reflector Automatic Controls Occupancy Sensors Wall Mount Ceiling Mount Photocells Lighting Efficiency Retrofit rebates : Lighting Efficiency Retrofit rebates Items Moving to Prescriptive soon : Items Moving to Prescriptive soon 400w HID  6 Lamp T5HO 1000w HID  multi-lamp T8 or T5HO Premium efficiency ballast Delamping T12  T8 T8  T8 Compact Fluorescent Requirements : Compact Fluorescent Requirements Hardwired (dedicated) and pin-based (modular) CFLs Not available for screw-in (integral) CFLs Other Requirements : Other Requirements High Bay T8 or T5HO Requirements < 240 W Lumen maintenance > 90% Fixture efficiency > 80% Initial Lumens ≥ 20,000 Must have reflectors Super T8 Requirements High Lumen lamp (3,100 initial lumens), other requirements High Ballast Efficacy Factor Go to www.CEE1.org for qualifying lamps and ballasts New Construction Lighting : New Construction Lighting Available to New buildings Major renovations Additions Eligible equipment Super T8s T5 Fixtures Hardwired CFL fixtures HPS, MH, and PS-MH High-bay T8 (6 or 8-lamp) and T5HO (4-lamp) fixtures Lighting Efficiency New Construction rebates : Lighting Efficiency New Construction rebates Program Overview : Program Overview Motor Efficiency Rebate Requirements : Rebate Requirements New motors from 1-200 horsepower No rewound or repaired motors Must meet or exceed National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Premium® motor efficiency standards ODP or TEFC motors Motor Rebate Levels : Motor Rebate Levels Each horsepower has prescribed rebate amount Note: Motors & VFDs > 200 HP must be submitted through the Custom Efficiency program and receive preapproval prior to purchase and/or installation Motor Rebate Levels : Motor Rebate Levels Motor Rebate Levels : Motor Rebate Levels Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Rebate Requirements : Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Rebate Requirements New VFDs only Prescriptive rebates for 1-200 horsepower At least 4,000 hrs. per year Two or more operating points < 55% loaded, 75% of the time Automated control system True PF ≥ .90 Flat rebate of $30/HP VFD Rebates – Qualifying Equipment : VFD Rebates – Qualifying Equipment VFDs included HVAC fans Pumps Cooling towers Process equipment Industrial fans VFDs not included Chillers Refrigeration compressors Air compressors Non-included VFDs may qualify for Custom Efficiency rebates Cooling Efficiency : Cooling Efficiency Rebates for purchasing and installing energy-efficient air conditioning equipment Available for small equipment up to very large equipment Two level incentive Base incentive Bonus incentive New or existing facilities Qualifying Technologies : Qualifying Technologies PTACs Water Source Heat Pumps Condensing Units Rooftop Units Split Systems Variable Air Volume Boxes Oversized Cooling Towers Chillers Prescriptive Program Application Process : Prescriptive Program Application Process PTACs Base: $50/ton, Bonus:$4/incremental 0.1 EER Water Source Heat Pumps Base: $50/ton, Bonus:$4/incremental 0.1 EER Rooftop Units Base: $50/ton, Bonus:$4/incremental 0.1 EER Condensing Units Base: $25/ton, Bonus:$4/incremental 0.1 EER Split Systems Base: $25/ton, Bonus:$3/incremental 0.1 SEER Prescriptive Program Application Process : Prescriptive Program Application Process Chillers-Scroll or Rotary Screw Base: $10/ton, Bonus:$3/incremental 0.01 kW/ton Chillers-Centrifugal Base: $12/ton, Bonus:$3/incremental 0.01 kW/ton VAV Boxes $200/Box, must replace a CAV system Cooling Towers $3/nominal tower ton Sample Rebate Calculations : Sample Rebate Calculations Rooftop AC example Assume 10 ton rooftop unit, 12 EER Minimum Efficiency is 11 EER Base rebate $50/ton $4/ton for each increment above base 10 ton x $50/ton = $500 (12 EER-11 EER)/0.1=10 10 ton x 10 x $4/ton = $400 Total: $500 + $400 = $900 Prescriptive Program Application Process : Prescriptive Program Application Process Determine if equipment qualifies Purchase and install equipment Complete rebate application Customer must sign application Submit application with invoice to Xcel Energy Date and place of purchase Nameplate nominal efficiency Manufacturer and model or part number Labor Costs to install Rebate check sent to customer in 6-8 weeks Program Overview : Program Overview Custom Efficiency Custom Efficiency : Custom Efficiency Incentives for customers to encourage them to implement energy-saving projects or process changes that are not covered by the prescriptive programs Xcel Energy pre-approval required prior to equipment purchase Custom Efficiency Requirements : Custom Efficiency Requirements Pre-approval required prior to purchase Simple paybacks between 1-15 years Rebate amount offered valid for 1 year from pre-approval date Rebates cannot exceed 50% of the project cost Rebates apply to new equipment Leased equipment may qualify Used equipment does not qualify Program Overview : Program Overview Energy Design Assistance Energy Design Assistance Overview : Energy Design Assistance Overview We work with commercial building owners, architects and engineers Evaluate potential energy-efficiency improvements For new construction, major renovations or additions Start when designing plans Requirements : Requirements >50,000 sq. ft. for commercial facilities >150,000 sq. ft. for housing Early enough to influence decision-making Schematic design or design development Stages Features : Features Free energy modeling and verification Owner incentives for implementation Payment to architectural and engineering team Recommissioning Program : Recommissioning Program Building Tune-up Program Offer incentives for energy study Study evaluated the HVAC and energy management system Offer incentives for implementing measures Buildings must be 50,000 sq. ft. or greater Compressed Air Program : Compressed Air Program Dependant on compressor size - Xcel Energy funds study costs as follows: 50 - 99hp - Xcel Energy pays 100% of study cost up to $2,500 100+ hp - Xcel Energy pays 75% of study cost up to $15,000 Reimbursed within 6 weeks after study is completed, reviewed and 50% of air loss repaired Equipment rebate is through Custom Efficiency Program Program Information : Program Information Go to Xcelenergy.com/rebates Enter your CO zip code In the left column look for the program name: Lighting Efficiency Cooling Efficiency Motor Efficiency Custom Efficiency Recommissioning Energy Design Assistance Compressed Air Contact Information : Contact Information Bill Gruen Trade Channel Manager 303-294-2082 william.gruen@xcelenergy.com Jaclyn Schultz Marketing Assistant 303-294-2633 jaclyn.k.schultz@xcelenergy.com

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