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Published on June 1, 2013

Author: Daragott

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X-centric Magazine, May 31, 2013 Issue

Miss PsychoTerror, who is she really?This week I welcome Miss PsychoTerror. A brilliant interview with this awesome model.She put a lot of time and effort into this interview and I’m sure everyone who reads it willlearn a lot.Miss PsychoTerror consider herself an artist, then a model and last a performer (dancing, videos,stage, etc). Her priorities are university, family, friends and modeling. How many years she will domodeling? Like 4-5 years for the moment. She really like this! She wishes to have more time to do morestuff!X-centic- To start this interview off, please tell me, howwould you describe yourself? Tell me about yourself.Miss PsychoTerror- Well let’s start with my real name,I’m Sofía Salazar but I prefer to use Sophia for workingthemes. I try always to be myself everywhere, my realfriends really know how crazy I can be sometimes, I likebeing with people who are not going to judge or criticizeme, they need to be as crazy as me. I’m a huge fan of highheel boots and platform too, I adore corsets (I own like 8for the moment). Also i’m a very huge fan of Hocico andmany alt models I admire. I find awesome to be in contactwith people far away from me too.X-centic- Where did you grow up and what kind of kidwere you?Miss PsychoTerror- I was born in Costa Rica 21 years ago and I’m still here. I grew upat a very beautiful town. Well I was a bit “freak” as a child, I preferred to have guys asfriends than girls, I enjoyed a lot the literature, tv shows like Beetlejuice, Adams Family,etc…also I loved to watch commercials haha.X-centic- Does your family and friends support your modeling?Miss PsychoTerror- My family is complicated. My mom sometimes support me othertimes no, my dad doesn’t know what I do, my sister helps me to choose my clothes forphoto shoots sometimes haha she likes how clothes look on me.My friends are really supportive! I adore them a lot <3 Theay always help me or give menew ideas to make reality.

X-centic- Lets look back at how you started modeling, tell me when and how youbegan?Miss PsychoTerror- I began in…2009 year as a experiment with one of my best friendsat high school. Then things started to turn much better and the top of my amateur career Iworked with one of the best photographers of my country. Then I got into a very deepfall…but again I made a big step and put a lot of effort of my career…and well now i’mhere doing an amazing interview.X-centic- How was the reaction of your parents and friends when you decided to do thesephoto shootings?Miss PsychoTerror- My parents were like “what the fuck is going with her?” they reallydisliked goth subculture and similar tendencies. When I decided to became more cybergothic they were like…”we can’t stop her now”. With the years they accepted that thiswasn’t just a phase, it’s how i’m.In the other side, my friends push me many times to make those photo shootings, theysaid to me “Why not?, Just do it if you like that idea or concept”. They don’t know howglad i’m now.

X-centic- Do you want to do modeling as a career? Or just do it as a hobby?Miss PsychoTerror- I started it as a hobby, but now I can’t choose into continue as ahobby or became a professional…the works I have done and I do aren’t a hobby, I workwith designers, magazines, pages, bands…I think I grew up and I can say i’m gettingmore professional with the days.X-centic- What attracts you in the modeling industry?Miss PsychoTerror- The creative atmosphere mainly, each day you can more fantasticworks from many models, photographers, designers, etc…the opportunity to show that artcan be shown in a photography it’s something that I really enjoy to do.X-centic- What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progress in thisfield?Miss PsychoTerror- Become the most importantalternative model from Latin America (my specialgenres or themes are gothic and industrial, but I like toexperiment new concepts). To show that being atanned model isn’t a trouble to became important. Iwould like to travel very soon to work with morepeople at the industry (this year I will travel toMexico).My progress in this fields is very good I think, manypeople told me they knew me before I add them at myprofile, someone told them about me, they saw me ata CD or dancing video, or at a page…I like theexposure I have today. I know a few alt models fromLatin America, but the problem here is that we don’thave a Latin based model agency or maybe more support from people here and fromother countries. I want to do something about this problem.

X-centic- What kind of modeling are you the most interested in and why?Miss PsychoTerror- I’m pretty interested into gothic, industrial, cyber, fetish, fantasy,steampunk, dieselpunk, a mix between deathrock and victorian maybe…I like to improvemy style, not to stay only in one thing. My taste is very wide today ^^X-centic- Please describe your favorite experience as a model so far and what made it sospecial?Miss PsychoTerror- Favorite one? When people feedback my work, a simple commentcan made my day, turn a grey week into a colorful one. People sending love and the bestwishes to me is really incredible. I prefer that instead getting a lot of likes or whateverelse. I like good people behind my works. Another awesome experience and so recent isthat I became so near of a very talented musician, he’s so kind and so nice person. I’m soglad this this “small” things. He’s not the first.X-centic- Do you remember the first time you were behind a camera for a shooting? Howwas it?Miss PsychoTerror- My Goddess haha I still remember that first official time. I go to thecapital city to meet a guy I never saw before, then we went to the location (it was a bighouse) and we decorate four different stages there. Then the magic began! That shoot wasreally great and creative. I’m too proud of that first time.X-centic- Describe the atmosphere when youre on a shoot. Do you play music? Do youtalk with the photographer between shots?Miss PsychoTerror- Depends of the photographer and where we are. If we are on ahouse or a location with electricity we turn on the music loud and let the imaginationwork. We also talk about random things or just troll us. Maybe we drink something too.

X-centic- What shooting are you most proud of? why?Miss PsychoTerror- The last ones I made…isn’t gothic, cyber or etc else themed…wasjust me characterizing a very deep concept the photographer and I know (we are greatfriends and that shoot have an interesting history behind). I can say that this is my mostproud work.X-centic- Do you have a hair stylist and a make upartist when you have a photo shooting?Miss PsychoTerror- Not really, many of the shootsthe MUA and hair stylist are me, or someone help me,usually is my best friend who helps me. I alsocollaborate with other beginners models.X-centic- On the fashion industry: who are the peoplethat you really loved to work with so far?Miss PsychoTerror- Frika!!! She’s the number oneon my list of people I love to work. She is amazing,her designs are so awesome and classy, she designsmany of my clothes for shoots we have a veryawesome relationship. In second placeBARBAROSSA (also from my country) he’s a newfashion designer, I made one catalogue shoot for him this year…his clothes are pretyawesome and he’s a crazy friend of mine too. And at third, not but less important,SykoMindz Entertainment. They are a very united family I wish to be near them.X-centic- what do you think made you stand out among other models?Miss PsychoTerror- It’s complicated to say what I have outstanding, I can tell you whatpeople, friends and fans told to me, they say that is my personality, my own style, my bigheart, the support I give to many people…I think is a mix of all.X-centic- Who do you think is most proud of you and your success as model?Miss PsychoTerror- Myself and a few friends like Kay, Minna, Angie, Kev andothers…I’m so proud of the things I have done and I can do in the future. Nobody wasnear me during all my career working so hard to be a successful model.

X-centic- How do you market yourself as a model?Miss PsychoTerror- I prefer to say i’m an artist, I enjoy to represent ideas, concepts,themes, etc by posing and thinking what I need to do. Modeling is more complicated thanjust pose in front of a camera.X-centic- What according to you is the biggest problem a future model will have to face?Miss PsychoTerror- The technology, digital era can erase human models and turn themdigital models, no more shootings, no more locations, etc.Also the hate between models and people that wants to talk bad of us everywhere.X-centic- Name 3 types of photos you think every model should have in his/her portfolio.(could be poses, themes, etc.)Miss PsychoTerror- Nudes, surrealism and portraits.X-centic- And to finish this interview, something funny,Whats the worst pick up line youve heard from a guy?Miss PsychoTerror- The worst one? Let’s think…”I loveyou so much my lady, let’s make dirty things soon causeyou’re so hot and I love you”Who the hell says that to a girl at the first date? xDX-centic- Would you like to add something more?Miss PsychoTerror- Keep watching my page for the

updates ;D I love unicorns!Thank you for answering my questions,I appreciate the time you took for this interview.Miss PsychoTerror works with the following photographers:Mario Peraza: https://www.facebook.com/marioperazaarte?fref=tsMraco Chacón: ://www.facebook.com/mchaconcr?fref=tsKev RozenKrantz: https://www.facebook.com/RozenkrantzKev?fref=tsLaurens Leiton: https://www.facebook.com/HauruArcangel?fref=tsPhoto von Kath The Kiss Of Death: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Photo-von-Kath-The-Kiss-Of-Death/165105516899248?fref=tsYou can meet Miss PsychoTerror on her different profiles:https://www.facebook.com/MissPsychoTerror?fref=tshttps://www.facebook.com/VampyraGloom16?ref=tn_tnmnPinterest:http://pinterest.com/sophiadangoulem/Tumblr: http://misspsychoterror.tumblr.com/Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/user/LadyVampyra16?feature=mheeModelMayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/1984671Black Flag TV

Miss BárbaraMiss Bárbara, thanks to accept this interviewfor X-centric Magazine; to start this interviewoff, please give me some backgroundinformation. Tell me something about yourpersonality, how would you describe yourselfusing few adjectives?Bárbara- I have a very strong personality.Very perfectionist. I love things in my waybut at the same time I do everything for thepeople I love. And my boyfriend says thatIm very sweet (when I want!).X-centic- Tell us about yourself.Bárbara- Well, above all, I’m a bookaholic, aHistory of Art student and I love animals. I’man ordinary girl how like to travel and goshopping and I only need a Ferrero Rocher(twice a week) to be happyX-centic- where did you grow up and whatkind of kid were you?Bárbara- I grow up with my grandparents in Porto (a city in Portugal). I was a veryquiet kid. I used to wear my grandmas clothes as a costume to make her take me pictures.I think my passion for photography born here.X-centic- How much support do you get from your friends and family?Bárbara- My family and my friends always supported and encouraged me. They like myphotos and they keeping asking me when theres more, eheh.X-centic- On starting to do model: when and how did you start modeling?Bárbara- I’m not a professional model. I love photography. I like to modeling and I liketo be the photographer. My dad used to make me photo shootings at home or in gardens,in the streets, with dogs, at the Zoo, with my friends and family and the list goes on. Ithink thats help me to get more comfortable with the camera.In 2011 I make a mini photo shooting for an exposition of a friend of mine. Theexposition called "Pele" (or "Skin" in english) and its based on the human faceexpression. It was a incredible experience!

I start to modeling for Dark Skies Store and I just love it. The clothes, the make up andall the production are perfect. I need to say a big Thank you to Margarida Amaral, theowner of the store, for believing in me and give me this opportunity.X-centic- Why do you want to do these photo shootings?Bárbara- I do the photos shootings for the pleasure that gives me. I feel like Im in otherworld. They gave me so much joy!X-centic- What experience do you have into modelling?Bárbara- Until now I only modeling for Dark Skies Store. But recently I sign up for amodel agency.X-centic- If you have a chance, would you do modeling as a career? And why?Bárbara- Yes, I think Ill be happy if I do modeling as a career. But for now my goal isto complete my course and try to make a career as an art historian.

X-centic- So, what exactly is your personalstyle?Bárbara- Im not goth because I think that is somuch more than a clothing style and I dontknow the entire movement but I always was abit different. In summary, my style is blackX-centic- What is your philosophy towardsmodelling?Bárbara- My philosophy is to have fun and trymy best!X-centic- Do you remember the first time youwere behind a camera for a shooting? How wasit?Bárbara- I was so much nervous before theshooting and I remember to think "I must havebeen crazy when I said yes to this".X-centic- What is your favorite outfit for a photo shooting?Bárbara- The corset and the Ballgown skirt. Damn! They were awesome!X-centic- Do you have any limitations? Would you model any kind of clothing at all?Bárbara- I think we all have to experiment new things and I dont have any kind ofproblems with other styles. So yes, I model any kind of clothing.X-centic- How do stay in shape? Do you work out and eat healthy?Bárbara- Hum… round is a shape right? I recently joined the gym. Not only to stay inshape but to feel better about myself and stay healthy.X-centic- Apart from modeling, would you like to pursue another field, such as acting orsomething else?Bárbara- Not really. I dont think I was talent to acting. I stay with the photo shootingthing

X-centic- Tell me something about yourself and your hobbies, how do you usually spendyour free time?Bárbara- I spend my time reading, watching series and taking care of my animals. SinceI was a kid that I love horses and when I was 10 I started riding. I love football and I loveto go to the stadium watch my team play.X-centic- Where you would like to live other than where you do now?Bárbara- My favourite city in the world is London.So I will be very glad if in the future I have the chanceto live there.X-centic- What was the best day of your life?Bárbara- The day my little sister was born :)X-centic- What are some of the things about your lifethat you disliked?Bárbara- Theres nothing that I really dislike but Idlike to have possibilities to help more animals.X-centic- When are you the happiest?Bárbara- Thats easy, when Im with my boyfriendand my little sis

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