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Published on October 21, 2008

Author: RebeccaMichael

Source: authorstream.com

WWJD Show : WWJD Show WWJD Leadership Series : WWJD Leadership Series Establishment of godly character See our CHAMPS ALTC School Website- www.champsbibleschool.org HolinessScriptures- Eph.4:17-32 : HolinessScriptures- Eph.4:17-32 Holiness is key to godly leadership for it leads to authentic demonstrations of power rather than just a form of it like fake hype or bravado Holiness is central to God’s nature, His leadership and to His saints. It is wholeness, sanity, health and total purity inside and out including our true motives and intentions. It is utter honesty over comfort and it is true authenticity. Holiness definitionsScriptures- Gal. 5:22-25 : Holiness definitionsScriptures- Gal. 5:22-25 Holiness is purity from inward to outwardness in thought, feeling and actions. It is the progressive result of sanctification in the saint- or producing holiness in character- and is led by the Holy Spirit. Holiness is produced in a person in the form of character and behaviours over a life time in a variety of ways by God’s design to those who belong to Him who are in Christ Jesus. These ‘works of faith’ stem from the ‘fruits of the Spirit’ from within the saint. The saint gains victory over sins and failures and overcomes progressively in holiness as a result. Holiness is produced in us by God : Holiness is produced in us by God Holiness is produced in us by the Lord as we are Spirit-led by His Word through various means called trials, tribulations, tests, suffering, adversity, blessings- basically Providense as we now are His business once we belong to Him through Christ Jesus. Our part is to seek Him through prayer and His Word- watch for the signs and obey His lead in to His wisdom which may counter our own. We obey Him by trust- and we trust Him by knowing Him and we know Him by seeking Him. His Word, His Spirit within and His creation all show attributes of who He is. To know Him is then key- it is to fall in love with Him and to obey Him through the trust that comes from His love. Knowing God : Knowing God We will know God to the extent that we seek Him by His Word in the bible and obey Him by trusting His directions. We develop our testimony in this way- an inner knowing that is experiential then and not just head knowledge. The more we do what He directs- the more we become like Him- HOLY and authenticity is a hallmark of this… and so is real power. Power that demonstrably is able to lead as a true witness that God is with us as His Servant leaders. God’s leaders are incubated typically in obscurity over many years- consider Moses and the Prophets or Jesus in the desert years. It is here to trains them to lean on Him not man or traditions of men- and to grow in real holiness that they might then lead with power. This power shows in the testimony or witness of their lives, the fruit and in signs and wonders. This power is what these leaders have over time who know God intimately that other fakes lack- and - it is hard-won and costly. Examples of Gods Providense : Examples of Gods Providense Suffering with an overcomer victory mindset Tests and trials of our faith through adversities A growing personal testimony and witness Fruit of the Spirit and holiness or other character attributes of God progresses over time as we seek His Face and imitate Jesus Christ and his saints God ordains and appoints His leaders : God ordains and appoints His leaders God ordains and appoints His leaders once their character is set and the sanctification or perfecting process has created a holiness in them- which is what gives Gods leaders real power. This then manifests itself as God wills but may include healing, setting captives free from oppression, destroying satans works, raising up Gods apostolic biblical standards and even resurrection of the dead. This is power- and all godly leadership will demonstrate power. Why? Holiness= power! There is no shortcuts with God however- so the process is long and often difficult with higher levels of leadership such as those apostles and prophets. Providense and testimony together will then show a stamp of Gods work on it or not- as this pattern applies to all leaders- from Jesus to us his saints God bless you : God bless you

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