WWJD LEADERSHIP SERIES-Servanthood vs. Selfishness

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Information about WWJD LEADERSHIP SERIES-Servanthood vs. Selfishness

Published on October 21, 2008

Author: RebeccaMichael

Source: authorstream.com

WWJD SHOW : WWJD SHOW WWJD SHOWLEADERSHIP SERIES : WWJD SHOWLEADERSHIP SERIES Godly vs. selfish antichrist leadership styles CHAMPS ALTC SCHOOL WEBSITE- www.champsbibleschool.org Antichrist leadership traits : Antichrist leadership traits Self-serving and fear or desires based so shifty not true Corruption even in goodness deeds ie: fakes Corrupt selfish core motives that maximize gain and minimize losses no matter the cost, oppresses others Will do good as a covering, hides or veil if self gains Will do evil hidden or even overt if in power Seeks power, control and pleasure over principles or truth,accusatory and cunning sly quicksilver crafty ways Uses counterfeit goodness, deceptions and lies, usurps Is only controlled finally by strict laws and enforcement or punishments Kingdom of God leadership traits : Kingdom of God leadership traits Character, godliness and integrity comes first Truth and uprightness is upheld as paramount and is valued more highly than ( Jesus warns, ‘ buy the truth and sell it not’ ) Gods leadership leads to freedom from evil, lies, oppression, addictions etc. and towards holiness, virtue and real power- miracles even Gods leadership is sacrificial and altruistic- truly for the sake of the other- even when rebuke or correction is needed to warn others headed for doom. Gods leaders are powerful indeed- but servants towards all at heart. Examples for further study : Examples for further study Study the process that King David or Moses underwent as godly leaders- from obscurity and adversities training to Kingship. Contrast this with the process of King Saul who fell or King Ahab who also fell as a result of his handing the reins to evil wife Queen Jezebel- consider her end also. How about Esau the flakey son vs. Jacob the diligent son? Consider Jesus in the same manner. Gods leaders came from obscurity and progressed through tests and trials to Kingly power even to this modern day as examples of what to do millenia later- satanic or antichrist leaders went from power often inherited not earned and came to obscurity and finally fell in to disgrace forever- even millenia later we are sobered by their folly. Jesus death and resurrection life to his saints forever demonstrate Gods process and wisdom in redeeming the humble- and by the other leaders- debasing and humiliating the proud. Godly leadership leads to eternal life Scriptures- 1 Cor. 17-3.0 : Godly leadership leads to eternal life Scriptures- 1 Cor. 17-3.0 Gods wisdom which is higher and often counters our own develops His own leaders and establishes them to rule and reign with Him forever come what may and though it costs them all they have- he rewards them Gods wisdom also brings down the selfish pride and ambition, the mighty arrogant mind of debased and evil, self-seeking leaders- once and for all- though they prosper awhile yet if they persist and do not repent they perish and fall in disgrace forever. God bless you : God bless you

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