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Published on October 14, 2014

Author: mrdarrenterry

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Causes of WWII

1. The world at world war II Leading up to1939

2. Treaty of Versailles Germany Must Pay for ALL WWI damages! Take away Germany’s industry. Creates unwinnable situation. “Dat makes no sense!” -Brandon Jarvis

3. America Sells to EVERYONE! Because Europe is completely destroyed, America steps up production! This makes America into a very rich place… and therefore it HAS to go on forever!!!

4. New Governments! There are 4! Russia becomes USSR in after the 1917 Russian Revolution. Russia is Communist, meaning they don’t sell things around the world…meaning they never enter the Great Depression! Although they are having a GREAT deal of problems of their own (starving people, executing own people, loss of freedoms, country’s leaders are not good leaders).

5. Meet Joseph Stalin • Communist leader of USSR • Seized power by killing his rivals in 1920s. • As brutal as they come • At least 20 million of his own people murdered. • One of histories greatest mass murders • Will not compromise, kills anyone who rises up against him. • Pushes USSR to conquer local nations to steal their resources and force their people to work for USSR.

6. New Governments Benito Mussolini takes power in crumbled Italy. Fascism- the government follows strict military law, very abusive to the people of a nation. Promotes war. Mussolini is a thug, has many innocent people beaten and imprisoned, but gets country running again.

7. New Governments Germany is ripe for Adolf Hitler to take over. Many failed attempts prior. Germany becomes first nation to successfully get out of the Great Depression. Hitler becomes Time Magazine’s MAN OF THE YEAR in 1938, the world greatly respects what he does for his country. “What’s going on with his ‘stache?” -Hunter

8. Other places Japan has become a major world power. Irrelevant since before 1900, within 50 years they have proven to be strong and formidable, attempting a takeover of the Pacific and of Asia. Laughed at before 1905, when they soundly defeated a bigger and stronger Russia in war. Run by an Emperor, Hirohito, wants to become the dominant empire in the Pacific Ocean.

9. State of Affairs in Other Nations France, Great Britain, USA These places do NOT have new governments.

10. France Fallen on hard times since WWI. Resentful of Germany for what they put France through. Spends BILLIONS of dollars on a new turret system, MAGINOT LINE. Border between France and Germany. CAN NOT BE TURNED AROUND! Inherits the role of being Germany’s “watch”, HATE Germany!

11. Great Britain Prefer to stay out of major affairs. Lost a lot in Great Depression People of Britain very resentful of Germany for WWI. Unwilling to build up army because they are ‘quite unhappy’ with war at this time. Still a massive empire!

12. United States VERY BROKE! Refuses to get involved with anything outside of America that does not create wealth for the USA! Willing to trade resources, but nothing more! Most Presidents since WWI have been considered failures. Franklin D. Roosevelt has been elected more times that any other president. “that cat’s got polio!”- MiTasia

13. Major Causes of World War II The Big and Chunky low-down

14. Cause #1- Expanding Communism Austria-Hungary Empire falls apart after WWI. Becomes a lot of new countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, etc) opening door for USSR, the strongest country nearby, to take over a lot of new territory World becomes worried about expanding Communism from USSR.

15. Cause #2- The Treaty of Versailles Germany blamed for all, all means of making money taken away, forced to repay debt. Germany bankrupted, France keeps pushing to take more valuable land. Germany not allowed to keep a standing army, make weapons, tanks, train soldiers. Leads to Racism and heavy grudges between Germany and the rest of the world. Hitler seizes power, gets Germany’s economy running again, idolized by the rest of world (Great depression)

16. Cause #3: The Nonaggression Pact Germany, pushing to regain lost land, and USSR, communist nation taking over other countries. Surprisingly, Hitler and Stalin form a pact to NOT ATTACK EACH OTHER! • Two of world’s strongest and largest armies agree to peace no matter what. Rest of the world dreads that something is happening! • “2 aggressive countries agree to NOT attack each other, and they both say they don’t want war with other countries, something else must be happening here” “What beautiful eyes you have”

17. Germany Takes Czech area, Austria, and other small territories. “Lebensraum” Breathing Room, or Breathing Space Rest of the world, so fed up with war, does NOTHING !!! Despite stiff warnings!!!

18. Ending 1939 • Hitler promises that he doesn’t want anymore land. • Nonaggression Pact in affect • USA promising to stay out of all conflicts • Japan quietly taking over Asia • Germany and Italy are best friends. • France and Britain hoping reeeeaaaaal bad that nothing will come of this.

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