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Published on October 26, 2007

Author: Chyou

Source: authorstream.com

World War I Happy Thursday:  World War I Happy Thursday Conditions in Europe in early 1900’s:  Conditions in Europe in early 1900’s Ripe with nationalism(Germany and Italy brimming with pride) France steamed over the Franco-Prussian War defeat Russia sponsoring a movement of all Slavic countries Balkans are a ticking time bomb Secret, entangling, alliances Excitement for war:  Excitement for war People from all sides rush to enlist in their respective armies artwork depicts fervor Professionals and college students drop everything to enlist Balkans :  Balkans June 28, 1914 -- Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand of Serbia and his wife Sophia make plans to be in parade in Bosnian capital, Sarajevo. Bosnia, on June 28, 1912, had won its independence from the Ottoman Empire that had controlled it since 1389, but Austro-Hungary had tried to control it. Assassination planned:  Assassination planned A nationalist, terrorist-esque group called the Black Hand make plans to kill the Arch Duke and his wife during the parade After crazy chain of events and coincidences, 19 year-old Garilo Princip, assassinates Franz Ferdinand and his wife. News Hits!!! Incredible chain of events ensue:  News Hits!!! Incredible chain of events ensue Austria demands that Serbia crack down on all “anti-Austria” behavior -- Serbia refuses Austria declares war on Serbia. Germany gives Austria a “blank check” support. Russia asks Austria to back down in support of its, “Slavic” neighbor. Slide14:  Austria refuses, Russia begins to mobilize for war Germany declares war on Russia Russia turns to France and asks for help--France grants Russia a “blank check” Germany declares war on France Italy and Great Britain are neutral for the time being. Meanwhile, back at the ranch...:  Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Back in Germany, General Alfred von Schlieffen had devised a plan (just in case), to avoid a two-front war. Von Schlieffen Plan: go through Belgium, around France’s front line, and quickly take control of France before the backwards Russia could mobilize. August 3, 1914 -- Germany invades Belgium and Great Britain declares war on Germany Trench Warfare:  Trench Warfare Germans race through Belgium, (despite a treaty to honor its neutrality), and into France Russia mobilizes and quickly wins a few small victories in East Prussia. Germany pulls troops from France to defend its backside. Trenches are dug between France and Germany that will barely move over the course of four ugly years. Slide17:  1800’s strategy takes on 20th century technology. The result is carnage never seen before. Trench warfare:  Trench warfare Desolation of battle fields:  Desolation of battle fields Hole from exploded mines in 1916, Battle of the Somme:  Hole from exploded mines in 1916, Battle of the Somme

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