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Published on May 8, 2008

Author: Ulisse

Source: authorstream.com

TECHNICAL COOPERATION & CAPACITY BUILDING:  TECHNICAL COOPERATION & CAPACITY BUILDING Criticisms of WTO TA:  Criticisms of WTO TA Insufficient volume Uneven Quality Low level of Coordination Bias on Obligations and Commitments Less connection to Poverty Reduction & Development Priorities Unpredictable Funding TCCB: Mandates:  TCCB: Mandates Technical Cooperation & Capacity Building (TCCB) are core elements of the development dimension of the MTS Commitments for TCCB in 11 paras. of DMD Secure and Predictable Funding Report by the DG (5th Min.) DMD Paras. 38-41 TCCB: Policy:  TCCB: Policy Committee on Trade and Development Demand-driven Guidelines and implementation modalities New Strategy Annual TA Plan TCCB: Objectives:  Adjust to WTO rules and disciplines Implement obligations Exercise the rights of membership Draw benefits of an open, rules-based MTS TCCB: Objectives TCCB: New Strategy:  Mainstreaming/Integrated Framework Increase volume and quality of trade-related Technical Assistance Build Institutional Capacity Co-ordination (bilateral/regional/multilateral) TCCB: New Strategy WT/COMTD/ W/90 TCCB: Approaches:  Agreement by Agreement Country by Country Regional Inter-Agency Cooperation/MOUs Integrated Framework (IF)/JITAP Geneva -based training (WTO Training Instit.) Tools box TCCB: Approaches WT/COMTD/ W/90 TCCB: Core elements (1):  TCCB: Core elements (1) Mechanism for mainstreaming I F/JITAP Integrated National Plans Contact Points/Coordinating Committees Interlocking TA, accession, TPR, training Regional/Issue-specific strategies Auditing, Monitoring and Evaluation Funding TCCB: Core elements (2):  TCCB: Core elements (2) Internal Coordination External Coordination TCCB: TA Providers (1) :  TCCB: TA Providers (1) World Bank UNCTAD ITC WIPO WCO ISO Codex Alimentarius, IPPC and OIE TCCB: TA Providers (2) :  TCCB: TA Providers (2) Regional Development Banks Inter-American Development Bank Islamic Development Bank African Development Bank Arab Monetary Fund Asian Development Bank EBRD TCCB: TA Providers (3) :  TCCB: TA Providers (3) Organization of American States Regional Integration Secretariats UN Regional Commisions Joint Vienna Institute Int’l Development Law Institute (IDLI) TCCB: Annual TA Plan:  Secretariat-wide responsibility Structure of the Plan Activities Ad-hoc requests On-going technical assistance at WTO HQ TCCB: Annual TA Plan WT/COMTD/ W/95/rev.3 TA: Needs:  TA: Needs Awareness/information Training Specialized assistance drafting/reviewing legislation dispute settlement transposition of lists of concessions market access conditions notifications TA: Financing:  TA: Financing Regular budget Trade Policy Courses Staff travel DDAGTF TA: Modes of delivery (1):  TA: Modes of delivery (1) Trade Policy Courses Seminars Workshops Technical missions Briefings TA: Modes of delivery (2) :  TA: Modes of delivery (2) Reference Centres E-mail, on-line fora, video-conferencing Websites www.wto.org: official WTO site www.itd.org: joint with the World Bank CD-ROMs Distance learning TA Activities in CACM, 2002:  TA Activities in CACM, 2002 9 REGIONAL: Investment (2), Government Procurement, Services, Textiles, TPR, DS, Negotiating skills, Subsidies. 14 NATIONAL: Tools (3), CV (2), TPR (2), Services (2), Subsidies, SG, RO, Investment, Trade & Environment IMPORTANT:  IMPORTANT Identify priorities SUBJECT:  SUBJECT Agriculture Services Market Access (non-Ag) TRIPS Rules DSU Trade & Environment S&D Subject & Neg. Body:  Subject & Neg. Body Agriculture Services Market Access TRIPS Rules DSU Trade & Environment S&D Special Sessions of CoA Special Sessions of CTS Neg. Group on MA Spec. Sessions TRIPS Neg. Group on Rules Special Sessions of DSB Special Sessions CTE Special Sessions CTD DD:  DD International Trade can play a major role in the promotion of economic develop. Enhanced marked access, balanced rules,TA have important roles to play. SDT integral part of the WTO Agreements. shall be reviewed strengthened operational TCCB, core elements of the development dimension of MTS TA to assist in adjusting to WTO rules, implement obligations, exercise rights Reaffirm commitment to sustainable dev.

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