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Information about WSO2 Big Data Analytics Platform

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: samisa



This presentation is on the support that the WSO2 middleware platform provides for Big Data Analytics. Explains how WSO2 makes data driven intelligence for your enterprise easy. Explains both real time (complex event processing based) and batch mode (business activity monitoring based) options for Big Data Analytics.

WSO2  Big  Data  Analy=cs   Pla?orm   Samisa  Abeysinghe   VP,  Developer  Evangelism   07  Mar  2014

Large Scale Monitoring for Your Enterprise ๏ Analyze volumes of data ๏ Address correlation complexities in analytics ๏ Off line vs Real time operations implications ๏ Some operations got to be in real time, else the value is lost ๏ Summarized data over time (and other) dimensions for analytics A “Big Brother” that keeps an eye on the whole enterprise 2  

WSO2 Advantage : A Complete & Integrated Platform ๏ Complete and integrated for ๏ Data capture ๏ Analysis: both real-time and batch ๏ Visualization ๏ Action taking business process execution Making data driven intelligence for your enterprise easy 3  

Big Data: Strategy 4  

WSO2 Big Data Analytics Platform for Your Enterprise WSO2  Big  Data  Analy0cs   Pla4orm  for  Your  Enterprise   5  

Key  Elements   Data   Collec=on   Taking   Ac=on   Data   Analysis   Data   Visualiza=on   6  

WSO2 Big Data Analytics Platform for Your Enterprise Data Collection 7   Data Analysis Data Visualization & Taking Action

WSO2  Pla?orm  Advantage   ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  8   Comprehensive  –  addresses  all  concerns     Complete  –  has  all  pieces     Simple  –  easy  to  install  and  get  going   Incremental  –  you  can  start  small  and  expand     Pluggable  –  can  integrate  exis=ng/new  systems     Agile  –  flexible  and  easy  to  adopt  to  your  needs     Clean  design  –  built  from  ground  up,  no   acquisi=ons  integrated    

WSO2 BAM: Architecture   9  

WSO2  Business  Ac=vity  Monitor   (BAM)   ●  Can  capture  data  from  any  applica=on/service     ●  APIs,  Services  or  source  including  file-­‐based  data   ○  WSO2  has  lightweight  agents  to  provide     ■  raw  data  from  numerous  sources     ■  as  well  as  support  for     ●  gateways  (lightweight  or  heavyweight)     ●  Service  and  API  proxies   ●  Data  imports  from  various  sources  (including  file  based  data)   ●  Any  other  source  (extended  agents)   10  

WSO2  Business  Ac=vity  Monitor   (BAM)   11  

WSO2  BAM  –  Business   Advantage   ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  Self  contained     Comprehensive  analy=cs   Scalable  to  volumes     Visualiza=on  tools  for  dashboards  built  in   Seamless  integra=on  with  rest  of  the  pla?orm:   API-­‐M,  Iden=ty,  Security,  Governance,  SOA,  EDA   ●  Makes  your  business  KPI  driven   12  

WSO2  Complex  Event  Processor   (CEP)   ●  CEP  process  mul=ple  event  streams  generated  within  the   enterprise  to  construct  data  abstrac=on  and  iden=fy   meaningful  paaerns  among  those  streams   ○  Powered  by  WSO2  Siddhi   ■  ■  Processes  more  than  2.5M  events/sec  on  single  server  (commodity  hardware)   Has  a  powerful  and  extensible  SQL  Like  Siddhi  query  language     ○  Integrates  with  any  enterprise  system  for  event  capture   ■  Support  mul=ple  transports  &  event  formats:  HTTP,  JMS  &  SMTP  on  XML,  JSON,  Text  &  Map   ○  Efficient  large  volume  event  publishing  to  enterprise   systems  and  custom  no=fica=ons     ■  ■  ■  13   XML,  JSON,  Text  over  HTTP,  JMS  &  SMTP       SMS  Support     MySQL  DB  and  Cassandra  Support  

WSO2  Complex  Event  Processor   (CEP)   14  

WSO2  CEP  –  Business   Advantage   ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  Makes  your  businesses  TTM  super  fast     Best  performance  in  industry     Scalable  to  volumes     No=fica=on  tools  for  alerts     Seamless  integra=on  with  rest  of  the  pla?orm:   API-­‐M,  Iden=ty,  Security,  Governance,  SOA,  EDA   ●  Makes  your  business  “situa=onal  ready”     15  

Visualizing  Technology   WSO2  User  Engagement  Server   16  


Log  Analysis  &  Social  Media  Demos   ….. 18  

Call  to  ac=on  page   ๏  ๏  Big  Data  Webinar  Series:   hap://­‐bigbrother-­‐webinar-­‐series/     ๏  WSO2  Business  Ac=vity  Monitor:   hap://­‐ac=vity-­‐monitor/     ๏  WSO2  BAM  Docs:   hap:// +Documenta=on     ๏  WSO2  Complex  Event  Processor:   hap://­‐event-­‐processor/     ๏  19   Be  your  own  NSA:  hap://     WSO2  CEP  Docs:   hap:// +Documenta=on    

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