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Published on August 25, 2008

Author: gattusai

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Writing Skills : Writing Skills Business Communication Chitra Parthasarathy Good writing is good business : Good writing is good business The ability to communicate clearly in writing is one of the key measures of a manager’s competence Clear Writing : Clear Writing Clear writing means Clear thinking means ……. Marvin H Smith Saying what we mean and meaning what we say must be in harmony for good communication Good Chefs are not Born : Good Chefs are not Born There is no mystery to good writing – it is a skill you can learn The MORE you write the more fluent your writing will be The ABC of good writing : The ABC of good writing A for Accuracy B for Brevity C for Clarity Getting it Right : Getting it Right Get your thinking right before you do anything else Know your audience Plan, organize and arrange your material before you start to write Express your message in soundly constructed sentences, capable of only one interpretation Getting it Right (Contd..) : Getting it Right (Contd..) Choose words that exactly express your ideas, and also suit the level of the audience Match the “tone” of your writing to the material Ensure that your material is grammatically correct Language Accuracy : Language Accuracy Grammar Spellings Sentence structure Punctuation Style Choice of words Abbreviations and Acronyms Jargon What is ‘style’? : What is ‘style’? Style refers to the way in which an idea is expressed – not its substance. Style consists of particular words a writer uses and the manner in which those words are combined into sentences, paragraphs and complete messages. (Contd…) : (Contd…) Style refers to the effectiveness of the words, sentences, paragraphs and overall tone of your message A technically correct message may still not achieve its objective When do managers write? : When do managers write? Written communication is essential where A permanent record is required The information is to be circulated The topic requires detailed explanation Accuracy and precision in wording are necessary The audience is widespread or large Managers write : Managers write Letters Memos Reports Proposals Agenda Minutes of Meetings Remember that… : Remember that… Writing an effective Business Letter ranks among the top communicative abilities of a Manager In your absence your letter represents YOU! Business letters : Business letters Letters have been and still are the most indispensable form of Business Communication Letters will continue to be used as long as there are – Operations to establish and run Contracts to sign Goods and services to buy Staff to appoint For a Perfect Letter : For a Perfect Letter Plan what you want to say in your letter Write the whole letter without pause Reread the letter when you have finished Edit the letter by cutting ruthlessly Check spelling and punctuation and then send So : So Make your letters effective by thinking before you write and always writing what you think Memoranda : Memoranda Memoranda is a form of internal correspondence written on pre-printed form used for conveying information between individual’s or department within an organization They are the life blood of internal communication and despite their apparent informality should be treated with respect – both by sender and receiver Uses of memos : Uses of memos To recap an agreement To convey a policy decision To issue an instruction To provide information To put forward suggestions To express a point of view Proposals : Proposals A proposal differs from a report in that it is a selling document, which should persuade readers to commit to whatever you are proposing Drafting a proposal : Drafting a proposal Set out the proposal Explain why it is needed and what it can contribute Estimate the resources, and show how the proposal meets financial criteria Specify who will be responsible and the proposals time scale Conclude with the plan of action Agenda : Agenda Every formal meeting needs a guide, so that its business is carried forward positively and in an orderly manner Agenda is like a compass that guides the meeting on the proper course Minutes : Minutes Meetings are held to determine action, to formulate policy or to make decisions Minutes are true and accurate recording of the meeting proceedings Format : Format Title of the meeting, venue date and time The names of those attended with apologies of absentees Brief accounts of the agreements leading to the decisions where a resolution requires action, the name of the person to take action will be mentioned The Agenda of the meeting is used as a guide to write the minutes Minutes has to be signed by the Chairman of the next succeeding meeting .

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