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Published on February 18, 2008

Author: Tibald

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ISAT Writing :  ISAT Writing 2007 - 2008 Testing Grades: March 3-14, 2008:  Testing Grades: March 3-14, 2008 Grade 8: Narrative, Persuasive (2 Sessions) Grade 6: Narrative, Persuasive (2 Sessions) Grade 5: Expository (1 Session) Time for each Session:  Time for each Session 45 minutes (10 extra if needed) CUT SCORES:  CUT SCORES Slide5:  Writing Performance 2000-2007 Writing Performance 2000-2007:  Writing Performance 2000-2007 2007 Scores:  2007 Scores EXPOSITORY WRITING :  EXPOSITORY WRITING Presents factual information Explaining, defining, describing, informing; Providing supporting reasons, examples, facts; Maintaining a clear focus; Ending with an effective conclusion; NARRATIVE WRITING:  NARRATIVE WRITING Tells a story in logical order by Using specific details to explain one event; Including the author’s reactions; Moving through time; Writing a beginning, middle, end PERSUASIVE WRITING:  PERSUASIVE WRITING Takes a position for or against a topic Maintaining the clear position throughout; Using facts, examples to support the position Convincing the reader to believe or act Including an effective conclusion Rubric Features: Focus (6 pts.) Expository/Persuasive:  Rubric Features: Focus (6 pts.) Expository/Persuasive High Scoring Thematic introduction Specific preview Inductive development Unifying statement Maintain position Effective closing Sufficient Low Scoring Launch Prompt dependent Focus drift Giant focus Off mode Overpromise/ overdeliver Insufficient Rubric Features: Focus (6 pts.) Narrative:  Rubric Features: Focus (6 pts.) Narrative High Scoring Subject is clear Unifying event is clear and maintained Moves through time Relevant reactions Effective closing Low Scoring Subject and/or event may be vague No movement through time (off mode) No reactions Insufficient writing Rubric Features: Support/Elaboration (6pts.) Expository/Persuasive and Narrative:  Rubric Features: Support/Elaboration (6pts.) Expository/Persuasive and Narrative High Scoring Specific detail Second-order support Depth Balance Specific word choice Voice Sufficient Low Scoring General support List-like Undeveloped Uneven Unclear Insufficient Rubric Features: Organization (6 pts.) Expository/Persuasive and Narrative:  Rubric Features: Organization (6 pts.) Expository/Persuasive and Narrative High Scoring Clear structure Appropriate paragraphing Coherence Cohesion Appropriate transitions Varied sentence structure Low Scoring Unclear structure Inappropriate paragraphing Simplistic or intrusive transitions No purposeful ordering of sentences No sentence variety Insufficient Rubric Features: Conventions (3 pts.):  Rubric Features: Conventions (3 pts.) Score 3 – Strong knowledge of conventions, punctuation, and sentence construction; few errors Score 2 – Some knowledge of conventions, punctuation, and sentence construction; noticeable pattern of errors Score 1 – Little knowledge of conventions, punctuation, or sentence construction; errors impair meaning Rubric Features: Integration (6 pts. x 2) Expository/Persuasive and Narrative:  Rubric Features: Integration (6 pts. x 2) Expository/Persuasive and Narrative Holistic Scoring Assesses the composition as a total work (fully developed for grade level) Not an arithmetic average Score is doubled to reflect how clearly the composition holistically achieves the assigned task Focus Sample:  Focus Sample GRADE 6 PERSUASIVE Stop! Think twice about getting rid of recess. Us kids need exercise and free time. We need our daily exercise. Our bones need to grow for when we’re older. We can make our bones grow by running. We need to stay healthy. We can do this by playing outside on a beautiful, sunny day. We need our free time. We can’t spend all day locked up in a classroom. During class we can only go to the library or use the restroom. Our free time is the only thing that separates us from adults. During our free time we can stretch so we don’t get cramps. Next time, before you think about yourself, maybe you should think about how other people might feel about getting rid of recess. Focus Sample:  Focus Sample Grade 6 Persuasive Annotation The writer engages the reader with dynamic language and constructs a successful General Introduction, and then he goes on to provide a Specific Preview that introduces the main points – exercise and free time. The sustained discussion that follows is clearly meant to persuade the reader of the importance of recess. The writer closes with an effective conclusion that appeals to the reader’s sense of empathy. SCORE 6 Support Sample:  Support Sample Grade 5 Expository Have you ever wanted a space that you can call your own and a place that is enjoyable for you? I do and I have a place in mind. I would have my place in a tree way up high off the ground. This way I can be quiet or loud whenever I want. When I want quiet my sisters usually come in and destroy everything. They come in and push me and tear down my room but a quiet place will work for me. Then those annoying sisters won’t know where my place is. Also, I can turn up my boom box as loud as I want. If I did this my mom would yell at me and take my boom box away for a week. In my place she will not hear it or if she could it would sound like a mouse squeak. Having a place that could either be quiet or noisy would be great. In addition to being quiet or noisy it would be a place where it could describe me. I would have colorful posters on the walls and a TV with Game Cube. I would also have a DVD player. In the corners I would have tie-dye bean-bag chairs. If I had all this in my room, Mom would call it “more junk” and I would have to sell it all. Since it’s my place she wouldn’t be able to tell me that. Also I wouldn’t have to clean unless I wanted to. It would be messy and if friends were coming over of course I would clean to make it look cooler. If it was like that, all messy, in my room, Mom would come in and empty my dressers and underneath my bed and closet and make me clean for hours. That’s why having a place for yourself is good because you don’t have to clean forever and have no fun! Having a place that is yourself that describes you and you are the boss of it, not your mom, your life would be so much easier and care-free. Relaxing and partying are my favorite things to do if I had my own space for myself. Support Sample:  Support Sample Grade 5 Expository Annotation This response is characterized by rich detail and a unique voice (If it was like that, all messy in my room, Mom would…) The contrast between this ideal place and the writer’s current situation is clever and effective (If I had all this in my room, she would call it ‘more junk’ and I would have to sell it.) By consistently demonstrating the ability to use effective word choice to connect ideas to build support, this writer fully develops the Support feature of the expository composition. SCORE 6 Elaboration Sample:  Elaboration Sample Grade 6 Narrative Caw! Caw! I woke up washed ashore at an unfamiliar place. “Oh no,” I had been thrown overboard from my family’s ship. Now I’m all by myself on this creepy island. “Now what?” I screamed. I was thinking maybe if I build a fire someone will come and find me from the smoke. The next thing I knew I had a huge campfire. But all bad luck came and the fire went out because of a massive rain storm! “Maybe I can build a shelter and get some food. With food and a place to protect me from the rain, I’ll be safe and not starving. As soon as I could, I looked for edible and good things to eat. I found bananas and coconuts, next I looked for any sign of wood from trees. A couple minutes later I found old knocked down branches and sticks. From the time I first found myself on the island, I was terrified with horror but now it wasn’t so bad. I had food, a place for shelter, and now I built another fire because I had a roof to protect me from the pouring rain. Now I was living the good life, fruit, coconut milk, fish, I didn’t even want to go home, I even had a good night’s sleep. The next morning I woke up with the sun shining and the nice food, but weirdly the fire was still burning. “Rise and shine, honey.” To my surprise both of my parents were sitting by the fire cooking breakfast for me. “Mom, Dad? How did you find me?” I asked. “We saw a burning light in the distance and came to check it out. We found you were safe and sound asleep. Now that we found you we can return home. “Noooo!” I screamed. “I am very happy here. I don’t want to leave.” Dad said, “We have to go.” I didn’t get another say in this conversation, so my parents dragged me to the ship. By the time I got on the boat, I saw my very lovely island for the last time Elaboration Sample:  Elaboration Sample Grade 6 Narrative Annotation All major episodes in this successful narrative are developed with precise language, and the individual events contribute to the overall storyline. The writer moves from “I’m all by myself” to “I don’t want to leave.” By supplying specific details and integrating them, the writer takes us from bad luck scenes of danger and hunger to the “happy camper” to the reluctantly rescued. The consistent relevance of detail advances the plot of this concise tale of “loss-gain-loss”. SCORE 6 Organization Sample:  Organization Sample Grade 8 Narrative It all began in a local establishment just down the street from my house in a little snug town in Southern Illinois. My parents and I walked through the door of the neighborhood MacDonald’s and ordered our food. My dad and I had the same taste that night; consequently, we chose Quarter Pounders and America’s favorite fries. Knowing I was only six, my mom bought a salad and planned to share my gooey cheeseburger. The trouble began when my dad needed a refill of Diet Coke. Being a typical Daddy’s girl, I offered to get the refill. My parents nodded in agreement so off I went. I held my head high and proud as I marched to the back of the long line. My mom kept an eye on me while my dad babbled on about the War in Iraq. I waved gingerly at them as I moved up one slight step in line. This was going to be a long wait. As I finally approached the counter, the red-haired lady with a dozen freckles called for the next customer. I was about to set the cup on the counter when a heavy-set man began to order. I didn’t know what else to do besides stand behind the bald man. I peeked above the counter for a second time. This time I managed to place the cup next to the register as the teenage boy with curly brown hair ordered a triple thick milkshake. I was about to protest that I had been next in line but held my anger in. My mom had always told me patience is the key, and I wanted to make her proud. This time when it was again my turn, I spoke up. To my horror, the cashier told me I needed my parents to place an order. I was about to throw a fit when a hand clamped down on my shoulder. As I tilted my head up, I smelled the scent of my mother’s perfume. Mom quickly explained the situation, and the redhead proceeded to fill my father’s cup. She quickly mumbled a sort of apology and started punching numbers into her cash register as if nothing had happened. I was amazed at what had happened and realized how unfairly I had been treated. Organization Sample:  Organization Sample Grade 8 Narrative Annotation This concisely crafted and tightly organized response demonstrates consistent coherence and cohesion. Sophisticated sentence variety coupled with unusually appropriate word choice subtly integrate interrelated detail and reactions within the plot sequence. Strong cohesion is sustained throughout a unified narrative framework. The result is a smoothly fluent progression of episode without gaps. SCORE 6 Conventions Samples:  Conventions Samples Score 1: Jonahtan was treeted unfair by a teacher were shy geve him homework that wasen’t exlained it was to hard like 3 X 5 he was in kidergarden. Teacher some times cust at people. Score 2: Me, George, and Bart were on our faverit jet. We were playing a game. We must of been playing a million hours. I felt the floor tip. I looked out the window. I saw the worse sight. The wing had fallen off. Score 3: Extracurricular activities are a big part of a student’s life because the lessons students learn from participating are rewarding. Students learn team work, and how to manage their time. Being able to balance school work and activities is another good lesson. Organization Sample Intrusive Transitions:  Organization Sample Intrusive Transitions Grade 8 Persuasive Have you ever gotten 5 B’s and 2 C’s and felt like it wasn’t good enough? I have. For the people with straight A’s it’s like they are the kids that rule because they got the best grades that only they can get them. I don’t think schools should get an incentive program because it’s not fair and its wrong. First I don’t think its fair for the kids that they try their best and don’t get anything. Kids try their best to get good grades and they should keep up the good work for trying their best. Next, their parents like the way their work is. They bring home a C- in history and they tell them its great because they didn’t understand it when they were in school. Third, they think they have to get straight A’s all the time. Its too hard to get straight A’s all the time espechally for twelve years straight. Second, it’s wrong! Kids shouldn’t get treats for straight A’s because in some peoples opinion just getting the A is the reward. Second, they get presents from their parents for good grades anyway. Whether it be a pat on the back or a huge celebration at Ryans they still feel pretty special. Third, the other kids will feel left out if they do because the people with the A’s feel as if they are better than everybody else. In conclusion I don’t think they should have an incentive program because it’s not fair and it’s not right. Last, I mean nobody wants to come home and find their kid gone from all the stress do they? No! Support Sample Lacks Specific Detail:  Support Sample Lacks Specific Detail Grade 5 Expository Imagine yourself in your room with the music blasting! That’s where my special place is. My special place is in my room because I can have loud music and I love to just hang out and think about stuff. I love loud music! This morning I woke up at 5:00 and put my music on too loud and I woke everyone up. They were kind of mad but they got over it. Loud music is my favorite thing in the world! (Besides my race car!) It makes me feel really relaxed. On the other hand, it takes away all of my stress. I love to go hang out and think. I can be on the phone without being bugged. (My door has a lock on it.) My sister got a Play Station 2 for Christmas and I always like to turn up my music and play Play Station 2 at the same time. It makes me feel relaxed. Yesterday I was really stressed so I went to my room and it helped a lot. My special place is my room. I have loud music and I go hang out and think. Imagine yourself in your room, ground for one week, but look on the bright side…you get to be in your room. Organization Sample Off Mode:  Organization Sample Off Mode Grade 8 Narrative You’re too young. That movie is a bad influence on you. Besides, it costs too much to get in. These are just some of the many reasons my parents used as excuses not to let me go to the movies. My parents said I was too young to see the movie. The movie was rated PG-13 and I was 13. I figured if anyone knew how bad it was would be the people who rate movies everyday. But apparently my parents though differently. Also, my parents thought the movies was a bad influence on me. Honestly, I thought that was the stupidest thing I had ever heard in my entire life. I mean, it’s just one movie. It’s not like there taping me to a chair and brainwashing me to rob banks and kill people. Another one of these astonishing reasons is that it costed too much to get into the theater. It costs $5 to get in and I have $100 at home. And with my allowance the next week, it will be back to $100 anyways, For food, I could just sneak in a soda and some candy and I would be set. I was too young, the movie was a bad influence on me and it costed too much are just 3 of the many reasons why I couldn’t go see a movie at the movie theater. ISAT Facts:  ISAT Facts It is NOT necessary to have a five-paragraph formulaic strategy. It is NOT true that more words are always better. It is NOT true that every persuasive response must have three reasons. It is NOT true that the quality of handwriting affects scoring. Writing is NOT currently an AYP subject. Students CANNOT use a dictionary while testing. ___________________________________________________ It IS true that off-mode responses will be penalized in both Focus and Organization. It IS true that students may use “I” in persuasive and expository responses. Contact Information:  Contact Information Judie Steinhauser justeinh@isbe.net 217/782-4823 Stephanie Stutzman-Clark sclark@metritech.com 800/747-4868

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