Writing Complex Sentences

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Information about Writing Complex Sentences

Published on February 23, 2014

Author: marthawheeler5

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» Have at least one independent clause and one dependent clause and use a variety of connectors » Adverb clauses often begin with words such as after, because, since, when, although, and if.

» The tire on my car went flat because I ran over some glass. » The tire on my car went flat because I ran over some glass. » After my tire went flat, I had to buy a new tire. » After my tire went flat, I had to buy a new tire. » Notice the punctuation.

» The professor explained what he meant. » I don’t know why you broke the window.

» I want to meet the woman who lives next door to my uncle. » The dress that you bought for me yesterday is beautiful.

Review: 1. Complex sentences are made up of one independent clause and at least one dependent clause. 2. Dependent clauses may be adverb, noun, or adjective clauses.

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