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Information about WRITING COMPETENCY

Published on March 15, 2014

Author: FranJ_Alston

Source: authorstream.com

WRITING COMPETENCY : WRITING COMPETENCY PowerPoint Presentation: Writing is a creative process resulting from creative thinking. For developing effective writing, few tips needs to be followed for enhancing the writing competency in a person. TWO LETTER SPACES: Avoid entering two letter spaces between the sentences. This makes the representation of the text really bad and impacts the readability. TWO LETTER SPACES CORRECT LENGTH OF THE PARAGRAPH: Ensure the correct length of the paragraph. The entire text should not be written in a single paragraph form. It should be broken down into consecutive paragraphs that are neither too long nor too short . CORRECT LENGTH OF THE PARAGRAPH FONT SIZE AND STYLE: The font size and style should be monotonous in the entire text, except for highlighting some quotes or anything important. Otherwise, there should be a similar font size and style as it enhances the readability. FONT SIZE AND STYLE UNNECESSARY CAPITALIZATION: Avoid unnecessary capitalization of words. Use capital alphabet and word only where necessary. UNNECESSARY CAPITALIZATION APPLY NUMBERS CORRECTLY: Be sure to apply numbers correctly. Whatever form of word representation you use, use it correctly either it is numeric or roman. APPLY NUMBERS CORRECTLY CORRECT USAGE OF PUNCTUATION: Correct usage of punctuation marks is very important. Unnecessary commas, full stops and other forms of punctuation should be avoided. Similarly, don’t omit to use these punctuation marks where necessary otherwise it makes the tone of the text monotonous which lacks readability and comprehension. CORRECT USAGE OF PUNCTUATION UNNECESSARY USE OF QUOTATION MARKS: Avoid the unnecessary use of quotation marks in the text. UNNECESSARY USE OF QUOTATION MARKS EXCESSIVE IDIOMS: Avoid using excessive idioms in the text. This may mislead the reader and make it difficult for him to understand the meaning. EXCESSIVE IDIOMS CLICHÉS AND EXCESSIVE JARGONS: Also avoid using clichés and excessive jargons in the text. This misleads the reader. CLICHÉS AND EXCESSIVE JARGONS SPELLINGS ERRORS: Also check for spellings errors in the text. There should be no spelling error; this just gives a very bad impression to the reader. SPELLINGS ERRORS SPACING, INDENTATION AND WORD STRUCTURE: The spacing, indentation and word structure should be correct. SPACING, INDENTATION AND WORD STRUCTURE

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