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Information about Writing And Tag Words

Published on February 22, 2009

Author: ahearnet

Source: slideshare.net

Five Expository Text Structures and their Associated Signal Words Cue Words Pattern Description Graphic Organizer (signal words) • Description The author for example • describes a topic characteristics • by listing for instance • characteristics, such as features, • is like attributes, and • including examples • to illustrate • Sequence The author lists first • items or events in second • numerical or third • chronological later sequence, either 1.__________________ • next explicit or 2.__________________ • before implied 3.__________________ • then 4.__________________ • finally • after • when • later • since • now • previously • actual use of dates • Comparison Information is however • presented by nevertheless • detailing how two on the other hand • or more events, but concepts, • similarly theories, or things • although are alike and/or • also different • in contrast Alike Different • _________ _________ different • _________ _________ alike • _________ _________ same as • either/or • in the same way • just like • just as • likewise • in comparison • where as • yet

• Cause and The author if/then • Effect presents ideas, reasons why • events in time, or as a result Effect #1 • facts as causes therefore and the resulting • because effect(s) or facts • consequently that happen as a • since result of an event. • Cause Effect #2 so that • for • hence • due to • thus • Effect #3 this led to • Problem and The author problem is • Solution presents a dilemma is Problem • problem and one if/then • or more solutions because to the problem • so that • question/answer • puzzle is solved Solution

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