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Published on September 7, 2007

Author: Spidermann

Source: authorstream.com

The Gender Barometer in Finland:  The Gender Barometer in Finland Slide2:  Financed by the Council for Equality in 1998 and 2001 and by the Unit of Equality in 2004 The interviews and the analyses were conducted in Statistics Finland The questionnaire and the analyses were formed in co-operation with a steering group Slide3:  Preparation Trained interviewers Letters to the respondents Tested questionnaire Conducted by computer-aided telephone interviews Sampling from the Population Register System Sample size 2,500, acceptable replies 1,907 Slide4:  Duration of the barometer interview approximately 15 minutes Parts of the interview have been targeted at certain groups The questionnaire consists of four parts Estimates of and attitudes to society Assessments and experiences of his or her own workplace or educational establishment Reconciling family and work Interaction between women and men Slide5:  YL1 If we evaluate quite generally the mutual status of Finnish men and women at present, which one of the following statements corresponds to your own view the best: 1 the status of men in the society is (approximately) clearly better than that of women 2 the status of men in the society is (approximately) slightly better than that of women 3 the status of women is (approximately) clearly better than that of men 4 the status of women is (approximately) slightly better than that of men 5 men and women are equal Slide6:  YL3 What do you think of the following statements: Slide7:  Wage and salary earners: TY4 Does your gender cause disadvantage to you in your present work in the following matters: Slide8:  Students and schoolchildren: TY8 Do following matters disturb your studying: (’Opposite sex’ in the Blaise form is 'boys or men', if the respondent is a woman and 'girls or women', if the respondent is a man, 'own sex' the other way around.) Slide9:  Wage and salary earners: PE3 The following questions concern the attitude to the use of family leaves at your workplace. (Family leaves are leaves offering the parents a possibility to stay home nursing their child for a certain period.) Is it difficult: Slide10:  Persons living permanently with their spouse in the common household who have children under the age of 18 living permanently in the household: PE8 Who in your household was most often responsible for the following matters last autumn: Slide11:  Co-habiting or married spouses: PE13 Do you disagree with your (present) spouse on the following matters: Slide12:  SE1 Are there in your various living environments any members of the opposite sex who at least sometimes take patronising or disparaging attitudes to your comments or suggestions: ('members of opposite sex' in the Blaise-form is in the form 'men or boys', if the respondent is a woman, and 'women or girls', if the respondent is a man.) Slide13:  SE2 Has a representative of the opposite sex in the past two years: Slide14:  If SE2A=1: SE3A Who has or have made impertinent remarks concerning your body or sexuality? If SE2B=1: SE3B Who has or have proposed sexual relations in an improper context? If SE2C=1: SE3C Who has or have told dirty jokes or used expressions which you considered insulting? If SE2D=1: SE3D Who has or have made physical passes at you? Slide15:  VA1 Are you afraid of being a victim of violence or are you therefore on your guard: Slide16: 

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