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Published on September 27, 2014

Author: SepehrRoozdar

Source: slideshare.net


This presentations reviews the most necessary issues in wound management.

Wound Management SEPEHR ROOZDAR M.D.

Wound Types 1. Clean : Primary Intention 2. Clean-Contaminated : Tertiary Intention 3. Contaminated : Secondary Intention 4. Dirty ( Infected ) : Secondary Intention

Intentions View slide

Steps 1. Hemorrhage Management ( Hemostasis ) 2. Cleansing and Irrigation 3. Conservative Debridiment 4. Closure 5. Dressing 6. Follow Up View slide

1. Hemostasis  Firm Pressure  Tourniquet  Vasoconstrictors ( Epinephrine )


2. Cleansing and Irrigation  Cleansing the Skin ( NOT the Wound ) by Anti-Septics  High Pressure Normal Saline Irrigation ( By 30-60 cc Syringes )  Hydrogen Peroxide and Povidine should NOT be used for Irrigation

3. Conservative Debridiment  Excision of Devitalised Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue  Conserving Viable Tissue ( Specially in Face and Hands )

4. Closure  Local Anaesthetics ( LET : Lidocaine , Epinephrine , Tetracaine )  Chosing Suturing Material  Chosing Suturing Technique  Skin Adhesives ( As Needed )


5. Dressing  Goal : Optimal Hydration of Wound Margins ( Moisture Improves Epithelization )

6. Follow Up  Patient Home Care  Suture Removal

Optimal Time for Suture Removal Location Number of Days Face 3-5 Scalp 7 Chest and Extremities 8-10 High Tension ( Joints , Hands ) 10-14 Back 10-14

Factors Affecting Wound Healing Systemic Local Age Mechanical Injury Nutrition Infection Trauma Edema Metabolic Diseases Ischemia Immunosuppression Topical Agents Connective Tissue Disorders Ionizing Radiation Smoking Low Oxygen Tension

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