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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: bertowud

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This is my presentation I did on the Toastmasters Educational program.

Would You Like Jam With That? The Toastmasters Education Program

How The Toastmasters Education Program Works Works Works

Requirements for DTM • Advanced Communicator Gold • Advanced Leader Silver

How Do We Get There?

Plans are nothing; planning is everything. planning is everything. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Communication Track • Competent Communicator • Advanced Communicator Bronze • Advanced Communicator Silver • Advanced Communicator Gold

Competent Communicator • 10 Speeches • Provides basic skills needed to present an effective speech

Advanced Communicator Bronze • Complete 2 Advanced Manuals (5 Speeches Each) • Some of the Advanced Manuals are easier than others • Speech Length Varies From 3 Minutes To 1 Hour Or More

Advanced Communicator Silver • Complete 2 Advanced Manuals (5 Speeches Each) • You Cannot Repeat Manuals In a Single Cycle • 2 Presentations From The Better Speaker Series and/or The Successful Club Series

Advanced Communicator Gold • Complete 2 Advanced Manuals (5 Speeches Each) • You Still Cannot Repeat Manuals In a Single Cycle • 1 Presentation From the Success/Leadership Series, Success/Communication Series, or Youth Leadership • Coach a New Member With First 3 Speeches

Advanced Communicator Gold • In Summary: 43 Speeches and Coaching a New Member With First 3 Speeches (Something we all need to do any way)

Leadership Track • Competent Leader • Advanced Leader Bronze • Advanced Leader Silver

Competent Leader • 10 Projects • 45 Tasks • You Only Need To Complete 21 or 22 Tasks if you plan properly • Develop Basic Leadership Skills

Advanced Leader Bronze • Complete CL & CC • Serve at least 6 months as an officer • Attend Officer Training • Participate in preparing the Club Success Plan

Club Success Plan Basically You Show Up At One Meeting Don't tell our Area Governor I said that.

Club Success Plan DCP Report Report Card For the Club and the Club President

Advanced Leader Bronze • I'd recommend getting President or VP Education (You'll see why soon) • President can be the easiest job in the world of you have the right team. • Complete 2 Presentations From The Successful Club Series and/or The Leadership Excellence Series.

Advanced Leader Silver • Complete ALB • Serve a complete term (1 year) as District Officer • Complete the High Performance Leadership Program • Serve Successfully as a Club Sponsor, Mentor, or Coach

District Officer • District Governor • Lieutenant Governor(s) • Public Relations Officer • Secretary • Treasurer • Division Governor

Did I Mention Area Governor?

Requirements To Be Area Governor • Club President • Vice President of Education • Other District Officer

High Performance Leadership • Recruit Guidance Committee* • Select Worthwhile Project You Can Lead • Work with your team to accomplish the goal, or at least make enough progress so you can show the results of your learning process. • Make presentation to your club and get feedback.

High Performance Leadership • Can Be Inside or Outside Toastmasters • As You Complete a Each Step You Get Feedback From Your Committee

*Serving on someone else's HPL Committee counts towards your CL

Here's The Kicker: Your Project Doesn't Even Have To Be Successful

Serve Successfully as a Club Sponsor, Mentor, or Coach This is the one part of Toastmasters where you have to be successful in order to get credit

Summary of Requirements • Total of 46 Speeches including HPL Presentation • Two Years as an Officer: 1 Year As Club President or VPE and 1 Year As District Officer • Serve As Club Sponsor, Mentor, or Coach • High Performance Leadership Project

Why? • Toastmasters is all about leadership and learning to become a leader by way of both tracks • I've become a firm believer in Toastmasters as a leadership training program. • I want to be a better leader for my company, my communities, and my family.

I love it when a plan comes together. John "Hannibal" Smith, The A-Team

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