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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: TeacherLuisGarcia

Source: slideshare.net


A presentation to review Would and Used To (old habits).


We would go to the beach after school.

We would put on our swimsuits.

We would take our surfboards.

We would head for the waves.

We would play sports and games.

We would sunbathe and read novels.

We would drink coconut water.

We would have a great time.

Used to

We used to go to the beach after school.

We used to put on our swimsuits.

We used to take our surfboards.

We used to head for the waves.

We used to play sports and games.

We used to sunbathe and read novels.

We used to drink coconut water.

We used to have a great time.

Old habits

What kind of TV shows did you use to watch as a child?

What kind of music did you use to listen to as a child?

What kind of books or magazines did you use to read as a child?

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