Worst HR policies, for investors and job seekers

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Information about Worst HR policies, for investors and job seekers
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Published on March 30, 2014

Author: Vijaymohire

Source: slideshare.net


Everyone writes about best practices, however this document showcases worst case scenarios and how companies hide their true skin behind avatars. This can be a useful guide to investors and job seekers that can ease their way of screening companies.

Worst HR policies: For investors and job seekers Vijay Mohire

Discussion Item Three – Sample case study Agenda Discussion Item One – Introduction Discussion Item Two – Pointers to watch Discussion Item Four – Conclusion Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4

Introduction • Pointers to ponder before starting on a new venture ◦ So many jobs, companies !! ◦ World wide need of labor ◦ Different culture, diversity ◦ Hidden agenda of corporate leaders ◦ Do you fit here ? ◦ Make sure you do so ◦ Life is precious and risks are more ◦ How to understand the psychology of the recruiter ◦ Investigate, invest or work

Pointers to watch • First looks : ◦ Company religion : Some call it Work culture, hiding the stronger versions called racism ◦ Reputation: Read online reviews, feedbacks from laid off workers and consumer complaint ◦ Company hierarchy: Understand the stereo types like Bossy managers, Big promotion for self types ◦ Insider trading: Bad promotion polices, wrong hires

Pointers to watch • Bad recruiting practices( Good for chosen ones): ◦ Hire the near and dear, from referrals ◦ Provide cash and social benefits to own type( decided by HR in real time when scanning resumes , annual appraisals) ◦ Promote person who seems to be fitting the religion or popular belief and dear to HR ◦ Dismiss right candidates, giving one of the 100 odd reasons ◦ Post rejection of a qualified candidate, hire a person with bogus experience, well written resume, cover letter who speaks with great passion, shows that job is done

Pointers to watch • Bad recruiting practices: ◦ Use Emotional quotient and not Intelligence to hire employees ◦ HR does not see the degree or certificates or ranking even if provided, insisting on gaps and quality of education ◦ Choose the chosen one (may be chosen by God @ birth) to hire, pay, promote ◦ Use Merit as the last resort, we don’t consider ◦ Share companies wealth to the undeserved young talent dearer to HR in many ways

Pointers to watch • Cooked Accounts: ◦ Time and money is always present by grace of GOD ◦ Source of GOD funding not surely know( It might be illegal money, money from a mint in a third world). ◦ Someone will always print money out of the blue sky and provide us social security ◦ We are sons/daughters of GOD and we are protected ◦ Keep Book of accounts as Highly rated by top brand. ◦ In reality all fair practices used to hire, fire, promote workers are done against that stated in the books. Who cares? We have money and GOD power

Pointers to watch • False brand: • Use large sum of money to brand company without quality goods / services • Buy quality certificates, popularise global brand as number 1 without really practicing it • Give assurances to Govt. for another 100 years, say we are the best and hire the best of breed (from the roadside) • Give false information to auditors and bribe them in clearing HR related lapses in fair policies • Quote we are 100% against discrimination, but in reality you will find only square red heads inside the company

Pointers to watch • Awards for chosen: ◦ Pay handsomely and give big awards and titles to falsely promoted gurus as he/she is popular ◦ HR has power and authority to hire an Electrician to do R&D work and work on hypothesis writing and experimentation ◦ He/she deserves it and he/she will be shortly promoted to CEO of the company ◦ Conduct meetings with selected top leaders who practice corruption as if it is normal and they are privileged to do so ◦ Onsite offers only for chosen illiterates and not for the deserving brightest ◦ This is the typical work culture followed here, merit is last resort

Pointers to watch • Attitudes: ◦ Forget the creator and the real worker ◦ Don’t hire the Original author or product creator. ◦ The person is not fit here as he/she is “Not Born here” ◦ Originals costs more than available in gray market ◦ Leverage the third world for Cyber slaves ◦ Enjoy your Hi positions in the company, manage (mismanage) and get the job done. Put your label and brand name on goods and get handsome man-in-middle commissions ◦ Always use religion, language to climb corporate ladders ◦ Scientist belongs to this religion, so only candidates belonging to this religion get the edge to own and manage this company /country

Case study • Visit to a Doctor: ◦ You visit a doctor just because he is certified by medical council ◦ You do not know about his background ◦ Due to political or work culture a B.S (Zoology) professor will be operating on you ◦ Doctor holds other titles like CEO of a Civil Engineering company but practicing heart surgery here as part time ◦ Doctor is Director of this organization and leads a team of real and fake doctors ◦ You cannot afford another clinic or go overseas. ◦ Do you take a chance just because he has been approved by the council or the clinic to operate on you and your heart? Or visit a real doctor in next country ?

Case study • Visit to an IT service provider: ◦ A XYZ company is popular inside few top circles- magnet ◦ A Diploma holder(Civil eng.) is chair of R&D IT Dept and he/she will supervise real and fake R&D computer engineers for a proposed IT product for you ◦ His diploma is as good as a B.Sc degree from third world nation but is not an USA B.S equivalent ◦ However the Chair person claims his degree is as good as USA BS graduation and his experience is good for a supervisor’s post ◦ As an investor would you invest in such company? Or do you work for such company if it is a global brand fortune company ?

Conclusion • What lies in your destiny: ◦ See what is true and good for you ◦ Use Wisdom and not false facts being presented ◦ As prospective job professional do conduct through background checks, similarly as done by companies on you ◦ Don’t believe brands, invest only where someone really needs you ◦ Keep away from bad HR managers( there are plenty), bad companies who always play safe for their brand even if you match to top 1% of their company

Conclusion • What lies in your destiny: ◦ Build your own personal brand and have direct business with clients who are always in need of real talent ◦ Money and top corporate positions is something that is possible to only chosen few, so don’t always run behind money and position ◦ If you want to see good results believe in yourself and provide best of your services to real clients ◦ Keep away from time wasters. There are plenty who get fat salary and do nothing

Disclaimer ◦ Data provided in these slides are the thoughts of the writer and do not intent to point to someone or something. Author has provided the points as part of self awareness and showcasing some of the corrupt practices. There are no indications to any person, individual or company. Due care should be taken to follow any of the pointers as they might not be applicable to you or your situation at all. Author is not liable for any damages arising from reading or using this document. ◦ In case you want to reach out to me please mail: ◦ Vijaymohire AT gmail DOT com.

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