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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: hemantkr012

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Liver functions and the level of cholesterol are associated with each other. If you are suffering any liver disease then there are high chances of higher level of cholesterol.

Worried About Increasing Level Of Cholesterol High cholesterol level can induce the risk of following disease Coronary heart disease: The Risk associate with high level of cholesterol can increase the risk of heart attack. In people having high level of cholesterol blocks veins and the passage get narrowed and causes hardening of the arteries that results in low volume of blood flow to other parts of organs and in this condition there immense amount of pressure of heart that results in to a heart attacks. Stroke: Due to the high level of cholesterol that blocks the arteries and there is very low volume passage of blood as we know blood carries oxygen to whole part of the body. When there is insufficient level of oxygen reaches to brain and results in stroke. Vascular disease: Due to high level of cholesterol level that depositing along the artery walls that affects the blood circulation and there could be a blockage to the arteries to lower part of the body. “What type of eating habit a person should adopt to lower your cholesterol level.” “The first and the foremost important thing is to avoid junk and fried eatables” Food Items which you can adopt in eating habit to stay healthy 1.Oats Have a bowl of oats based cereal for breakfast,that contains 1 to 2 grams of soluble fiber have it with some fruits. 2.Whole grains. Barley and whole grains can helps to lower the risk of heart disease 3.Soya Beans Soybeans contain a rich source of soluble fiber,they also helps to simulate better digestion of food.

7.Lady finger and Eggplant These are the two green vegetable that contains rich amount of soluble fiber. 8.Fruits Apples,strawberries,grapes and citrus fruits contains rich amount of pectin a kind of soluble fiber that helps in lowering LDL 9.Fish And Fiber Supplement Fish is better option than meat as it can lower ldl by lowering omega 3 fats and that results in decreasing triglycerides in bloodstream Liver functions and the level of cholesterol are associated with each other. If you are suffering any liver disease then there are high chances of higher level of cholesterol. If you are suffering from any liver disease and needs a doctors consultant www.livertransplantindia.com you can find here:

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