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Published on April 7, 2008

Author: lusi


Slide1:  INTRODUCTION Peace begins as an eternal beacon, giving peace to the dead and the living, while realizing and providing sanctuary for all those lost. Remembering, recognizing and representing the deeds, strength, courage, and support by the Fire Fighters/Medics and Police/Port Authority. Radiates the unity, kindness, generosity, and love of human kind and supports those that need healing. Adorns itself in universal colors of our living world. Is respectfully balanced and gives balance to its surroundings that are liberty and freedom that they may communicate harmoniously. Is grounded in its fundamentals of serenity and joy. Inspires and encourages hearts by reawakening the spirit through cleansing with truth and peace. Reaffirms respect for life by providing a means to inspire an end to hatred, ignorance, intolerance and prejudice by guiding the spirit to the truth of peace. Touches us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, economically, and globally. Communicating to all human kind individually, beyond borders of religion, race, sex, or nation, and yet binding us together in unity as one and returning us to the essence of truth within us, a living memorial which is radiant peace. Representing:  Representing The World Trade Center complex was declared, upon its completion 30 years ago, “a living symbol of man’s dedication to world peace” Kevin M. Rampe Interim President Lower Manhattan Development Corporation:  The World Trade Center complex was declared, upon its completion 30 years ago, “a living symbol of man’s dedication to world peace” Kevin M. Rampe Interim President Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Slide5:  In the center column there are rooms, one for each victim that perished so the family of the victim may decorate the room as they see fitting to sooth their pain and remember their loved one’s personality. The angle beams also contain rooms. One side is for the Fire Fighters and Medics the other is for the Police and Port Authority who gave their lives fighting for peace. Also symbolically they are the support necessary for peace structurally and socially. Slide6:  A banner given by the UCLA Fire and Police departments read “We support you and stand united as one” The structure offers symbolism by two angle beams that support the structure, (We support you) the beams stand, upholding a circle that unites one victims pillar in the center, thus “We support you and stand united as one”. The circular unity of its physical structure also symbolizes that heroic patrons, construction workers, artists and all kind helpers are necessary for the radiance of unity and peace. The angled beams are a leaning support for the structure and are representative of the strength and support given by the Firefighters/Ambulance medics on one side and Police/Port Authority on the other. For it is their strength, support, and even lives that were courageously given for the sake and stability of peace. We are all distinct, but equally important to the unity of peace. Slide8:  The lower section of the structure goes in to the ground giving peace to dead and the rest above ground giving peace to the living. At the bottom of the structure there is a cleansing and reflecting pond, so that one may wash their hands of hatred, ignorance, intolerance and prejudice while reflecting on the past, present, and future of personal and social events, that the past may present a reflection to a peaceful future. Inspiring:  Inspiring Slide11:  At the base of the sacred ground there is a stage in the shape of a hand encouraging us to help and guide people to peace. It also serves as a gathering area for public and community events. The aspects of peace being joyous and solemn. At the ends of the peace structure, at the twin towers footprints are two parks. One is a remembrance park that people may go to and have a quiet and serene place for inner healing. The other park is a more vibrant park where children and families can play and celebrate the joy of peace. Slide16:  Peace inspires and openly communicates beyond borders of nation or religion to a receptive heart, inspiring us to use the desire of peace within us as a tool to aid ourselves in the necessary maintenance of keeping our hearts clean of the prejudice and hatred that attacks all humanity at some level. Slide17:  Peace is colored in blue and green representing colors of the world and not to represent a gift that is only for America. The peace symbol is also an internationally recognized character, as not to confuse the world of its deepest meaning. Rebuilding:  Rebuilding Slide20:  The circumference of the peace symbol is 1776 feet around, matching the height of the tower beside it named freedom tower. This way freedom and peace can live together in harmony circularly and linearly. The peace structure is distinguished by a balanced view with the statue of liberty, for we know the essence of liberty is the harmony of freedom and peace. These three, liberty, freedom, and peace, the blessing of democracy. The symbol is also designed to give implied lines to the surrounding financial structures, creating a circle of unity, giving free economics inspiration for peace, and that peace be given to free economics. Peace is designed to promote balanced economic flow and inspire tourism. Slide24:  MEMORIAL MISSION STATEMENT May their footprints be the cornerstone for World Peace by remembering and honoring them with sorrow and laughter, that their tragedy may have purpose and meaning by bringing peace to all who are alive, as well as those who perished. For the sacred gift of respect is the blessing of peace, that those who pursue respect may attain this gift, and may this gift find those who rest in it. We who survive endure for peace, because we are a peace loving people. Recognizing peace by an internationally symbolic structure where the structure supports itself by each piece being necessary to support each other. It is a representation of unity and enduring for the sake of peace. “May the lives remembered, the deeds recognized, and the spirit reawakened be eternal beacons, which reaffirm respect for life, strengthen our resolve to preserve freedom, and inspire an end to hatred, ignorance, and intolerance.” This statement and the essence of it must be reflected upon. May it be visible on a reflection pond at the bottom of the symbol, that this structure can be a worldwide beacon for the freedom of peace, and the peace of freedom. A memorial to the respect of life, that this pond may serve as a way for one to free their spirit by publicly washing their hands and hearts of hatred, ignorance, and intolerance and seeing a reflection on the past, present, and future of ones self and our evolving events, realizing that our preservation of freedom is the unity of peace, and that the unity of peace is the strength of our freedom. To inspire peace and truth beyond boundaries at the core of humanity, the human heart. Actual submission for World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition:  Actual submission for World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition Slide26:  WORLD PEACE From the rising of the sun to the shooting of the stars One way seems as near as the other is far A land of strange places with oceans in between But for as divided as it appears it’s more together than its seams It’s a ball in a circle with great animation Funny thing is no one knows the destination Some say it’s Jesus, some say it’s Allah But both say it’s my way or hell will befall ya Now a circle that’s true has neither beginning nor end So what’s the big deal we’re just a circle of friends Some like it with sugar and others with spice So we eat it how we like it because it’s our God given life Tastefully the dish that you wish for is given to eat However the wish that you dish for is best taken as a treat So let us serve one another with the honor of ourselves It’s just a simple gesture but its might can befall hell United we stand, divided we cease So put the circle in the center, And may the center be Peace! J.L VanGrinsven Conclusion:  Conclusion Slide28:  "In its powerful, yet simple articulation of the footprints of the Twin Towers, "Reflecting Absence" has made the voids left by the destruction the primary symbols of our loss. It is a memorial that expresses both the incalculable loss of life and its consoling renewal, a place where all of us come together to remember from generation to generation." Reflecting Absence, (right) currently the chosen memorial is viewable at HOWEVER Minoru Yamasaki a UW Alumni and the architect for the World Trade Center dedicated the World Trade Center to be a “monument to world peace” Please see more information about this presentation and Minoru Yamasaki @

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