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Published on September 3, 2007

Author: Gourmet


SEVEN NATURAL WONDERS OF THE WORLD:  SEVEN NATURAL WONDERS OF THE WORLD GRAND CANYON:  GRAND CANYON United States: 277 miles long, 1 mile deep, 18 miles wide. VICTORIA FALLS:  VICTORIA FALLS Located on the Zambezi River in Africa 328 foot drop into the Batoka Gorge First European to see the falls, David Livingstone, named the falls for his Queen NORTHERN LIGHTS:  NORTHERN LIGHTS Aka Aurora Borealis/Australis/ Polaris Charged Particles Excited gas molecules Reaction to Solar Wind PARICUTIN:  PARICUTIN Newest Mountain! February 20, 1943 First Day = 25 feet Second Day = 164` First Week = 460` First Year = 1,100` Present = 1,350` GREAT BARRIER REEF:  GREAT BARRIER REEF Located off East Coast of Australia Largest deposit of coral 1250 miles long EVEREST:  EVEREST Highest peak approximately 29,028` Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay first reached its summit on May 29, 1953 Thousands attempted 700 succeeded 150 have died trying RIO DE JANERIO:  RIO DE JANERIO Aka River of January Portuguese 1st to see the bay in 1502 Sugar Loaf Mountain juts 1,325` from the bay TO BE CONTINUED…:  TO BE CONTINUED… WITH THE OTHER WONDERS OF THE WORLD INCLUDING WONDERFUL PHYSICAL, MANMADE, AND HUMAN WONDERS!!!

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