World of Carbon Nanotubes

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Information about World of Carbon Nanotubes

Published on September 25, 2008

Author: tmiller_mos


The Wonderful World -of- Carbon Nanotubes Presentation Will Begin Shortly...


The Wonderful World -of- Carbon Nanotubes

Part 1: how we Found them ParT 2: why they’re cool ParT 3: why you should care

Part 1: How we Found them



NANO: From Greek :“Dwarf”= 1 1,000,000,000 10 -9 .000000001 mega = 1,000,000 kilo = 1,000 centi = .01 milli = .001 micro = .000001







Carbon Nanotubes

Part 2: Why They’re Cool

Carbon Atom

Aromatic Ring

Graphene Sheet


Electrical Properties

Mechanical Properties Strong Like Steel Light Like Aluminum Elastic Like Plastic

Thermal Properties

Part 3: Why you should care




Cost Manipulation Toxicity

First Devices First Materials First Factories

POINT 1: we Found them POINT 2: they’re cool POINT 3: you should care


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