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Published on December 14, 2013

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This is line with the celebration of World Friendship Day.

Performance Task in CLVE & Language In line with the celebration of World Friendship Day

Leader: Mary Gabrielle “Gabbie” Santos Members: Tiara Alvarade Alexandria Bartolome Jianina Chu Regina Fojas Chelsea Juquiana Mikaila Reyes Ashley Santos Bianca Sevidal Lance Valdez

Introduction: We, humans, are emotional creatures and we value ties and bonds. One of the strongest relationships we can have is friendship. Friendship fills a hole of sadness and loneliness. Friends are people we can trust and lean on. True friends are hard to find but truly we are blessed to have them- like a clover, they are hard to find but you are undoubtedly lucky when you find one. To celebrate this special and one of kind bond, the US Congress made a proclamation in 1935 to make the first Sunday of August a holiday in honor of friendship. In honor of friendship, we will make everyday World Friendship Day- a day to love and honor our friends and to cherish the time we spend with them. Friendship is a gift from God. It is a bond that unites people and makes them forget about differences and diversities. In fact at times these differences actually make the friendship more interesting. Friendship is something that is hard to build and find but a pleasure to keep.

Introduction: Friendship and Lesson 13 In line with Lesson 13, we can establish our friendship with Jesus by praying daily, reading the Bible and taking it in by heart. Also, by giving alms to the poor. By doing good deeds we establish our friendship with Jesus, for Jesus has said: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” We can encourage other people to be friends with Jesus by being a good role model. Furthermore, with the advent of technology we could also utilize it to post Bible quotes on Facebook and other social media websites to serve as a reminder of how much Jesus loves us. By doing these things, we draw people closer to God which paves the way in blossoming friendship.

Creative Representations of Friendship: The One True Friend by: Gabbie Santos You may have lots of friends and for sure they are gems. They might be more than your fingers can count on trust your bond is mount But there is one friend, the Greatest Friend Who can heal, fix, and mend Who is He you ask? He is God whom in His love we bask

The One True Friend by: Gabbie Santos He loves us more than anything and He has given us everything He also gave us a heart to love others because we are all sisters and brothers. He wants us to share His friendship so that others could join Him in partnership He looks beyond appearances because they are mere nuances He truly is a friend we must treasure for He loves us beyond measure He teaches us what's wrong and what's right so that we may join Him in His Kingdom of Light

Bianca Sevidal A truly beautiful friendship is, One given by God Almighty, How it feels like a delicate kiss, That always fills one with glee. Though little interactions aren’t Hard to miss, True friendship isn’t easy to see. And gaining even just a seed, Can produce a strong, sturdy, tree That if poured with commitment, patience, love, And a little mix Can bear a bounty. Tiara Alvarade: People aren’t meant to be alone. Because they have some caring to show. It’s impossible that a person doesn’t care about the world Because they deserve the best, every boy and girl. God made each one of us with a partner And doesn’t want us to alter. Some people can act like they never needed anything, But there’s always a friend that is always thinking Of how you are doing today Because they care for you every single day.

Regina Fojas: Friendship is very special to me It’s like my lock has found the key There are friends that are hard to find Those friends are loyal and kind. Friends deserve a lot of smiles Memories are made like they are files Human beings are in need of sociality That’s why we need someone filled with loyalty Jianina Chu: Friendship is a way you show your love It brings peace to friends just like a dove. It is a bond that truly last forever. And solves each problem in life together. The Perfect Friend By Chelsea Juquiana: A friend is a like a flower That blooms for you every hour A friend is like a clown Entertains you when you’re down A friend is like a heart Keeps us breathing strong A friend is like a handle Keeps us holding on Friendship is a priceless gift It cannot be bought nor sold But its value is far greater Than a mountain made of gold

Mikaila Reyes

Alex Bartolome

Lance Valdez: Ashley Santos:

Narrative of the Observation from the Survey Results of the survey showed that the top 3 answers of the respondents pertaining to the traits that a true friend possesses are the following: (1) Has good intentions towards you, (2) Loving and (3) Trustworthy. Out of fifteen (15) respondents, eleven (11) respondents or 73% answered that a true friend would have good intentions towards you. This answer reflects that a person who really values you as a friend would have nothing but pure and good intentions for your welfare. Meaning, a person who rejoices over your failures or downfall would not be considered a true friend. Since a true friend is like family, when you experience pain---they experience pain as well. When you achieve success, they are happy about it and not feeling bad that you are growing or even more successful than they are. For a true friend would consider your success their success. For the second top answer, respondents considered being loving as a trait that a true friend possesses. Meaning, a true friend is somebody who exhibits love and affection towards them. For the top three (3) answer, it appeared that being trustworthy is a quality that a true friend possesses. Meaning, a trustworthy friend is someone in whom one can place their trust and be rest assured that the trust shall not be betrayed. A trustworthy friend is someone who is reliable during one’s low moments. A friend who can be depended on during good times and especially during bad times or low moments.

Tally Sheet of Respondents

Narrative of the Observation from the Survey Question 1: Do you think you possess these qualities as a friend as well? Why or why not? Most of the respondents’ answer reflected that they honestly admit that they are far from being perfect but they do their best to be a good friend. They find means and ways to be there for their friends especially during their low moments. It is because it is important to be an example of being a good friend first before looking for these qualities in others. The respondents said that they work on themselves to be the best possible friend that they could be. Question 2: Who are your friends? What does your friendship with them mean to you? Most respondents answered that God, their family and their classmates belong in their circle of friends. For the respondents, their friendship means acceptance and belongingness. This means that they are being accepted for who they are and they do not have to pretend to be someone else just to please them since this is what true friendship is all about.

Narrative of the Observation from the Survey Question 3: Are you as close to God as you are to your friends? Why or why not? A All of the respondents answered yes since they believe that God is their ultimate friend. That He is the one who will truly not leave them and accept them for who they are. It is because God is the only One who would accept them and forgive them for all their flaws and shortcomings since His love for us is unconditional. Question 4: Among your classmates, who do you think have the characteristics of a true friend? How do you say so? Most of the respondents just mentioned their classmates and did not mention specific names. Based on the results, the respondents considered a person who would not leave them during their darkest time a true friend. It is because it is easier to have good times with friends when everything is smooth sailing but the authentic measure of a true friend is during the difficult or challenging times.

Reflection:  Gabbie Santos `When you are happy they rejoice with you, when you are sad they will comfort you, when you are angry, they will calm you down. Who is the “they” I am referring to? I bet you know the answer to this one- FRIENDS. Friends are sort of like pillows, you go through a whole day of a whole lot emotions, pain, joy, happiness, but at the end of the emotional rollercoaster, your friends will still be there cheering you on. The way I see it, friends are sort of like backpacks, you always got one with you, sticking by your side, containing all your things no matter how heavy it all is. Like a friend, always by your side, listening to your complaints, your stories (or sometimes even brags) about your success and even your sighs when your crush does not turn your way. They take all of this in, no matter how heavy or taxing it is for them. But we have to listen to them, so you could be a backpack too or in backpack terms, don’t put too many heavy things in the backpack because it might break. So I believe we should love our pillows and our backpacks (and back to the point) our friends. So cherish your friends, they take everything in. And it’s time you do the same.  Regina Fojas I learned that friendships are important to each of us because there are times we are in need of help and sociality.  Mikaila Reyes Friendship is truly hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget. It is a relationship that you can have with your classmates, neighbors, brothers and sisters, and the Lord. True friends are very special to us because they stick with us in our ups and downs and they face your problems with you. Friendship is one of the best relationships you can have with someone.  Tiara Alvarade Friendship is something every person should have. But having a hundrded friends isn’t a miracle. The miracle is when you make one friend even if hundreds are against you.

Reflection:  Jianina Chu Friendship is a relationship that we should value with our friends in our everyday life. It is a way we show our love and care to our friends who are always on our side to comfort us whenever we’re sad and lonely. They are ready to sacrifice anything they have just to be with us. Friends are honest to each other and tells secrets in life.  Chelsea Juquiana Friendship is important to all of us. It makes us happier. In times we’re sad, our friends are there to comfort us. They are fun to be with and are great blessings from God. If ever I have a friend in sadness, I am ready to do anything just to make him/her happy. And I am ready to sacrifice just for my friend. Friendship is very strong and powerful. It can change the world.  Alex Bartolome Friendship is worth a thousand smiles. Without it, our life may be colorless and not meaningful.  Lance Valdez Friendship makes us feel loved and special. Our friends are the constant source of our happiness. Everyday, we like to see them because we want to share new things/secrets. Whenever we want to laugh, they will always be there to crack a joke or two. But of course when we have problems, they will also be there by your side to console you. If they are the ones who have problem, we should also be there for them. If our friends are starting a bad habit, we should be honest enough to remind them that what they are doing is not nice. Yes, we have quarrels sometimes but what is important is that at the end of the day, we settle things between us and forgive each other.  Ashley Santos Friendship is a gift that God has given to us. Friendship is a special blessing that God gave. Our friends will always be there to guide, support, help, protect and cheer us up whenever we’re sad. We should cherish the moment whenever we’re with them. Our friends make us happy and laugh. We show our love to them by forgiving one another. They bring us happiness in our hearts when there are times of depression/problems in our life.  Bianca Sevidal In my opinion, friendship isn’t just a platonic relationship God established with us, but also a way of bringing His people together. Not only does it bring us closer to God, but it also helps us become better people. In a friendship, both people involved are affected, they both help, comfort, forgive, and most importantly, love each other (sometimes they even do this unconcsciously).

Recommendations: Structured Learning Activities to promote Friendship  Counting Stars In this activity, 2 or more friends can play. In “Counting Stars” you will be remembering the fond memories you have with your friends. Whoever remembers the most number of moments wins. The stars here depict the wonderful memories you have shared together. The reason for choosing this activity is to recall and savor special memories that have been shared between and among friends. Since memories both the highs and the lows build the foundation of friendship.  Marching On In this activity 2 friends will play. One friend has to be left in a room which is filled with his/her fears (ex. Dolls, clowns, etc.). The other friend will have to race to the room to save the friend, yet there will be obstacles in the way of the racer which he/she must overcome in order to save the friend. The obstacles would be the racer’s own fears. This game would show how true friendship works- you are willing to face your fears just to get your friend out of trouble. You are willing to march on for the sake of your friendship. This activity was chosen since true friendship would entail taking good care of a friend and not leaving them behind especially during trying moments.

Recommendations: Structured Learning Activities to promote Friendship  If I Lose Myself In this game 2 friends will play. One friend who is blindfolded will be lead to a room, while the other player will hide from the blindfolded one. Once done, the blindfolded player will be notified if he/she can remove the blindfold and start looking for the hiding friend by a nonplayer. The player will be able to find clues that are very significant in their friendship and these clues will also give hints to where the hiding player is. For example, the player finds a teddy bear which is something important to their friendship. The player will have to think where teddy bears can be found . Teddy bears can be found in a nursery for a baby. The player will now have to proceed to the nursery of the house to look for the hiding player. This game is entitled “If I Lose Myself” because when a person loses/finds himself or herself in an unexpected place, the bond she/he shares with a true friend will guide and inspire the person to find light and hope through the fond memories of their friendship.

More Recommendations: •Spend a whole day with our friend/s. This special day would start by attending mass or dropping by the church to thank God for the gift of friendship and to ask Him for continuous guidance and the gift of faith. •Then we would visit or go to places which me and my friends find significant or memorable in the foundation of our friendship (like a walk in the park or picnic). •We could stay in one of our friend’s home to have a simple gathering wherein we will personally prepare or cook our favorite food. T •We could have activities like scrapbook making or personalized friendship bracelets that would signify our special bond. And we could also make a special letter and give it to our close friends to appreciate their gift of friendship and to thank them for their presence in our lives. •We could also video tape the gathering so we could keep it as a souvenir as we mature or grow older so we could look back fondly on these memories. This special meeting up could serve as the starting point for creating yearly tradition– like a reunion.

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