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Published on May 30, 2009

Author: namazibasheer


WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY QUIZ-2009 : JUNE 05 B M NAMAZI MTech,MFM,CEA WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY QUIZ-2009 1 B M NAMAZI ROUNDS : GENERAL AIR POLLUTION WATER POLLUTION FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY SOLID WASTE ENERGY RENEWABLE ENERGY CLIMATE CHANGE NO CHOICE ROUND ROUNDS 2 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION ONE : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION ONE Which city has been chosen to host world environment day 2009 Mexico city  Jamaica Munich Ottawa 3 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-TWO : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-TWO The state’s and citizens’ responsibilities for environmental protection is enshrined in the Constitution of India in the following two articles: 38G and 58A 55B and 51D 48A and 51G 59B and 12D 4 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-THREE : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-THREE This species of bird native to North America was considered to have been one of the most numerous birds on earth. Intensive shooting and the destruction of the birds’natural breeding ground brought about a sudden fall in their numbers. The last of this species on earth died in a zoo in Circinnati in 1914. Name this bird. The passenger pigeon The Bald eagle The Egret The Falcon 5 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-FOUR : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-FOUR Wind erosion is one of the key causes of desertification and occurs when soil is left bare of vegetation. State the major cause of wind erosion in arid and semi-arid lands where this problem is most severe. Cleaning of land for agriculture Deforestation Overgrazing by livestock Forest fires 6 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-FIVE : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-FIVE Which is the first state to implement the path-breaking proposal that environment should be included as a separate subject in schools? Delhi Maharashtra Kerala Tamil Nadu 7 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-SIX : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-SIX Name the gas released from landfills, decaying organic matter under shallow water in marshes and bogs, flooded paddy fields, by ruminant animals & termites, and by the burning of biomass. A molecule of this gas has 21 times more global warming potential than a molecule of CO2. Sulphur dioxide Methane Ammonia Nitrous Oxide 8 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-SEVEN : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-SEVEN Beginning in the 1960s, though high yielding varieties of food grains revolutionized Indian agriculture,it came with a price. What are the environmental costs associated with this phenomenal growth in food production? Vast amounts of fertilizers used Excessive use of underground water due to their higher water requirement Excessive application of pesticidesdue to their low resistance to pests All of the above 9 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-EIGHT : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-EIGHT Nitrosomonas’ bacteria in the root modules of leguminous plants converts nitrogen gas from air into inorganic nitrogen compounds which enrich the soil and can be readily used by plants. Multiple cropping with legumes can thus significantly reduce the need for_______ Pesticides Fertilizers Irrigation All of the above 10 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-NINE : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-NINE In the world’s worst nuclear accident in 1986, 31 people died, 129 others suffered acute radiation and many thousands are expected to die prematurely as a result of exposure to radiation released from the stricken plant. Name the site of this mishap. Three Mile Island, USA Chernobyl, erstwhile Soviet Union Bhopal, India Windscale, UK 11 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-TEN : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-TEN Name the metal contained in broken fluorescent bulbs, tube lights and dead batteries which gets transported with common municipal solid waste and can be easily swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin and can cause damage to the kidneys and nervous system. Copper Cadmium Mercury Arsenic 12 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-ELEVEN : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-ELEVEN The Geysers, a large steam reservoir north of San Francisco, USA, is the world's largest source of Coal Geothermal power Hydropower Natural gas 13 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-TWELVE : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-TWELVE The Wildlife Week is celebrated from 2-8 October 1-7 June 16-22 April 14-20 January 14 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-THIRTEEN : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-THIRTEEN Cataract blinds at least 120 million people globally every year. What is its main cause? Heredity Ultraviolet radiation Unbalanced diet Gasoline fumes 15 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-FOURTEEN : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-FOURTEEN What is the primary source of food for marine life? Phytoplankton Zooplankton Sea weed Grass 16 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-FIFTEEN : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-FIFTEEN Name the Jammu & Kashmir born environmental activist and advocate who was awarded the renowned ‘Goldman Environmental Prize’ in 1996 and the ‘Magsaysay Award’ for Public Service in 1997. He/She has played a substantial role in the cleanup of the Taj Mahal & the Ganges and in promoting unleaded fuel in the 4 metros? Mahesh Chandra Mehta Medha Patkar Chandiprasad Bhatt Maneka Gandhi 17 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-SIXTEEN : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-SIXTEEN The Narmada Valley Project (NVP) which has been the subject of much debate, proposes to build 30 major dams, 135 medium sized dams and 3000 smaller dams on the Narmada river and its tributaries. What are the major concerns regarding this project? The project will submerge over 4000 sq. km. of forest, cultivated land and grazing land  Between 1 & 1.5 million people will be displaced At least 40% of the land to be irrigated is prone to water-logging and salination All of the above 18 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-SEVENTEEN : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-SEVENTEEN In small amounts this mineral helps prevent tooth decay. In higher concentrations, it is a health hazard, causing both skin and human bones to become soft and crumble and new bone formations to be deformed. Name this naturally occurring mineral. Iron Fluoride Sodium Calcium 19 B M NAMAZI ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-EIGHTEEN : ROUND ONE –GENERAL QUESTION-EIGHTEEN Name a photochemical oxidant formed in the presence of sunlight that is a major pollutant of air. Ozone Nitrogen oxide Nitrogen oxide Sulphur dioxide Ammonia 20 B M NAMAZI ROUND TWO-AIR POLLUTION : ROUND TWO-AIR POLLUTION The following pollutant is not contained in the vehicular exhaust emissions: Lead  Ammonia Carbon monoxide  Particulate matter 21 B M NAMAZI ROUND TWO-AIR POLLUTION : ROUND TWO-AIR POLLUTION Environmental friendliness of a vehicle could be measured by the amount of pollutants it emits per passenger per kilometre travelled.Rate the environmental friendliness (1=best & 4=worst) of the following vehicles as per this criterion:Car : scooter : bus : bicycle 4:3:2:1 2:3:4:1 3:2:4:1 4:2:3:1 22 B M NAMAZI ROUND TWO-AIR POLLUTION : ROUND TWO-AIR POLLUTION Diesel exhaust is the main source of three highly toxic pollutants that have a widespread impact on the urban air quality and human health. Name them SPM,Sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen oxides (NOx) Suspended particulate matter(SPM), benzene Sulphur dioxide,Ammonia,Benzene Lead, NOx,CO2 23 B M NAMAZI ROUND TWO-AIR POLLUTION-19 : ROUND TWO-AIR POLLUTION-19 Earlier, leaded petrol used to be the most widespread, though easily preventable, source of urban air pollution in the world. According to WHO (World Health Organization), 15–18 million children in the developing countries are already suffering from permanent brain damage due to lead poisoning. Why is tetra-ethyl lead added to petrol? It prevents engine knocking Reduces vehicular emissions Increases life of motor tyres None of the above 24 B M NAMAZI ROUND TWO-AIR POLLUTION-20 : ROUND TWO-AIR POLLUTION-20 Bhopal gas tragedy struck in the year 1984 due to the leakage of the following gas: methyl-iso-cyanate nitrous oxide methane carbon monoxide 25 B M NAMAZI ROUND TWO-AIR POLLUTION-21 : ROUND TWO-AIR POLLUTION-21 SPM stands for Suspended Particulate Matter Standard Particles Material Suspended Particles Material None of the above 26 B M NAMAZI ROUND TWO-AIR POLLUTION-22 : ROUND TWO-AIR POLLUTION-22 Health problems related to air pollution include: coughing asthma bronchitis all of these 27 B M NAMAZI ROUND TWO-AIR POLLUTION-23 : ROUND TWO-AIR POLLUTION-23 A device is fitted to motor vehicles to chemically reduce some gases produced by internal combustion engines like NOx, CO, and HC into less harmful products. Name this device. Catalytic converter 2-stroke engines Carburetor Tail pipe 28 B M NAMAZI ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-24 : ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-24 Water pollution has become a major problem in the world today. It  has an adverse affect on both the environment and health. What are the main sources of water pollution in India? Municipal sewage  Bathing Industrial discharge Both a and c 29 B M NAMAZI ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-25 : ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-25 What minerals are found in the run-off from agricultural land and treated and untreated sewage effluents, which are highly responsible for eutrophication of water bodies? Phosphorous and carbon Nitrogen and phosphorus Potassium and arsenicIron and manganese 30 B M NAMAZI ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-26 : ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-26 Aquaculture is the controlled cultivation and harvesting of freshwater or marine aquatic species of plants and animals. Name an area along the Indian coast, where aquaculture and prawn culture activities are a major source of coastal pollution as well as a threat to the endangered sea turtles. East Coast, especially Orissa Maharashtra Kerala All of the above 31 B M NAMAZI ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-27 : ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-27 The GAP (Ganga Action Plan) – a project to clean up the polluted waters of the Ganga - plans to intercept and divert municipal sewage falling into the river from 25 large urban conglomerates in thee states. Name them. UP, Haryana and Punjab UP, Bihar and West Bengal Himachal Pradesh, UP, and Haryana Orissa , Bihar and West Bengal 32 B M NAMAZI ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-28 : ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-28 Of the following indications of the health of a water body, which is the most widely accepted means of measuring how polluting an effuent is? COD (chemical oxygen demand) BOD (biological oxygen demand) Chloroform content 33 B M NAMAZI ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-29 : ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-29 Wetlands are very rich and diverse ecosystems. Of the wetlands of international importance in the world, a large number are subject to moderate or high threat. Which convention signed in Iran protects this specific ecosystem (wetlands) on a global basis? The Vienna Convention The Ramsar ConventionThe Basel Convention 34 B M NAMAZI ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-30 : ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-30 In a survey recently conducted by the CGWA (Central Ground Water Authority) and CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board), the groundwater samples in one-fourth of the neighborhood tested in New Delhi were unfit for drinking. They contained high levels of two minerals that are not eliminated by ordinary water filters and are extremely harmful at high concentrations. Name them. Mercury and zinc Fluoride and arsenicNitrate and flouride 35 B M NAMAZI ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-31 : ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-31 Water harvesting’ has emerged as a sensible method of meeting the water shortfall in a cost-effective manner and is now being applied in most cities to raise the groundwater levels. Water harvesting is the Collection of water from riverCollection of rainwater in storage tanks or putting back into the soil to recharge groundwater Harvesting of water from tubewells 36 B M NAMAZI ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-32 : ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-32 Which sector is the single-largest consumer of fresh water in India? Industry Power Domestic Agriculture 37 B M NAMAZI ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-33 : ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-33 The report of a UNEP/ILEC joint project has identified water-level fluctuation as one of the six major problems confronting the world’s lakes and reservoirs. The water level in which the sea has been rising rapidly in the recent years making it necessary to protect cities, railways, and roads from the rising water? The Caspian Sea The Black sea The Mediterranean sea The Arabian sea 38 B M NAMAZI ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-34 : ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-34 The greatest ecological threat in the history of the Antarctic continent was the sinking of the Argentinian supply ship carrying one million litres of diesel oil off its western peninsula. The unique flora and fauna of the region faced the threat of extinction and the effects of this oil spill are likely to be felt till 2100 AD. This year also saw the famous Alaska oil spill. State the year. 1985 1989 1992 1994 39 B M NAMAZI ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-35 : ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-35 From 1947 to 1997, the waste-water discharge by industries grew by about __ times. 43 100 30 53 40 B M NAMAZI ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-36 : ROUND THREE -WATER POLLUTION-36 Materials of biological origin which are commonly used to maintain and improve soil fertility are: green manure biofertilizers bioinsecticides both a and b 41 B M NAMAZI ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-37 : ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-37 The term used for the conservation of ecosystems and natural habitats and the maintenance and recovery of viable populations of species in their natural surroundings is Core conservation  In-situ conservation  Ex-situ conservation  Peripheral conservation 42 B M NAMAZI ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-38 : ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-38 Project Tiger, a programme to maintain a viable population of tigers in the country and to chalk out areas for their habitat, was launched in the year 1975 1973 1974 1971 43 B M NAMAZI ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-39 : ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-39 Sea turtles are called living fossils for they have been on the earth in their present form for over 150 million years. Of the five species of sea turtles found in the waters of the Indian subcontinent, which is the most populous species? Keneps RidleyLoggerheadOlive RidleyFlatback 44 B M NAMAZI ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-40 : ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-40 T he Giant Panda is the official symbol of the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). In which country is this animal found? China India Myanmar New Zealand 45 B M NAMAZI ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-41 : ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-41 The Gir forest was declared a protected area to ensure the safety of this animal and to protect its last habitat. This forest in Gujarat is famous for Lion Tiger LeopardElephant 46 B M NAMAZI ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-42 : ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-42 An endangered animal, the Elephas maximus is now predominantly found in the protected wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of Kerala, Karnataka, and Orissa. Its common name is Black buck Asian elephant Wild buffalo 47 B M NAMAZI ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-43 : ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-43 One of the following bird species was thought to be extinct but has been rediscovered in India by the BNHS ( Bombay Natural History Society) in 2002. Name the species. Pink-headed Duck Himalayan Mountain Quail Forest Owlet Masked Finfoot 48 B M NAMAZI ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-44 : ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-44 Which of the following species of rhinoceros is said to be the most critically endangered species. Indian one-horned rhinos Javan rhino African black rhinol Sumatran rhino 49 B M NAMAZI ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-45 : ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-45 Mangroves are salt-tolerant forest ecosystems. Name the largest mangrove forests in the world that constitute 7% of the world's mangroves, house a variety of wildlife sanctuaries, and are also a potential site to harness tidal energy. The Sunderbans in West BengalMuisue Forests in Eucador The Mekong Delta in Vietnam 50 B M NAMAZI ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-46 : ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-46 This state with the largest forest cover in the country is also the second-richest in mineral deposits. Its forests are being destroyed due to effects of open-cast mining of coal, iron ore, bauxite, and copper. Name it. Uttar Pradesh Himachal Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh Madhya Pradesh 51 B M NAMAZI ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-47 : ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-47 There are three kinds of deserts in India: sand desert, salt desert, and cold desert. One of the states has a cold desert. Name it. Jammu and Kashmir Himachal Pradesh Rajasthan Gujarat 52 B M NAMAZI ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-48 : ROUND FOUR-FORESTRY/BIODIVERSITY-48 Evergreen forests in India house the most diverse species of plants and animals in the country and have two of the biodiversity hotspots of the world. Which of the following is NOT a region of evergreen forests in India? North-east India Andaman and Nicobar IslandsLakshadweep Islands 53 B M NAMAZI ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-49 : ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-49 Proper disposal of hazardous toxic waste is essential as exposure to it can cause serious problems to the health. Which is potentially the safest means of disposing of the most toxic wastes: organic solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and oil-base compounds (including PCBs and dioxins)?: Municipal incineration Industrial high temperature incinerationLandfills None of the above 54 B M NAMAZI ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-50 : ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-50 India generates about 4.3 million tonnes of hazardous wastes every year. Direct exposure to two chemicals in hazardous waste can cause death. Name them. Mercury and arsenicCyanide and sulphur Sulphur and arsenic Mercury and cyanide 55 B M NAMAZI ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-51 : ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-51 The municipal solid waste generated in India is about 40% organic matter. Composting is the best method of disposal of organic solid waste. Where was the country’s first aerobic composting plant set up in 1992? Delhi MumbaiCalcutta Chennai 56 B M NAMAZI ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-52 : ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-52 Garbage can be put under four categories: organic, toxic, soiled, and recyclable. Of the organic waste, this forms an important part. Plastic bagsVegetable peelsGlass Metal 57 B M NAMAZI ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-53 : ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-53 Hazardous waste is generated mainly by the industrial sector. It not only causes harm to the environment but also leads to health problems. A small percentage of the hazardous waste is also generated in the house. One of the following is a hazardous waste that is generated in the house. Paper Leftover foodstuffOld batteriesPlastic bags 58 B M NAMAZI ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-54 : ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-54 Composting is one of the oldest forms of disposal of waste. It is the natural process of decomposition of organic waste that yields manure or compost. One of the following is added to the compost to get better results. AntsBugs Snakes Worms 59 B M NAMAZI ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-55 : ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-55 Municipal waste is disposed in the open dumps, landfills, sanitary landfills, and is also burnt in large furnaces. This method is known as Incineration Blast furnaceWaste furnace None of the above 60 B M NAMAZI ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-56 : ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-56 Plastic was once hailed as the wonder material but is now becoming a serious environmental and health problem due to its non-biodegradable nature. Burning of plastics, especially PVC, releases the following harmful gas into the atmosphere. DioxinsLeOPl 61 B M NAMAZI ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-57 : ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-57 Landfills are the sites for the disposal of solid waste. While building a landfill it is very essential to take one of the following factors into consideration. Below the groundwater level Above the groundwater levelIn a groundwater sourceNone of the above 62 B M NAMAZI ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-58 : ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-58 People all over the world have thought of innovative ideas for use of waste. One man in India, Nek Chand, has developed an exquisite artwork from garbage, a rock garden in this city. Chennai Lucknow Chandigarh Bangalore 63 B M NAMAZI ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-59 : ROUND FIVE -SOLID WASTE-59 Most waste generated in the house can be recycled, but there are certain items that cannot be recycled. In the list given below, which item is not recyclable. NewspaperPlastic bags Old medicines Glass bottles 64 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-60 : ROUND SIX-ENERGY-60 A much cheaper and lighter fuel extracted from crude oil is used to adulterate petrol in the ratio 3:1 (adulterant : petrol). It causes damage to the vehicle engine, besides leading to high emission levels. Name this common adulterant of petrol that most easily escapes detection. Diesel Kerosene Naphtha Mobile oil 65 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-61 : ROUND SIX-ENERGY-61 Of the primary energy supply of the largest coal-producing country in the world, 2.75% is met by this fossil fuel. Consequently this country is the second-largest country of greenhouse gas emissions after USA – (95% of its GHG emissions is CO2 from coal-dominated fossil fuel combustion). Name the country. IndiaUK Japan China 66 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-62 : ROUND SIX-ENERGY-62 Coal is the largest primary source of commercial energy in India. Of the 28 000 MT (million tonnes) of lignite reserves in the country, 26 000 MT is concentrated in two states. Name them? Kerala and Karnataka Karnataka and Pondicherry Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Kerala and Tamil Nadu 67 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-63 : ROUND SIX-ENERGY-63 Lead is one of the two most toxic chemicals used in petrol that cause brain damage and leukemia. Which is the other? Sulphur Benzene Nitrogen Oxide SPM or Suspended Particulate Matter 68 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-64 : ROUND SIX-ENERGY-64 Name the revolution that was responsible for the beginning of large scale use of coal. The French Revolution The Industrial Revolution The American Revolution The Cultural Revolution 69 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-65 : ROUND SIX-ENERGY-65 There are three different types of coal. Two of them release a great deal of pollutants into the air whereas the third releases less smoke and is considered to be less polluting. Name this type. Lignite Bituminous Anthracite None of the above 70 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-66 : ROUND SIX-ENERGY-66 Name the main element that is required to run a nuclear plant. Sodium Arsenic Carbon Uranium 71 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-67 : ROUND SIX-ENERGY-67 Of the following burning fossil fuels, which is considered to be the cleanest? Coal Natural Gas Oil None of the above 72 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-68 : ROUND SIX-ENERGY-68 Industries consuming large amounts of fossil fuels are the largest emitters of this gas, which causes acid rain. The extent of this problem was realized in 1981 when a large area around Spirit Lake, New York, USA, was affected by acid rain. Which is this harmful gas? Sulphur dioxide Hydrogen sulphide Ozone Carbon dioxide 73 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-69 : In India the % petroleum product consumption by the industrial sector is a.42% b.24% c.36% d.12% ROUND SIX-ENERGY-69 74 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-70 : Green house effect refers to increase in a. Global temperature b. Carbon monoxide c. Atmospheric pressure d.Greenery ROUND SIX-ENERGY-70 75 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-71 : The nodal agency for coordinating the energy conservation activities under EC act in India is a.Bureau of Indian standards b. Bureau of Energy Efficiency c. Bureau of Energy Education d. Bureau of Energy and Environment ROUND SIX-ENERGY-71 76 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-72 : X ray in a form of a. Chemical energy b. Radiant energy c.Thermal energy d.Potential energy ROUND SIX-ENERGY-72 77 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-73 : The objective of energy management is a. To minimize energy costs b. To minimize environmental effects c. a and b d. only a ROUND SIX-ENERGY-73 78 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-74 : Energy available in fuel is stored as a. Heat energy b.Chemical energy c. Atomic energy d. Explosive energy ROUND SIX-ENERGY-74 79 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-75 : ESCO stands for a. Energy supply company b. Energy service company c. Energy standards company d. Energy sourcing company ROUND SIX-ENERGY-75 80 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-76 : Which is not a green house gas a.Methane b.Nitrous Oxide c.Carbon di oxide d.Sulphur di oxide ROUND SIX-ENERGY-76 81 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-77 : The ozone layers in the atmosphere acts as an efficient filter for a.X rays b.UV-A rays c.UV-B rays d.Infra Red rays ROUND SIX-ENERGY-77 82 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-78 : Which gas causes global warming among the following a.CFC b.SO2 c.O2 d.Argon ROUND SIX-ENERGY-78 83 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-79 : Ozone has a. Three oxygen atoms b. Two Oxygen atoms c. Four Oxygen atoms d. One Oxygen atom ROUND SIX-ENERGY-79 84 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-80 : GHG Emissions are presented in -------------------- units a. MMTOE b. MMTCE c. MMTME d. MMT ROUND SIX-ENERGY-80 85 B M NAMAZI ROUND SIX-ENERGY-81 : An example of organic insulation is a. Mineral Wool b. Calcium silicate c. Polyurethane d. None of these ROUND SIX-ENERGY-81 86 B M NAMAZI ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-82 : ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-82 Which among the following is most energy efficient? Incandescent bulb Fluorescent tube light Compact fluorescent lamp 87 B M NAMAZI ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-83 : ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-83 In India and elsewhere, biomass can be obtained from Groundnut shells Sugarcane bagasse Rice husk All of the above 88 B M NAMAZI ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-84 : ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-84 Solar cells are simple photovoltaic devices that convert solar energy directly into electricity and are manufactured from the second-most abundant element in the earth’s crust. Name it. Bauxite Silicon Calcium 89 B M NAMAZI ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-85 : ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-85 Biogas is a methane-rich gas formed by fermentation of animal dung, human sewage and crop residue. The advantage(s) of biogas is/are: A clean and smokeless fuel Slurry left behind is used as fish feed High potential in rural India All of the above 90 B M NAMAZI ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-86 : ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-86 In rural areas, this gas can be generated and used for cooking and lighting . Biogas Oxygen Ammonia None of these 91 B M NAMAZI ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-87 : ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-87 Which is the most common non-commercial biological fuel in a large number of developing countries? Animal dung Crop residue Coal Fuelwood 92 B M NAMAZI ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-88 : ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-88 Hydro power, which is derived from water is one of the earliest sources of energy in the country. The first mini hydel plant was set up in 1897 at the following place. Shimla Dehra Doon Kulu Darjeeling 93 B M NAMAZI ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-89 : ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-89 Wind energy is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy source with worldwide wind power installed capacity reaching about 14 000 MW. At the end of March 2000, India had 1080-MW capacity wind farms. Name the state that leads in this sector. Maharashtra Punjab Andhra Pradesh Tamilnadu 94 B M NAMAZI ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-90 : ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-90 Large amounts of solar energy is stored in the oceans and seas. The process of harnessing this energy is called OTEC (ocean thermal energy conversion) OTC (ocean thermal conversion) OSTEC (ocean and sea thermal energy conversion) 95 B M NAMAZI ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-91 : ROUND SEVEN-RENEWABLE ENERGY-91 This energy is the heat generated by natural process within the earth. The main energy sources are the hot rocks, magma, geysers, and hot-springs. This form of energy is known as Solar energy Geothermal energy Ocean thermal 96 B M NAMAZI ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-92 : ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-92 Following is the most widely discussed impact of climate change: Increase in average sea level  Deforestation  Soil erosion  None of the above 97 B M NAMAZI ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-93 : ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-93 Sea level is expected to rise because of warmer climate due to the following: Oceans expand as they get warmerGlaciers and ice-sheets meltBoth the above 98 B M NAMAZI ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-94 : ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-94 Over the last 100 years global sea level has risen by about 20 - 25 cm 10 – 12.5 cm Both the above    None of these 99 B M NAMAZI ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-95 : ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-95 Climate change may have an impact on the following: Agriculture, natural terrestrial ecosystems, and water resources Air quality, oceans, and coastal zones Energy and human health All of the above 100 B M NAMAZI ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-96 : ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-96 Which sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in India? TransportDomesticAgriculturalElectric power generation 101 B M NAMAZI ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-97 : ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-97 Which landmark global conference was the FIRST major step towards a global agreement on greenhouse gas emissions reduction and the first to recognize the atmosphere as a natural resource? The Vienna Convention in 1985 The Montreal Protocol in 1987 The 'Earth Summit' in Rio in 1992 102 B M NAMAZI ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-98 : ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-98 CFCs (chloro-fluoro-carbons) are greenhouse gases that have caused a rise of 0.3 ºC in the global temperatures in the past century. Name the CFC that is used in refrigerators. Carbon dioxideFreon MethaneAmmonia 103 B M NAMAZI ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-99 : ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-99 The massive hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctica was first discovered in 197619851960 104 B M NAMAZI ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-100 : ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-100 India would phase out the production and consumption of the controlled ODS (ozone-depleting substances) within the time frame and limits specified in the Vienna Convention Basel Convention Montreal Protocol Agenda 21 105 B M NAMAZI ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-101 : ROUND EIGHT-CLIMATE CHANGE-101 By 2100 AD, global temperature is expected to rise by about 2 °C and consequently, the sea level by about 50 cm from the present level. How is a rise in temperature expected to increase the level of the sea? By expanding ocean water By melting mountain glaciers By causing ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland to melt and slide into the oceansAll of the above 106 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-110 : Kick The Habit - Towards A Low Carbon Economy .This was the world environment day theme for 2008.What is the theme for 2009 YOUR PLANET NEEDS YOU ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-110 107 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-111 : This is a legally binding agreement that arose out of the UNFCCC (united nations framework convention on climate change)to tackle climate change through a reduction of green house gas emissions. Countries are legally bound to reduce man-made green house gases emissions by approximately 5.2%. The text of the protocol was adopted at the third conference of the parties to the UNFCCC in Japan, on 11 December 1997.KYOTO PROTOCOL ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-111 108 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-112 : What are the Kyoto protocol’s three flexibility mechanisms that help countries to meet their emission reduction targets CLEAN DEVELOPMENT MECHANISMS JOINT IMPLEMENTATION INTERNATIONAL EMISSIONS TRADING ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-112 109 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-113 : There are many gases that contribute to the green house effect. The Kyoto Protocol deals with six of them. Mention any three of these gases CARBON DI OXIDE METHANE NITROUS OXIDE ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-113 110 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-114 : Water is polluted due to its contact with mining activity. This phenomenon is called AMD. what is AMD-ACID MINE DRAIN ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-114 111 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-115 : This involves the use of a bomb set to explode under water in a coral reef ecosystem When the bomb detonates, it kills or stuns the majority of fish within its radius and the dead or stunned fish float to the surface, were they can be easily caught. This type of fishing is called BLAST FISHING ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-115 112 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-116 : Crushing sodium cyanide, mixing the substance with salt water and storing it in bottles where it can later be brought underwater to reefs and squired into reef fish’s habitat Commonly used for capturing fish for the aquarium industry .This type of fishing is known as-CYANIDE FISHING ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-116 113 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-117 : The two major pollutants that cause acidic deposition are-SULPHUR DIOXIDE AND NITROGEN OXIDE ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-117 114 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-118 : What would have been the temperature of the earth if there had been no natural green house effect 0 °F OR 14°C ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-118 115 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-119 : What is the annual average temperature of the earth 57°F OR 14°C ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-119 116 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-120 : One plant produces and releases a chemical into the surrounding soil that inhibits the germination or growth of other species in the immediate area ALLELOPATHY ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-120 117 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-121 : Ability of the environment or a portion of the environment to carry waste material without adverse effects on the environment or on uses of its resources ASSIMILATIVE CAPACITY ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-121 118 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-122 : ----------- is the practice of growing plants in water. The essential macro and micro nutrients needed by the plants are supplied in the water .During world war II this practice was used to grow vegetable crops by US troops stationed on some pacific islands. HYDROPONICS ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-122 119 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-123 : ---------------- refers to the study of fresh water communities. This is subdivided into lentic (standing water habitat- lakes, ponds, marshes) and lotic ( running water habitats- rivers, streams, brooks). LIMNOLOGY ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-123 120 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-124 : The process of natural nutrient enrichment of streams and lakes. The enrichment is often increased by human activities, such as agriculture (manure addition) EUTROPHICATION ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-124 121 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-125 : Commonly used indicator of the intensity of acid rain pH ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-125 122 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-127 : Ozone is concentrated in the STRATOSPHERE ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-127 123 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-128 : --------------- is a chronic, fibrotic lung disease of coal miners. It is caused by inhaling coal dust which accumulates in the lungs and forms black bumps or coal muscles on the bronchioles. BLACK LUNG DISEASE(ANTHRACOSIS) ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-128 124 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-129 : ------------- occurs in infants who drink water with a high concentration of nitrate. BLUE BABY SYNDROME(INFANT CYANOSIS) ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-129 125 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-130 : ---------- is caused by the inhalation of silica SILICOSIS ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-130 126 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-131 : ------------ is caused by the inhalation of beryllium particles BERRRYLLIOSIS ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-131 127 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-132 : ------------ is found among textile workers who inhale cotton or fibre or hemp BYSSINOSIS ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-132 128 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-133 : Freon the generic names for several CFC is environmentally significant because it is extremely long lived in the atmosphere with a typical residence time of --- years 70 ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-133 129 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-134 : Hydrochloroflurocarbon (HCFC) are considered as the chemical cousins of CFC’s but differ from them in that they have less CHLORINE ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-134 130 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-136 : Itai-Itai disease The name of this disease arose from the cries of pain,itai-itai (ouch-ouch) by the most seriously stricken victims,older japanese farm women.90% of the victims of this disease are post menopausal women. This is caused by CADMIUM POISONING ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-136 131 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-137 : pH value is symbol for ------- concentration HYDROGEN ION ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-137 132 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-138 : The instrument used to detect Tsunamis VIBROTON ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-138 133 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-139 : The bird which can fly backward is ---------------- HUMMING BIRD ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-139 134 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-140 : The smallest flower in the world WOLFIA ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-140 135 B M NAMAZI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-141 : First arch dam in India IDUKKI ROUND TEN-NO CHOICE ROUND-141 136 B M NAMAZI

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