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Published on October 18, 2016

Author: layfield_barrett


1. Workplace Accident Work-related injuries can happen in the blink of an eye, even in seemingly secure workplaces. Most companies carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover the costs of injuries associated with a workplace injury or illness. If you can prove your injury was caused by workplace factors, you are likely eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation is available for individuals injured on the job or at the workplace regardless of fault. As long as the employee was acting reasonably and in accordance with normal job duties, he or she can claim workers’ compensation. In addition to accidents like a falling object striking you or an improperly maintained machine malfunctioning, illnesses arising from the job are also eligible for coverage. What is Workers’ Compensation? Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that allows employees to earn a wage and receive medical benefits after a workplace-related injury or illness. Workers’ compensation policies may vary slightly from company to company, but every employee should have access to the policy. It may stipulate that any employee who obtains coverage waives the right to file a lawsuit against the employer for the injury. Workers’ compensation policies may cover benefits such as:  Medical treatment, including hospitalization, rehabilitation, surgery, medical equipment and medicines.  Disability benefits that allow individuals to earn a sum temporarily or permanently after an accident, injury or illness. These income replacement programs usually cover the majority of your typical wage, but not all of it. They may also cover benefits for family members if an employee dies on the job. What to Do after an Injury If you have been injured at work, the first step is to file an incident report with your employer. Failing to do so may disqualify you from receiving benefits under the policy. If you do not file a report, you may not find coverage through your personal healthcare insurance carrier. Regardless of the injury’s severity, you need to notify your employer as soon as possible. Talk to anyone who witnessed the injury. Witnesses may play an important part in your case if your employer refuses to acknowledge you were injured at work. When you are able, contact an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation cases. The attorneys at Layfield & Barrett have experience handling workplace injury disputes and understand how to secure the compensation you deserve. Keep a copy of every report you file and any correspondence with your employer regarding your injury. If you require medical attention, you may need to fill out a physician form and be sent to a treating doctor through your employer. Be as accurate as possible when

2. describing your injury to a physician, and always ask for a copy of your medical records. Finding the Right Attorney Sometimes an employer fails to provide you with the coverage you need to recover from a workplace injury or illness. This is why it is vital that you discuss your injury with a qualified attorney before accepting the limits of your compensation. Some employers will do whatever it takes to keep costs low, and that may mean keeping funds you need to recover from an injury. Our attorneys conduct independent investigations into workplace accidents so we can create a complete picture of what really happened. We take a holistic approach when working with clients to ensure every case is approached from as many angles as possible. We can help you prepare a case to make sure your employer is compensating you fairly after a workplace incident. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. Source: accident/

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