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Published on July 18, 2012

Author: euforic



Presentation by Euforic Services (Pier Andrea Pirani, Pete Cranston, Vanessa Meadu) at the FAO Social Media Workshop - July 2012

Working with videosFAO Social Media Workshop

Intro /definition Creating videos is increasingly easy - many mobile phones and cameras allow short videos to be made. Once saved and edited, these can be uploaded to the Internet. From there they can be tagged, promoted, embedded in most web sites and included in feeds and podcasts. Source: https://compartnetwork-

Key functions it supports Awareness raising and advocacy Stakeholder engagement and action Capacity building (includes videos for rural learning and for exchange of experiences and reflection) Reporting and data collection Source: Rico, L. and Mandler, A., "Video in development: Filming for Rural Change"


Your toolkitSony cybershot Windows Movie Mak Mac iMovie YouTube

How to use it Record  Edit Upload  Share

(If needed..,convert your file beforeediting..) Any Video Converter – Desktop based, free to download Online Video Converter – Online, free

2 – Edit movie • Crop file (when needed) • Fade in/fade out effects • Credits and links

Import video

Drag from collection…

…drop into video box

Fade in – fade out

Titles and credits

Titles and credits


Import credits

Drag and drop credits in videobox

Save movie

3 - Upload on hosting service –YouTube, Blip TV, Vimeo • Title, description, tags…

4 – Share your content • On blogs and other! channels media

M&E YouTube offers great Analytics Blip TV has own stats that allow to track content distributed to multiple websites Look for trends: total views, comments and shares, country, etc..

Hands on exercise In pairs, find a nice corner and interview each other Edit videos with Movie Maker Upload video onto Blip training account (or create your own) Blog, embed, share link to video

Sources KSToolkit - iMark – Web 2.0 and Social Media for Development CIARD Pathways -

Working with videosFAO Social Madia Training

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