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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: lweldon



Topic: Googlization & Gadget Support for the Library
March, 2009
Computers in Libraries 2009

Information Professionals Working Smarter Series Working Smarter Through Google and SharePoint: Creating a Virtual Assistant Weldon Researchers

Summary Do you sometimes wish you could get your work done more quickly so you have time for other pursuits? Are you faced with the need to accomplish more in less time, but with no additional staff resources to help you? Perhaps a Virtual Assistant (VA) is the answer for you. Through a two year study, I created a virtual assistant to help me with my work by migrating all of my data from a Proprietary Database to two platforms: MS SharePoint and Google.

The Virtual Assistant’s  Infancy  Toddlerhood  The Teen Years  Adulthood

Problem in Association Library/Resource Center  Over 5 years old  No updates to system  Two copies of database   On-site On web hosted server  Subject area specialized.  View items in-house (rare)  Membership Benefit  Problems photocopying documents in the collection due to        1976 Copyright Act, Section 108 F3 Copyright Clearance Center Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) TEACH (Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization) Act of 2002 Section 108 Section 108 Study Group Compile research and send to customers by mail, e-mail, and/or fax

Association Library/Resource Center Database Query Query response Browser Onsite Database Hosted Web server runs copy of On-site database WHY duplicated databases? Hosted Web server did not give Write Access.

Virtual Assistant’s Infancy

Virtual Assistant Infancy: Requirements Analysis 1. What are the things that need to be done and/or the standards involved in this organization? 2. Who will be the players or users in this project and solution? 3. Where do you want this project implemented? 4. When do you need the idea to be developed into the solution?

Virtual Assistant’s Infancy: Comparative Analysis Features InMagic DB/Textworks and WebPublisher Pro (Proprietary Database) Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Google Apps Calendar No No- Microsoft Office Yes E-mail Alerts No No- Microsoft Office Yes Discussion Lists/Social Networks No Yes Yes Search Engine Yes- dependent on indexes created Yes Yes Online Presentations No No- Microsoft Office Yes-Google Talk Document Library Yes-Internal and online bibliographic database with fulltext linking Indexes uploaded document (Word, Excel, Power Point , PDF) Indexes uploaded document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) Chat/Microphone No No- Microsoft Live Yes News Feeds Yes- WebPublisher Pro published site Yes Reader Weblinks Yes Yes- Web parts can be dedicated to Links iGoogle Offline Capability Yes No- Microsoft Office Yes- Google Docs Offline

Virtual Assistant’s Infancy: Cost Analysis InMagic DB/Textworks and WebPublisher Pro (Proprietary Database) Cost Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (through Apptix Google Apps Start-$5,000.00 (prices vary) 100 users Annual-$2,100.00 (prices vary) 500 MB storage FREE E-mail: Over 7,200 MB Docs: Each can be 500K 2 Users for DB/Textworks Annual $254.49 (prices vary) Users unlimited for Webpublisher Spreadsheets: Each can be 256 columns, 200,000 cells, or 100 sheets Presentations: Each can be 10MB PDFs: 100 PDFs. Website: 100 MB 200 Viewers 1 Video user 1 Chat user

Who will be the players or users in this project and solution?  How does your organization see your role in helping them find information?  Do you have the skills set to meet their expectations?

Where do you want this project implemented?  Hosted Web Server Online Community  Bibliographic Database  Searching  techniques Maintenance is by a company  Onsite Server  Who will be maintaining it?

Association Librarian’s Skills Set Responding to member and staff information requests Building and managing the online collection Ensuring member access to the online collection

Association Librarian’s Skills Set Requests: •Interview •Tracking DB Collection: •Cataloging (ERIC;LC; DDC) •Data Entry (add/delete) •Acquisitions (Web search;E-mail) Online Access •Dreamweaver;HT ML •Web 2.0 •DB (inner workings; backups)

Virtual Assistant’s Toddlerhood: Proprietary Database

Virtual Assistant’s Toddler Years 1. 2. 3. 4. What are the things that need to be done and/or the standards involved in this organization? a) Update collection b) Update online catalog c) Allow Members to send requests d) Allow Member’s Questions to be Searched e) Online Discussion List from another vendor f) Citrix’s GoToMeeting to give online guidance on how to use online catalog Who will be the players or users in this project and solution? a) Responding to member and staff research inquiries Where do you want this project implemented? a) Onsite; on website When do you need the idea to be developed into the solution? a) Yesterday

Prototype in a Sandbox Environment  Sandbox environment  Not connected to “live” system  Isolated  Members can have access Feedback on how it answers their needs Feedback Form for all services

Prototype Virtual Assistant Interface (Internal and Online) Targets 3 main areas: 1. Online catalog 2. Requests • Members ask • Members search database of all questions with answers 3. Focus Group (sub group of membership)

Web Hosted Server and the Prototype Virtual Assistant  Web Publisher Pro needed this to publish the site I created through DB/Textworks  Association subscribed to a host that did not provide “write”access.     Could not perform data entry online Could not add web links to full-text documents Could not have members send requests to me online Could only have members “read” records  Used the hosted server’s web authoring tools with Dreamweaver for the Live version.  My prototype had to function in a sandbox environment that would allow “write” and “read” access.  Members could use Prototype but I created a Live version that operated within the constrains of the association’s web environment.

Virtual Assistant’s Teen Years: MS SharePoint

Virtual Assistant’s Teen Years     What are the things that need to be done and/or the standards involved in this organization?  Canned-Response Database (FAQ);  Answers from Discussion List;  Answers from e-mail questions;  Discussion List monitored and moderated by librarian through SharePoint.  Citrix’s GoToMeeting allowed online realtime discussions on issues under higher education governance and guidance on how to use the online library. Who will be the players or users in this project and solution?  Members  Staff Where do you want this project implemented?  Sandbox environment When do you need the idea to be developed into the solution?  Testing phase to prove uses to administration and organization’s board of directors  Testing phase to prove uses to members

Subscribe to Apptix for 30 days and SharePoint will guide you

SharePoint-30 day trial  Windows SharePoint Services 3   Allows you to try it Some similarities to SharePoint 2007 (MOSS)

The Basic Virtual Assistant  Components      Shared Documents library Calendar Tasks Discussion List Links

Facts about Proprietary and SharePoint  Databases    Export Proprietary database’s data Import data into MSDE in SharePoint out of the box MSDE can be upgraded to MySQL or SQL Server.  Interface with the database  Security and Tracking

SharePoint programs Workflows to help update and maintain documents 1. Documents are acquired 2. Documents arranged 3. Documents described 4. Documents scanned 5. Documents uploaded into SharePoint 6. Documents have metadata entered 7. Document-level metadata  Document-content-type

Site content types Dropout Crisis  Characteristics  Studies/Reports  Programs  Legislation (Federal, State, Local)  Anti Discrimination Legislation  Child Labor Legislation (1966 to 1980) (2004)  Civil Rights Legislation  Drug Legislation (2004)  Educational Legislation  Public Health Legislation (2004)  School Attendance Legislation   Governance  Board Charter  Board Minutes  Bylaws  Conflict of Interest Policies  Mission Statements  Presidential Assessment  Presidential Contracts  Presidential Job Description  Presidential Search  Strategic Plans  Tenure Process  Trustee/Board Assessment  Trustee Handbooks  Trustee Job Description

Site Content Types’ Metadata  Breeze with cataloging documents because it is a record of the document– similar to records of items in Integrated Library Systems   The description of the document Required columns for each of these items of metadata  Template document attached to that content type.  The workflows    When document is created, who should see it? When should document go to the next person? What actions should be performed on it?    Edit Change Version


Create a New Content Type  Click on “Create” to start a new content type Choose an easy to understand but short name Enter a user friendly description Choose the group of the parent content type Choose the parent content type Must always choose a parent to derive from Recommend putting new types in Custom Content Types

Web Parts make the Virtual Assistant Work  They are individual programs.  They function on your SharePoint Website.  They can be copied and made into other Web Parts that you may need.   Calendar Lists  Contacts     You can copy this and make it into your:  Requests Database  Feedback Database Announcements Links Tasks

Page Viewer  Could be used to show different websites on your dashboard at the same time.  You could have canned searches  from Wild Cat  From Google Scholar

Your Discussion Group will be a Social Networking Corner for Members

Virtual Assistant: Adulthood through Google Meet ELA (Electronic Library Assistant)

Duties Responding to member and staff research inquiries   Supporting the online community/ social network    Online Reference 24/7  E-mail  Google Talk/Video Google Collaborate Updating and maintaining the online catalog

What is the Googlization of the Library Collection?  A collection of information that meets the needs of the library customer and yourself     It is mobile and accessible It can encourage research collaboration It contains documents from your organization It creates an information network on your subject area.

Information Services 24/7        E-mailed requests  Real-time receipt of e-mails  Forwarding work e-mail to g-mail to send to cell phone as Text message  Remote Access from home to office pc  E-mail alerts relative to specific subjects Discussion Group Lists Online Discussions/ Online Reference Services  Google Talk: a text-chat and voice-communication program  Google Video: upload a video or use your webcam to view the patron/member Requests Tracker Calendar  Make shareable calendars  Non-shareable calendars Web documents library  Google Desktop: indexes documents on your pc  Documents library online: Unpublished/not shared OR Published/Shared Storage  E-mail: Over 7,200 MB  Document library:  Docs: Each can be 500K  Spreadsheets: Each can be 256 columns, 200,000 cells, or 100 sheets  Presentations: Each can be 10MB  PDFs: 100 PDFs.  Website: 100 MB

Virtual Assistant: ELA (Electronic Library Assistant)

Thank you! Questions?

References     New to DB/Textworks: Inmagic. SharePoint Services InMagic  Google Weldon, L. “Taking Your Library on the Road”, Computers in Libraries. May 2009:12-16. Weldon, L. “Googlization of the Library Collection”, Special Library Association’s Information Outlook, April/May 2009 (Vol.13, No. 3). Weldon, L. “Tools for Communicating with Trustees in a New York Minute”, Trusteeship. November/December 2007: 6. Weldon, L. “My Virtual Assistant Saves the Day”, Computers in Libraries, November/December 2007:18-23. Weldon, L. “Getting the Answers: One Consultant’s Approach to Deciphering the Government”, Special Libraries Association's Information Outlook, September 2005, p.33-34.     

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