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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: suryagregoryrobinson


Working Progress- Poster and Digipak Street Lights- Beth Guinness

I am using this image I have edited for both the digipak And the poster to keep the Continuity going.

I am using a border at the bottom and a black background to highlight the image and text.

I am using a large font size and san-serif typo to increase the boldness of the artists name. The title of the digipak is, or course Street Lights, so I have created a title design that will be used in both my digipak and poster.

I have placed institutional, promotional and contact/ links information in the bottom Border to inform the audience of Beth’s music and get more followers/ publicity.

After I placed other information on the poster I realised it looked too cluttered with Instutional information, so I changed the bottom of the poster and just put the website Address for Beth and the QR code that ‘actually’ leads to her youtube channel. I thought About the appearance on the top of the poster and found it looked unbalanced.

After I got my feedback I saw that someone had queried about the same feature of my poster as I had. The ‘CD out on the 5th’ and all the writing around there were further over to one Side than the other due to the QR code. So after some time of tampering with it, I placed The writing in the centre along with ‘BETH’ and the other titles. And then shrunk the QR code To make it fit better.

My teacher before I did my peer Feedback said that I should make Sure my English language is Correct, which includes the changes I made the the date on the top Photograph.

Working Progress- Digipak

After selecting the same image to use as the poster on my digipak, I needed to tie the fonts together. Therefore I needed to use the same san-serif font in the same position (as planned). Because I was using indesign I realised after many attemps that I could not place my fonts directly from photoshop into it, so I needed to place it in Adobe Fireworks and save it as a Fireworks png file. Later I decided to change the shape Of the font to a vertical shape, not Slanted due to the alinement with The bricks in the leed image was To hard without an expert level Of experience with both Photo- Shop and InDesign. But I still kept the Continuity between the poster and The digipak with the T and the L Joining as one letter.

As you can see I chose the same photo as the one I used for the poster for the front of my digipak and also used the same font and structure of font to keep the continuity of the promotional package. Instead of using the same title design for Beth’s name, I chose her signature which I created in DaFont and on Photoshop, because it fitted really well with the Imagery and ‘Street Lights’ font.

I wanted the track list to be a bit ‘postmodern’ so it was directive, yet quite slick and not The conventional numbered tracks. So I used black markers to serperate the tracks and placed Them in the chronological order of the CD’s contence. And also placed a bar down the middle Where the fold would be. Placing the album name and artists name on it so that you can Recognise the CD when it’s shelved/displayed.

On a CD/ digipak you need to place copyright on the photographs and the contents, so I used a Copy right sign from the internet that was available due to not having copyright itself. The looked At other CD covers to see what institutional information they placed and it was very varied. Usually they had where the album was manufactured and the ownership rights etc. So I Constructed mine through lots of various sources.

Previously I was going to used lots of small photos of the night life to interest the audience, yet when I started to place them on the digipak it looked quite cluttered and unorganised. So it Steared away from my initial plans for my digipak. I dicided to then try the image of a street light On the inside of the digipak so that it would help to tie all the promotional packages with the And generally fit better with the fonts and the front of the digipak.

I felt the image on it’s own was a bit too plain, so I added a soft border with an outer glow Around the outside that will be trimmed in the fishied product to get rid of the photograph’s Bleed area. Then again I have placed a bar (two in this case) to illustrate where the folds of the digipak will be.

I found a template for a CD on the internet that was available for public use and changed the colouring and shading of it to work with the digipak. I didn’t want to change the CD inside from the outside so I have used the same fonts for the artist name and the album name.

I wanted the digipak case to link into the music video and the lyrics of the song and the visuals So I used statistics and my own opinion to construct the number of various info. I also put the number of people in the UK right now which is quite a well know number.

Post peer feedback I was told That the writing was not clear Enough on the CD of the Digipak, so instead of changing The fonts and colours of the Fonts I decided to brighten the Background, which actually Looks quite good and enables The audience to be able to read All the writing without bright Lighting.

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