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Published on March 4, 2014

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A reverse proxy is a kind of proxy server that retrieves assets with respect to a consumer from one or more computers.
These sources are subsequently delivered to the client as if they descends from the host itself

Working of Reverse Proxy

A reverse proxy is a kind of proxy server that retrieves assets with respect to a consumer from one or more computers. These sources are subsequently delivered to the client as if they descends from the host itself

How Reverse Proxy Works?    A reverse proxy can be a proxy server that appears to consumers to become a standard server. Requests are forwarded to one or more origin servers which handle the request. The response from the origin server is returned as if it came right from the proxy server, leaving no knowledge of the origin servers to the consumer.

   Reverse Proxy Service Provides are fitted in the community of one or more web-servers. The use of "reverse" stems in its counterpart "forward proxy" since the reverse proxy acts merely a restricted set of websites and sits closer to the web server. All traffic from the Net and having a location of 1 of the neighborhood's webservers experiences the proxy-server.

Reverse Proxy Server as a Security Device    Reverse Private Proxy Server acts as a security device by performing security functions that protect the internal hosts from attacks by people on the web. The reverse proxy-server shields internal HTTP servers by providing a single point-of entry to the internal network. Delivering just one point of access to all or any HTTP servers on an interior network delivers these unique safety benefits and network access characteristics

Reverse Proxy Caching   With reverse Elite Private Proxies caching, net needs are handled by Traffic Machine to remote origin machines for the customers requesting this content. Reverse proxy caching (also referred to as server acceleration or online website hosting) is significantly different since Traffic Server acts as a proxy cache with respect to the origin servers that store the information.

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