Working In The New Google Ads UI Without Losing Your Mind - Expanded Edition - SMX East 2018

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Published on October 25, 2018

Author: JulieFriedmanBacchin


1. #SMX #14B @SpeakerName Ways To Be More Efficient & Effective Working In The Google Ads UI Without Losing Your Mind

2. Who Am I? Julie Friedman Bacchini President of Neptune Moon LLC Nearly 20 years in digital marketing Co-host and organizer of #ppcchat onTwitter Holder of strong opinions

3. How Can You Work Most Efficiently In The New Google Ads UI?

4. TITLE SLIDE ALTERNATIVE LAYOUT w/ *EXAMPLE* IMAGE (SWAP IN YOUR OWN AS NEEDED)Just Kidding – There is actually some cool stuff in the new UI!

5. Overview Screens Are Actually Useful

6. Never Used Them In Old UI & Find Them Helpful In New UI Get a quick sense of major things happening in the account from the Overview Screen. The visuals are great for at- a-glance identifying items that need attention.

7. See biggest changes at any level - from MCC down to individual account and campaign levels. Quickly See Biggest Changes

8. Mouse over the ad and voila… you see more details with action links right there. Actions Straight From Overviews!

9. Get A Sense Of Recent Queries Quickly The darker the blue shade, the more frequently the query appeared.

10. Instant access to its stats & the ability to instantly add as a keyword or a negative keyword. Click On A Term And Voila…

11. Quickly get a sense of where you are in the auction, right from Overview screen. Direct access to full Auction Insights detail screen from here. Auction Insights Right From The Overview

12. I really like these views for a quick sense of what is happening. I never used these in the Old UI. Devices Quick View

13. Direct Access To Detailed Screens From Overviews This is what you get to from the Devices link from the previous slide.

14. The Better Visualizations Are In Audiences Too

15. ICYMI - Google Ads Is Automatically Making Audiences For You This is from brand new campaign without having any Conversion action setup yet!

16. Audiences Have Nice At A Glance Data

17. Basic Demographic Audience Info At A Glance

18. Get A Quick Sense Of Audience Device Usage

19. Access Information Easily

20. Get Summary From Any Screen Quickly

21. From The Campaign Level Screen This information is helpful, but beware as it is not always correct…

22. From Ad Group Level Screen

23. Ever Wonder What Google Thinks The CTR Should Be?

24. There Is A Quick Way To Find Out In The Keyword Planner The Keyword Planner is found underTools.

25. Enter The Term For Which You Want The Data

26. Look What It Shows You! Compare this figure to what you’re seeing with your keywords and work from there!

27. See Predicted Stats For Next Month (Or Beyond) You can adjust the date range, as well as the geo targeting and network, to get stats.

28. You Can Also See Traffic Trends for Keywords Over Time This is also from the Keyword Planner to give you a sense of seasonality of a term – especially helpful with a new account or when you don’t have a ton of historical data.

29. Some Little Gems In The Reporting Area

30. Miss The Dimensions Tab? There are 2 ways to access the info that was previously housed there…

31. Dimensions Were Renamed “Predefined Reports”

32. Get Fuller Access Via The Main Reports Screen

33. Tons Of Predefined Reports Are Right Here!

34. In The Dashboard Section – New Feature “Scorecards” Dashboards are in the Reports section. Once you are in creating or editing a dashboard, you will see the option to create Scorecards.

35. Almost Any Metric Is Available In Scorecards Date ranges for the Scorecards are completely flexible. You can create versions of the same Scorecard with different date ranges for at a glace comparisons.

36. Dashboards With Scorecards & Notes Are Great For At A Glance Items

37. Quick Notes About Google Display Network (GDN)

38. Creating A New GDN Campaign Looks Different

39. Cheat Sheet For GDN Campaign Objectives

40. You Can Always Go “Old School” & Choose No Objective Choose “No Objective” option and then select these settings to do everything manually.

41. Excluding Placements – It Is Hard To Find It’s under Settings…

42. One More Click To See Category Exclusion Options

43. Excluding Placements – It Is A Lot Different Than Old UI These are the only options now!

44. Excluding App Traffic Is Also Hard To Find It is under Settings, then Additional Settings.

45. Choices Are Under Devices Option Click to expand the options for Devices.

46. Excluding App Traffic Is Also A Little Hidden Click to expand the options for Uncheck the app and app interstitial options (as shown here) to try to ensure your ads won’t be shown in apps.

47. As Extra Insurance – App Category Exclusion List UnderTools, select Placement Exclusion List. Then select App Categories.

48. Click Them ALL Expand both Apple App Store and Google Play and click all of the many, many options within. NOTE: Some categories have subcategories - expand all with the little down arrow to see them all!

49. For Maximum Reach In GDN You’ll Need To Go With Responsive Ads Make sure you have all 4 image types ready! Don’t ignore the ”More Options” link on this screen…

50. What Are The ”More Options” You Ask? It is a CallTo Action for your ad.

51. No Big Deal, Right? Well… Better pick one if you don’t want Google choosing for you!

52. GDN Responsive Ad Call To Action Options

53. Quick Reference For GDN Responsive Ad Image Sizes Quick reference for the sizes of images you will need to create responsive ads.

54. Keyboard Shortcuts In The New UI

55. How They Work

56. Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

57. More Keyboard Shortcuts Use the highlighted one to get back to see all of your campaigns if you’re within a campaign. Campaigns disappears from the left navigation for some reason I cannot understand when you’re inside of a specific campaign!.

58. Wrapping It Up… The Good: • Better visualizations in the UI • The Overview screens actually have useful information & it is easy to take quick actions or dig deeper directly from them • The available default reports are quite comprehensive • Customization in reporting is better • Scorecards can give you at a glance views for your most important metrics • You might find yourself getting better acquainted with Google Ads Editor

59. Wrapping It Up… The Less Good • The new UI is slow • It takes more clicks to get to some things • Some important pieces and options are more hidden • Display Planner is no more • Former Dimensions tab data is not as quickly accessible from management screens • The depressing color scheme

60. Questions Or To Share Cool Stuff You Find In the New UI You can always find me: OnTwitter @NeptuneMoon (your fastest bet) On LinkedIn – Julie Friedman Bacchini Web site – Blog –

61. #SMX #14B @SpeakerName Share these #SMXInsights on your social channels! #SMXInsights • Overview screens are actually great for quick sense of what’s happening • Available reporting options are a lot more robust in the new UI • GDN is following Facebook’s lead – take another look at it if you haven’t in a while


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