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Information about WorkflowEngine.NET

Published on March 9, 2016

Author: ssuser8d3aa2


1. Workflow Engine .NET The component that adds workflow in your application

2. Workflow Engine .NET • Designer of process scheme in web-browser (HTML5) • High performance • Easy to integrate • Auto-generate inbox-folder for users • Change the scheme process in real-time • Support database: MS SQL Server, MongoDB, RavenDB, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL

3. Terms of workflow

4. Workflow Designer • HTML5 supported • The scheme of workflow can be import / export in XML • Open architecture allows you to modify the Designer for your product • You can translate the designer into your language.

5. Where is support BPMN2? No, WFE uses Workflow Engine Model and Notation, because WEMN has: • Less number of object • Compact notation • Scheme that adapted for custom development

6. Security model The engine doesn't have embedded security. In fact, this is great news. You can easily integrate the engine with any of your security system thought IWorkflowRuleProvider interface. 1. Implement this interface: 2. Set the rule provider for WorkflowRuntime

7. Custom actions For integration into the project runtime environment and custom actions execution you can use CodeAction of the Designer OR/AND IWorkflowActionProvider interface. 1. Implement this interface: 2. Set the action provider for WorkflowRuntime Create & compile a CodeAction in Web-browser

8. WorkflowServer The WorkflowServer is standalone HTTP server with WFE. More information look at Features • Process scheme generation in runtime • BackEnd with designer of process scheme • Integration into any solutions (.NET, PHP, Java, NodeJS, Ruby, Python and etc.) using HTTP-protocol • Database support: MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, RavenDB, MongoDB • Mode: Console and Windows Service Kind of integration API • Workflow API Implements the basic operation of WorkflowRuntime • Designer API Implements the server-interface for the workflow designer. • Callback API For full integration WorkflowEngine.NET requires implementation of the interfaces: IWorkflowRuleProvider, IWorkflowActionProvider, IWorkflowGenerator. WokflowServer forwards request via HTTP (POST) to an external service.

9. Integration step by step 1. Execute the script on the database 2. Initialize WorkflowRuntime 3. Add the Designer 4. Turn on additional features

10. How to create a scheme Watch the video: CreatingScheme

11. WorkflowRuntime API • CreateInstance - Creates instance of process • GetCurrentState - Returns the current state of specified process • GetCurrentActivityName - Returns the current activity name of specified process • GetAvailableCommands - Returns the list of available commands for current state of the process and known user Id • ExecuteCommand - The call will execute the command • GetAvailableStateToSet - Returns the list of available states, that can be set through the SetState function • GetAvailableStateToSet - The call will set state for the process

12. Form Builder The workflow engine doesn't include this functionality. However, you can look another our product - DWKIT. HTTP://DWKIT.COM

13. Licensing model • One time payment / royalty free / perpetual license • One year (month) support • Free updates throughout the year • No limits by users/developers/instances/copies • Source code (for Enterprise license)

14. What else... • Parameters • History of changes status • Inbox/Outbox folders • Parallel branches • Implement "Wait for condition" • Timers • Generate schema of workflow in Source code • Cloud (multi-servers) version (coming soon)

15. Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at

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