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Published on September 15, 2008

Author: Arlines


Slide 1: 6:45 1:30 12:00am 10:15 3:30 3:45 5:00 9:05 a b c d e f g h morning noon afternoon evening night 5:50am five-fifty 6:00am six o’clock 6:30pm half past six 8:00pm eight o’clock 11:15pm quarter past eleven Slide 2: Let’s see the new terminator Movie Let’s go swimming Let’s have coffee at Café Colombia Let’s go shopping at the Metro Shopping Center Let’s watch the Evening News at 7:00 I don’t really want to watch that I don’t really like tennis I don’t really like Liza Naylor I don’t really like pizza I don’t really want to go shopping Let’s Hmm… really like Chinese food They also That good Let’s basketball I don’t really like basketball let’s play soccer sounds good Slide 3: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday on at in in at in On at on at on She works on Monday and Wednesday She works on Tuesday afternoon She works on Saturday He works in the evening He works on Thursday afternoon He works in the afternoon When is your English class? What day was yesterday? What day is tomorrow? My English class is on --------- Yesterday was --------- Tomorrow is --------- Slide 4: shopping the movies with friends at the gym family a trip What do you do on the weekends Who do you live with When do you have class What do you have for lunch Where do you go to school What do you study Slide 5: What do you do in your free time What do you do in the evening What do you do on Saturday When do you relax? Where do you live Who do you live with Wade relaxes on Sunday Wade doesn’t play tennis with his girlfriend He lives with his dog Slide 6: in at On at on In In On Slide 7: M y Marc Jun Jul ugust No emb r ebr ary Apri emptem er Jan ary ctobe ecember February sixteenth August twenty-third November ninth October first April fifteenth July second June twenty-fourth March eighteenth Slide 8: 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 Slide 9: in in on on in on on in in on Our vacation is in summer Our party is on New Year’s Day Schools are closed on National Day His birthday is in winter My father was born in 1950 Christmas is on December 25 C I On Wednesday I In the winter I In April I In 1927 C Slide 10: long from to for from to for long from to long Slide 11: a b c Paulo Amaral Brazil Carnival Korea Chusok She sees all her cousins Karin Schmidt Germany She loves their traditional Christmas tree Slide 12: National decorate flags special parades wear traditional favorite Slide 13: get go do go get take get check day get up dressed have/eat check go do in home watch take go to bed Slide 14: good Not bad Okay, I guess It could be better Not so good Don’t ask! Not so good I have a headache great I won a KINO!!! Not bad I failed my test Go shopping and go to the movies I study at home I eat dinner at 8:00pm I go grocery shopping at The flea market Slide 15: Max often drinks coffee Max and Toshi always eat breakfast Anna is usually a good student Toshi and Anna never drink coffee Anna and Max are sometimes late for class Jane never eats breakfast Jane is seldom late for class Toshi often gets up early Slide 16: common bill pay similar date different match who where who where what where who what Where do you go after class What do you eat for lunch Who speaks English very well Where do you go to school What do you do on Sunday Slide 17: Eliana lives in Brazil She works in an office She lives in Miami Catherine works in a restaurant Her hobbies are music, cartoons, and shopping. Becky likes sports. Eliana is a good match for Catherine. They both like reading and music. Slide 18: Min Song-Gyu 20 Seoul, Korea Music, basketball, drawing Monday to Friday: study at Central University Saturday and Sunday: work in a dance club Slide 19: Dining room kitchen bathroom bedroom Living room yard garage Chair Mirror Dresser Bed Lamp rug Table Microwave Stove Refrigerator sink Table Sofa Chair Lamp TV rug Toilet Sink Mirror shower Slide 20: This is It’s That’s Are there There’s Is there There’s Peter Karen Peter Karen 1,500.00 nice 1,500.00 Too expensive How many There are five rooms A kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room and a dining room A garage A yard good Slide 21: Is there No, there isn’t Is there Yes, there is Are there Yes, there are Is there Yes, there is Is there No, there isn’t Are there No, there aren’t How many people are there in your family? How many pages are there in this book? How many students are there in your class? How many windows are there in your bedroom? How many units are there in this book? Slide 22: h e f j g a b i d c In a dormitory With a host family With my family for for about at with to to Slide 23: X X X X X X X X X C It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a yard. Slide 24: For rent: Small apartment in a nice new building. There’s a living room, a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom. It has a beautiful balcony with flowers. Slide 25: dress coat boots shorts T-shirt sandals jeans sneakers socks jacket skirt blouse sweater High heels suit tie Slide 26: Excuse yes How is jacket Excuse me How much are There’re Slide 27: One hundred thirty-five Five hundred fifteen Seven hundred nine One thousand six hundred Three thousand Eleven thousand eight hundred ten Twenty-five thousand Two hundred thirty-five dollars Five hundred thirty-seven dollars Two hundred sixty-two dollars Four hundred thirty-six dollars Two hundred sixteen dollars Slide 28: Her dress is long She has a gold necklace She’s wearing formal clothing Her ring is beautiful Her bracelet is gold She’s wearing a hat She has new sunglasses She’s wearing a short skirt Her clothing is casual a a X an X a a a X a X a X a an X C I: homework C I: computer I: meat I: is C I: is Slide 29: a b c d e Slide 30: X a a X a X X a X Slide 31: Nurse Actor Dancer Fashion Designer Doctor Singer Writer businessman Race-car driver painter dentist waitress inventor Slide 32: c d e g b a f What’s your name do you work I work at do you do instructor Do you like your job What are your Slide 33: He’s lazy She’s serious He’s hardworking He’s shy She’s smart She’s outgoing He’s creative Slide 34: Job, resume, company, skill Teach, make speak, write Quickly, easily, badly, well what Can you can little Can you can little bit can’t well Can can cry Slide 35: X X X X X X X X Slide 36: I’m live speak can love play can’t do

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