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Information about workbook Level 1 Intro units 1-6

Published on September 15, 2008

Author: Arlines


Slide 1: Teacher address male female First name Last name room Phone number class Last name First name Female address teacher room First name Last name phone number class room Slide 2: 1 2 4 3 2 4 3 1 5 2 3 5 1 4 Slide 3: g e c a f b d No they aren’t. they are teacher Yes it is Yes he is No, it isn’t. it’s Pilar No, it isn’t. it’s 689-2381 No, I’m not. I am a student No it isn’t Four seven two oh three one eight Nine eight seven six three oh Three three two four five six two five Seven four two six one seven two Slide 4: female actor artist singer dancer Slide 5: No, it isn’t Yes, they are Yes, it is No, it isn’t Yes, they are Pete Frank Joe Debbie Maggie Terrie Slide 7: b j e d h f a c g i Japanese Japan mexico Mexico city taiwan london British Taipei France French The u.s.a washington Kuala lumpur Malaysian (SOUTH) korea korean Slide 8: from I am Autralia Isn’t Are you from Is that the of France It is Answers will vary Slide 9: d g e b a h f c Who is the teacher? Where is he from? Where is Taipei? Who is with you? Where are yo from? Slide 10: Answers will vary Answers will vary Slide 11: New York Brasilia Oxford Rome Answers will vary Slide 12: Capital spacious modern restaurant clean beautiful Answers will vary Slide 13: Computer Answering machine books Pen holder picture Address book umbrella keys pen Cd player Cell phone purse Answers will vary Slide 14: Answers will vary Slide 15: postcards countries stereos Cell phones shops dictionaries watches Tvs bridges capitals A tv A teacher A camara An actor An umbrella An id card An exercise An athlete pictures books restaurants friends What’s this? What are these? What’s this? What’s this? What are these? It’s a backpack They’re keys It’s a watch It’s an umbrella They’re books Slide 16: This is an old VCR These are expensive sunglasses This is a lightweight computer This is a compact camera This is a large tv These are excellent cd’s excellent bad lightweight cheap small Slide 17: Dvd player Cell phone TV Answering machine The BS24i is big The GabbX is lightweight The Talkmate07 is new Slide 18: camera product heavy expensive excellent Answers will vary Slide 19: listening studing singing playing eating eating Reading exercising Watching and exercising sleeping studing reading listening eating playing cooking watching Slide 20: e c d f h g a b Answers will vary Carlos is writing an e-mail They’re listening to cd’s Susan is talking on her cell phone We’re eating pizza Min-chul is watching his new DVD He isn’t sleeping I’m not singing We aren’t watching TV You aren’t studing hard Sally isn’t talking to her partner Slide 21: Is john playing tennis? Is she listen to music? Are Mr. And Mrs. Sosa exercising? Are you watching a movie? Are we learning english He’s answering letters Yes he is She is talking to new customers They’re meeting with Mr. Pak No he isn’t. he writing reports Ahmed is answering the phones No, she isn’t. she is working at the computer Slide 22: writing math science history literature English art business cooking music Answer will vary Slide 23: Karl Miller North America Studies U.S. History, America Literature, and English Listening to music Abdullah Ali Egyptian Two business classes and math Playing basketball Rosangela Dias Brazilian Art Yoga Miho Yamaguchi Japanese Computer Science English 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Slide 25: breakfast eat drink lunch sandwich soda dinner dessert Junk food Answer will vary Answer will vary Slide 26: Are you hungry I am. Do you like chinese food Yes, i love it Let’s go to china garden Ok let’s go there Let’s go to pizza paradise for dinner Well, I don’t really like pizza That’s okay. They have italian chicken and pasta too. Sounds good ! I’m hungry I’m hungry too. Let’s have dinner Do you like steaks Yes, I like it a lot Then let’s go to texas steak house Answer will vary Slide 27: have speaks do go drinks studies I don’t eat breakfast every day Carmen doesn’t speak japanese We don’t like tests Young-Mi drinks coffe Mike and Jim don’t smoke You don’ sleep in class Answer will vary Slide 28: garlic sushi coffee Junk food Hot dogs pasta no no no yes yes yes Answer will vary

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