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Published on October 8, 2007

Author: Abhil


Slide2:  COS Workbench When you create a profile in COS Expertise, this also creates your COS Workbench. The workbench provides editing access to your profile, to several free services and databases, and to any subscription services provided by your institution. The workbench provides remote access to all COS services from any Internet connection. Slide3:  Contents: COS Workbench Overview Logging into your COS Workbench Services on the COS Workbench Navigating your COS Workbench Slide4:  Contents: COS Workbench Overview - free services member services Logging into your COS Workbench Services on the COS Workbench Navigating your COS Workbench Slide5:  Free Services on the Workbench Update Your COS Expertise Profile Change your Username and Password Produce Your CV – transform your profile into a CV, exporting custom versions to your word processor. Customize your Workbench – choose which services appear and in which order, and create a color scheme. Search COS Meetings and Conferences – keep up to date with upcoming meetings and conferences. Science News – daily news feeds from Reuters. Discussion Forums – participate in discussions about current issues in R&D. Track Funded Research – search databases of projects funded by NIH, SBIR, USDA, NSF and MRC (UK). Slide6:  Member Services on the Workbench Any subscription services from COS your institution provides, including: - COS Funding Opportunities - COS Funding Alert - COS Expertise - bibliographic databases are also available to you via your COS Workbench. Slide7:  Contents: COS Workbench Overview Logging into your COS Workbench Services on the COS Workbench Navigating your COS Workbench Slide8:  Logging into your COS Workbench Enter your username and password at the left hand side of You either created these when entering a profile at, or will have received them in an e-mail. Tips: If you are working from your desk, tick the Save My Login box so that, in the future, you can simply click on “Log in” without needing to enter your username and password each time. If you have forgotten your username and password, click on “Forgot Your Password?” Slide9:  A COS Workbench This takes you to your COS Workbench homepage. Slide10:  Contents: COS Workbench Overview Logging into your COS Workbench Services on the COS Workbench COS Funding News COS Meetings and Conferences discussion forums Funded Research databases instant, custom CV creation remote access to all services your profile URL Navigating your COS Workbench Slide11:  Browse COS Funding News topics that list a sampling of new and interesting opportunities in over a dozen categories. You can also sign up to receive the general COS Funding News weekly newsletter via e-mail. Slide12:  For example, the postdoctoral Funding News, published bi-weekly. Slide13:  Search over 1000 upcoming Meetings and Conferences by topic or by society. Read breaking research news from Reuters, updated hourly. Participate in discussion forums on current research topics. Slide14:  Search for funded research projects sponsored currently or in the past by NIH, NSF, USDA, SBIR or MRC (UK). Slide15:  Produce your CV from your COS Expertise profile. Slide16:  Untick any individual elements – e.g., publications – that you do not wish to be included, and click on the “Submit form for processing” button at the bottom of the page. Slide17:  This opens your word processing application with a copy of your CV open. You can now edit and save this document as you would any document. Tips: Update your expertise profile before using it to create your CV. Add your new publications as they are published and create versions of your CV as needed, rather than updating several versions of your CV on your hard drive. After clicking on “Submit form for processing”, you will be prompted to open or save the document. If your word processing package fails to launch, save the document to your hard drive, and open it from there. Slide18:  Access Services At Home If your university is a COS member, then you can also use your workbench to access all membership services on or off campus. These include COS Funding Opportunities, COS Expertise and your COS Funding Alert account. Please see relevant tutorials on how to best use them. Slide19:  Use your profile’s unique URL Every profile has a unique URL listed at the bottom. It is formed as follows: Use this link to provide information about yourself to others, for example, by making it part of your e-mail signature. Slide20:  Contents: COS Workbench Overview Logging into your COS Workbench Services on the COS Workbench Navigating your COS Workbench - customize content, order and appearance change your username/password Slide21:  Customize Your Workbench Slide22:  Change your username and password Slide23:  Key in your new username and old and then new password, then click on “Update Now” Tips: Your username must be unique Your username forms part of the unique URL of your profile: Both username and password must be 4-15 characters long. They are not case sensitive. Permitted characters are listed on the page. Slide24:  A COS Workbench home page Slide25:  COS Workbench

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