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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: jordhy



Work in the information age has changed our lives dramatically.

Work 2.0 by Jordhy Ledesma

Work 2.0 - Agenda • After the EYAW course this is summary of my learning and strategies to undertake full-time jobs and key projects from this point forward • Disclaimer: This is my personal point of view to undertake projects and positions in the information technology industry

My Strategy

Social Aspects • Regarding Common Goals • I’ll strive to share as most time as possible with co-workers and bosses to gain a common understanding of requirements, desired ways of accomplishing results and teamwork dynamics • Regarding Team Dynamics • Initially, I’ll engage with every member of the team, with disregard to their background, socioeconomic status, race or beliefs • Turn every team member into a devoted friend • I understand that my job entails not only to perform my duties but to aid the team perform at its best

Technical Aspects • Regarding Technical Acumen • I’ll devote a reasonable amount of time to self actualization of key technical skills after work hours • Constantly, I’ll engage in social gatherings and lunches to befriend technically savvy business associates that could help me enrich my technical acumen • Regarding Work Quality • My work shall be of international quality, because it is a reflection of my personal and professional status • The judges of my work are my personal and team metrics: client assessment, performance reviews, quarterly reports, etc.


Personal Growth 1. Even hard-to-deal-with people can bring growth to my business skills 2. Office politics, culture and procedures vary on an organizational basis 3. My strategy to grow will therefore be to focus on the organizational culture and socialize with hard-to-deal-with people (usually the overachievers) to maximize my results.

Institutional Growth 1. Enrich cultural branding 2. Cultivate a space of gratitude 3. Nurture key people 4. Advocate for high-achievers 5. Advocate for diversity 6. Focus on technically-savvy people

Work/Life Balance

Social Engagement How do I plan to relate to co-workers? BEFORE THE COURSE • I used to be pretty individual and independent in my decisions • Decision making was a matter of ‘who’s got the best answer’ AFTER THE COURSE • I realize that good alternatives can come from every source • From this point forward, I’ll strive to integrate key coworkers in my decision making process

Hitting the Ground Running How do I plan to maintain balance? BEFORE THE COURSE • I was very focus on results and primarily driven by achievement • I used to put work first • Minimal work/life balance, mostly a workaholic AFTER THE COURSE • I’m happy with the results I’ve been getting in this area, so I’ll keep things the same

My Perspective • As I approach my professional life peak, the course was very timely • ‘Playing the game’ is as important as ‘doing the work’ • Every person should find what works for them • For me, bringing technical value, experience and diversity to the workplace can be key differentiators

Goals and Conclusions

Some Goals • Achieve international recognition for my work • Materially impact the way in which people use the Internet • Help my next employer secure VC funding in the short term • Enrich the work of my co-workers • Engage in a healthy relationship with my employer/co-workers

Some Reflections • You are not your habits You can replace old habits of self-defeating behavior with new patterns • Almost all of the world-class athletes and other peak performers begin with the end in mind • Difficult situations are the reason why MBAs get paid so much. Don’t run away from them! • The person who is truly effective has the humility and reverence to recognize his own perceptual limitations • Sometimes the most proactive thing we can to do is to be happy, and accept our work situation

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