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Published on February 6, 2014

Author: Rmoe77

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Spanish words that you probably already know but don’t know you know. cognates, mnemonics, high frequency, memory tricks, learning, lesson, memory aide, flashcards, world language, essential words.

Spa nish kno you wy ou k don’t plac eve es y now ou k …fr n now om , no ? añol S Esp eSO e

Palabras que tú ya conoces: lugares

Camino Real

royal, road

Corona del Mar

crown of the sea

El Toro

the bull

Palos Verdes

green sticks

La Jolla

la joya = the jewel

Mission Viejo

old mission

Santa Ana

abuela de Jesús madre de María

Palo Alto

tall stick palo alto short stick palo bajo


tía = aunt, or chick, woman Tía Juana = Aunt Juana


a people, a nation, a small town Pueblo Indians were Indians that built pueblos, who built a nation, who were a people.

Santa Bárbara

b ar b ar (f e ma ian s ain le) t

La Mirada

la mirada = the glance mirar = to look, to see

Los Angeles

the angels el ángel los ángeles

El Cajón

the box

Verdugo Flats

hangman, executioner

Baja California

Lower California


en id d h

Del Mar

of the ocean


red colored


flowery las flores = the flowers


snowy la nieve = the snow

El Alamo

the poplar (tree)


arid zone árido/a = arid



Las Pulgas Road

las pulgas = the fleas

Camino de Estrella

road of the star

Oso parkway

el oso = the bear

Mira Mar

see mirar = to look, to see mar = ocean

Costa Mesa

le st tab oa c

Yorba Linda

Yorba Linda comes from hierba linda hierba linda - beautiful grass

La Puente

el puente = the bridge

Río Grande

big river



El Monte

tain oun he m t

Sierra Nevada

snowy mountain sierra = saw or mountains A sierra has a serrated edge. nevada = snowy

Sierra Madre

mountain, mother (mother mountain)


the hills

La Cañada

the gully, the ravine (canyon)

La Brea

the tar

Point Loma

loma = hillock, low ridge

Bolsa Chica

a ls o b e d n a r g bol sa c hic a

Redondo Beach

round beach

Trabuco Canyon

blunderbus Canyon is the same in Spanish, cañon.

Loma Linda

loma = hillock, low ridge linda = beautiful

Rodeo Drive

detour I took a rodeo (detour) to see a rodeo. rodeo


the sacrements (Catholic) , the blessed sacrement

Rancho Cucamonga

ranch (same as in Spanish) Rancho Cucamonga was a 13,045 acre Mexican land grant given in 1839 to a dedicated soldier, smuggler and politician.

El Paso Roble

paso = way, pass, underpass robles = oaks (tree) Oak pass, way or road


st de o m

Marina del Rey

navy of the king kings navy navy king


as h squ i n, pk pum

Chico, California

Chiquita: little girl, or little one. An affectionate nickname the little boy, the little girl, little, small chico, chica, chiquita, chiquita NOT THE BANANA


pork fat, lard

Buena Vista

Bu en Co a un V is ty , ta Ca , M li fo a ri r ni pos a a good view

Buena Park

good park


Montana (la montaña) = the mountain


Altadena is a name coined from the Spanish “alta” meaning “up” and “dena” from Pasadena.

Santa Fe

holy faith A good name for a railroad. I have a Santa Fe that Santa Fe will get me there.

Del Amo

of t he ma of t s t er he own /m of i st r er es s the bos s

Las Vegas

Las Vegas = the meadows

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