WordCamp LAX 2015 - Decoupled WordPress with the WP-API

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Information about WordCamp LAX 2015 - Decoupled WordPress with the WP-API

Published on September 26, 2015

Author: outlandishjosh

Source: slideshare.net


2. Pantheon.io 3 Speakers Josh Koenig Co-Founder & Head of Product @outlandishjosh

3. Pantheon.io 4 Monoliths vs. Microservices Monolith Templates & Themes Display Logic Editorial UI Admin UI VS. Decoupled

4. Pantheon.io 5 Monolithic Architecture mon·o·lith ˈmänəәˌliTH/ noun 1.a large single upright block of stone, especially one shaped into or serving as a pillar or monument. • synonyms: standing stone, menhir, megalith, sarsen (stone) • "no one knows for sure who erected these monoliths and why” • a very large and characterless building. • "the 72-story monolith overlooking the waterfront” • a large block of concrete sunk in water, e.g., in the building of a dock. 2.a large and impersonal political, corporate, or social structure regarded as intractably indivisible and uniform. • "the dominance of broadcasting monoliths limits local programming"

5. Pantheon.io 6 The Limits of the Theme Layer as Architecture Theme Layer Plugins / Core Permeable Boundary Exciting / awkward game of chance

6. Pantheon.io 7 Monoliths Can Lead to Unhappy Developers

7. Pantheon.io 8 Strong Separation of Concerns Client WordPress HTTP API Everyone Wins

8. Pantheon.io 9 Use the Tools You Prefer

9. Pantheon.io 10 Parallel Track Progress

10. Pantheon.io 11 Future Proofing

11. Pantheon.io 12 Caveats

12. Pantheon.io 13 HTTP: Do you speak it? Hur De Flur Shiffen de PUT Dur Skurf Nerf CURL we Flu Pur OPTIONS me Skupplen de Noff

13. Pantheon.io 14 No, seriously… HTTP source: https://github.com/inhabitedtype/ocaml-webmachine

14. Pantheon.io 15 WordPress Does a Lot of Things

15. Pantheon.io 16 Primary Use-Case: Custom Sites/Apps Source: 2014 State of the Word

16. Pantheon.io 17 WP-API Can Grow the WP Market

17. MANY WAYS OF DECOUPLING Which is right for you?

18. Pantheon.io 19 Static Generator / Renderer • CMS Static Site User Request Static • Create a fast and resilient user-facing site. • Utilize front-end atomic design tools, minimal/elegant markup, etc. • Read-only, but highly secure and scalabe.

19. Pantheon.io 20 Hybrid • CMS Static Site User Request Static • Build up a REST API on your site to power dynamic forms/ dashboards. • Many other functions served directly from Drupal as per normal. • Restrains the scope. Allows for particular experiences to be enhanced. • CMS JS App User Request Hybrid

20. Pantheon.io 21 “Single Page” App • CMS Static Site User Request Static • Client side JavaScript application runs in-browser, pulls data from CMS via API. • May include user interactions, or be purely content oriented. • Typically utilize a front-end framework like Angular, Backbone, or React. • CMS Single Page App User Request Single Page

21. Pantheon.io 22 Native Mobile App / IoT • CMS Static Site User Request Static • CMS powers embedded applications via API. • May also present some web functionality to users. • Drive IOS and Android native apps, as well as “internet of things” implementations. • CMS Native Mobile App User Request Native (optional)

22. Pantheon.io 23 CMS-on-CMS • CMS Static Site User Request Static • Separation of concerns, but not technologies. • Front-end CMS can control configuration, caching, throttling. • Develop reusable components for a Service- Oriented / Microservices architecture. CMS User Request CMS2 CMS

23. Pantheon.io 24 Everything Old is New Again

24. Pantheon.io 25 Thanks! Thanks! Questions? http://wclax.reviews/ @outlandishjosh

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