Word press and how to install wordpress locally and wordpress plugins

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Information about Word press and how to install wordpress locally and wordpress plugins

Published on September 13, 2017

Author: danieljo1122

Source: slideshare.net

1. HOW TO START A WORDPRESS BLOG We need Two things to start Blog ● Domain Name ● Hosting Account

2. Step By Step Process ● First, Register Domain Name ● Then Choose Hosting Account.. ● Install WordPress. ● Choosing WordPress Theme which related to Blog. ● Then write First Blog Post.

3. RULES FOLLOW FOR WORDPRESS PLUGINS DEVELOPMENT ● Create a unique name. ● Create the Plugin's folder. ● Create a sub folder for PHP files, Translates and assets. ● Create the main Plugin-file and fill in header information. ● Create activation and De-activation Functions. ● Create an uninstall script. ● Create redme.txt file ● To detect paths to plugin file use proper constants and Functions .

4. STEPS IF YOUR WORDPRESS FILE IS HACKED ● Install security Plugins like WP Security. ● Re-install latest version of WordPress. ● Change password and user id for all your users. ● Check your themes and plugins are up to date.

5. WORDPRESS PLUGINS ● A Plugins containing group of function and feature in which we are adding in WordPress website. ● WordPress Plugins is a bits of software that can be uploaded to extend and expand the functionality. ● Plugins allows you to easily modify, customize and enhance a WordPress Site.

6. HOW TO INSTALL WORDPRESS LOCALLY ● Download WAMP Server. ● Install WAMP Server. ● Activating WAMP Server. ● Download WordPress Zip. ● Open Directory where you have Install WAMP. ● Open your Browser Window. ● Type “localhost” On your Browser.

7. ● Create a Configuration File. ● Click “Let's go” Button. ● Fill Database Connection Details. - Database Name - Username - Password ● Fill other General Information and Click “Install WordPress”. ● You have Successfully Install WordPress.

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