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Published on February 14, 2008

Author: Cannes

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Slide1:  WOOD VINEGAR Dr. Nikhom Laemsak Wood & Pulp Research Program Coordinating Office, TRF Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University Tel& Fax 02-942-8899 and 02-942-8869 Background:  Background This research was carried out since 1996 focusing on wood vinegar and charcoal. At present, We have vinegar production with 50 kilns of 600,000 liters annually. Wood vinegar is one of organic compound with suitable for organic farming concepts. Product from Carbonization:  Product from Carbonization Charcoal Yield 20-32% depending on kiln type and carbonizing process Heat 1,400 kilocalories / kg. Product from Carbonization (Cont.):  Product from Carbonization (Cont.) Pyroligneous liquor Yield per ton (1,000 kg.) of air dry wood is 314 kg. Which are followings: - Acetic acid 50 kg. - Methanol 16 kg. - Acetone and Methyl acetone 8 kg. - Soluble tars 190 kg. - Insoluble tars 50 kg. How to Recover Pyroligneous Liquor:  How to Recover Pyroligneous Liquor The smoke from charcoal is cooled by the outside air when passing through the chimney occurs to produce pyroligneous Liquor Different charcoal wood requires a different carbonization kiln The pipe lenth is as 4 – 10 m., pyloligneous was collected by stainless chimney. Pyroligneous Liquor :  Pyroligneous Liquor Pyroligneous Liquor Collector:  Pyroligneous Liquor Collector Carbonization Procedure:  Carbonization Procedure Importance of Smoke Temperature:  Importance of Smoke Temperature The color of smoke produced in the carbonization process of wood change depending on the progress of this process Pyroligneous liquor is recovered ina smoke temperature range of 80 0 C. and 150 0 C. by carefully observing the color of the smoke Refining of Pyroligneous Liquor:  Refining of Pyroligneous Liquor Pyroligneous Liquor seperates into four layers at least by 2 – 3 months The first and second are black in color has a high consistency, is wood tar. Another is tar pitch. The third layer, which is light yellow and reddish brown in color and which has good fluidity, is raw Pyroligneous Liquor. At the top is also called light oil. Wood tar at the top is fairly thin. Refining Method of Raw Pyroligneous Liquor:  Refining Method of Raw Pyroligneous Liquor Standing method Filtering method Distillation method - Normal pressure Distillation method - Reduced pressure Distillation method Dividing method Component of Wood Vinegar:  Component of Wood Vinegar All component are about 200 and divided to Alcohol: Methanol, Butanol, Amylalcohol, etc. Acid: Acetic, Formic, Propionic, valeric, etc. Neutral substance: Formaldehyde, Acetone, Furfural, Valerolactone, etc. Phenol: Guaiacol, Syringol, Cresol, Phenol, etc. Basic Substances: Ammonia, Methyl amine, Pyridine, etc. Judgement on Quality of Wood Vinegar:  Judgement on Quality of Wood Vinegar pH : around 3.0 Specific Gravity: around 1.005 – 1.050 Color: pale yellow, bright brown, reddish brown Odour: the peculiar smoky odour Dissolved Tar Content: less than 3% Ignition residue: less than 0.2% by weight Transparency Slide14:  Field Test Quality Slide15:  Uses of wood Pyrolysis products Charcoal: soil enrichment, water purification, humidity regulator Wood vinegar: agricultural materials, animal health products, cosmetic ingredients, odor removal Wood tar/Wood pitch: fuel of bio-mass, raw material for medical ingredients Characteristics of Good Quality Wood Vinegar :  Characteristics of Good Quality Wood Vinegar Source: Japan Wood Vinegar Association Activities of Wood Vinegars:  Activities of Wood Vinegars Plant growth acceleration Weed control: Graminae, Compositae, Vitaceae Repellent action against small animals: cat, centipede, ant, cow, mite Deoderization: ammonia, Hydrogen sulfide Control of micro organisms Application to Crops or Vegetable:  Application to Crops or Vegetable Source: Japan Wood Vinegar Association Application:  Application Plant growth acceleration Application:  Application Against and control enemy of plant Storage & Packaging:  Storage & Packaging Storage in P.E. drum. (200 Liters) Packaging in 3 sizes - 1 Liter. - 5 Liters. - 20 Liters. Supply of Wood Vinegar:  Supply of Wood Vinegar Ability of FORSERV Number of kiln = 50 kiln 500 liters/kiln 2 cycle/kiln/a month Capacity per month = 50x500x2 = 50,000 Liters. Capacity per year = 50x500x2x12 = 600,000Liters. Demand Forcasting:  Demand Forcasting Planted area of main vegetables (crop year 2002/03) 1. Garlic 131,686 rais 2. Baby corn 230,242 rais 3. Shallot 105,925 rais 4. Onions 15,143 rais 5. Chilli 145,000 rais 6. Tomatoes 51,000 rais 7. Potatoes 42,184 rais Total 721,160 rais Source : Office of Agricultural Economics Demand Forcasting (cont.):  Demand Forcasting (cont.) Area 721,160 rais x 1600 m2 = 1,153,856,000 m2 ave. 1:300 , 2 liters/ m2, 1 m2 use 6.6 c m3 Consumption = 7,613,249,600 c m3 ~ 7.6 mil.liters ave.45 days crops, 5 times use/crop = 5 x 7.6 mil.liters = 38 mil.liters 10% = 3.8 mil.liters 150 ฿ /liters = 570 (120-180 ฿/liters)

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