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Published on October 19, 2018

Author: Wondersoft

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slide 1: Point of SalePOS is a software which is widely used in retail outlets and other physical stores. The reason for the popularity of the POS software is that it has made business easy and straightforward. Gone are the days where the storekeeper made use of cash registers for maintaining accounts of their sale. Now they have started to use smartphones tablets and desktops for billing and other business processing. E-commerce stores and retail stores make use of POS system for various inventory processing. What Is POS software POS software is used in outlets or stores where sales are conducted. The POS software does the job done by cash registers. The system can input the products list the price access the database maintain the inventory check the stocks performs shipping and other business related processing. You can even go custom built POS so that the software works based on your business needs. Cloud- based point of sale solution is the latest pick of e-commerce stores and physical stores. It is possible to connect the electronic retail software with database and network so that it is possible for online access to the business data in remote locations. The attractive features of POS system help in expanding your business to the next level. It offers flexibility and adaptability in the various business processes. slide 2: POS system is mainly used for processing sales and it also performs several other functions like inventory management accounting sales monitoring shipping customer data management etc. POS system can be used with the Internet and this made it popular among retail and e- commerce owners. Thus the POS system mainly helps in streamlining your sales process. You can choose the type of POS software based on the nature of your business. Retail owners have started to make use of cloud-based POS system for managing their business. Cloud-based POS system is cheap and compatible with various hardware. Thus cloud-based POS software is convenient for use as it can be used to access the business- related data online. Classification POS software can be classified into three major types based on their usage. Mobile POS System: slide 3: It is the commonly used POS system that is used for providing the standards business processing like billing inventory tracking customer information management stock management etc. It is ideal for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses. Terminal POS: This is the standard type of POS system that you would have witnessed in most of the retail outlets and e-commerce stores. The terminal POS system can be used along with barcode scanners and other billing hardware. Cloud-Based POS: slide 4: This is the latest type of POS system which is gaining popularity in recent years. It is a web- based POS system that you can use with your laptop tablet and smartphone. This type of POS system is scalable and flexible and it can be used in remote locations. Purpose Of POS Software POS system is used in various applications. The primary purpose of the POS system is that it offers all the services for your retail outlets or e-commerce stores. The POS software serves retail wholesale and other industries for managing their sales process. The function of the POS system includes the following.  Inventory management  Stock management  Account management  Customer management  Sales reporting  Book Keeping  Shipping POS systems are not restricted to sales and it been used in various other industries like healthcare hospitality etc. It is mainly used where there is direct contact between the customer and the business. In the recent year POS software is used for monetary transactions. Thus POS system can be used for various applications and it makes your business easy. It is known for its consistency reliability and functionality. Pos system can satisfy the changing requirements of any business. Advantages Efficient: A POS system is more efficient than the manual workers who perform the various jobs with the cash register. There are no chances of errors when the POS system is used for the input of the sales transaction in the cash register. Conventional inventory management process takes more time when compared to the processing of the POS system. Thus you serve the customers in a better way which improve your business. Therefore the system is efficient enough in boosting the revenue of an organization. slide 5: Accurate: Bu using the POS system for performing various business activities you can be assured that all the processes would be done with no errors. The system can manage stocks maintain accounts generate bills etc without any mistakes. This improves the reliability of your business among the customer. Consistent: A POS system is consistent as it can reflect the price changes of a particular product in all the retail outlets of your organization. Consistency attracts customers to your business. Features  By using a POS system it is possible to bill the products quicker than that of manual billing. This makes the check out process simple.  A POS system does wonders in inventory tracking. It takes complete control of the stock and issues orders to vendors when a product is out of stock. This is done automatically without human intervention. slide 6:  A medical shop software collects the personal user data and converts them into useful information so that it would be helpful for improving the sale of your business With the data it is possible to prepare a list of frequently purchased medicines of a particular customer. All this would be of great use for improving the business. A POS system ensures proper customer service.  It is possible to manage your business or access the information of your business anytime or from anywhere as everything is available online with the use of a POS system.  POS system manages shipping efficiently as it can take orders and process the shipping to the right address offered by the customer.  POS system manages a vast database and it is possible to access the data from the database as and when it is required. I am a Software Engineer working Wondersoft. We are pioneers in developing quality POS software for the retail industry. Our engineers are highly experienced and work on customizing the POS system based on the current business requirements. We work as a team to offer POS software for various industries.

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