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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: ReadySetPresent

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Women & Leadership: Women & Leadership Carole Greenfield Star Dargin Women and Leadership Description (2 of 3): Women and Leadership Description (2 of 3) Know how to move forward on your path You are responsible for own success Be aware of the leadership needs of your current job, organization, industry and external factors Learn the top assets and liabilities of women leaders www.readysetpresent.com Page 2 Six Weapons of Influence for Persuasion: Six Weapons of Influence for Persuasion www.readysetpresent.com Page 3 Six Weapons of Influence for Persuasion (1 of 2): Six Weapons of Influence for Persuasion (1 of 2) Reciprocity – Give and take; give first Commitment and Consistency - Get the other person to commit to small yeses along the way Social Proof – Who else is already there www.readysetpresent.com Page 4 Eight Persuasive TIPS (2 of 2): Eight Persuasive TIPS (2 of 2) Communicate the emotional message Paraphrase your main points – repeat Be calm and relaxed Appeal to deeply held beliefs Right thing to do, Fairness, Equality, Helping Use the 6 weapons of influence www.readysetpresent.com Page 5 Dream/Plan/Act Big vs. Plan/Act Small Eagle vs. Chicken: Dream/Plan/Act Big vs. Plan/Act Small Eagle vs. Chicken www.readysetpresent.com Page 6 Plan Big vs. Plan Small Eagle vs. Chicken (1 of 9): Plan Big vs. Plan Small Eagle vs. Chicken (1 of 9) Eagle = Dream/act big Vision Look at the large picture See the forest for the trees Strategic See the results not just the obstacles Use others to help achieve goals Dare to soar like an eagle www.readysetpresent.com Page 7 Plan Big vs. Plan Small Eagle vs. Chicken (2 of 7): Plan Big vs. Plan Small Eagle vs. Chicken (2 of 7) Eagle: Risks/Benefits Achieve great change Harder to do and accomplish Visible High potential for achievement High potential for failure Requires leadership Engage others Inspire others Get required resources www.readysetpresent.com Page 8 Plan Big vs. Plan Small Eagle vs. Chicken (4 of 7): Plan Big vs. Plan Small Eagle vs. Chicken (4 of 7) Chicken: Risks/Benefits Safer Comfortable Less visible Less change Less responsibility Easier to understand Smaller sphere of influence www.readysetpresent.com Page 9 Asset and Liability Tool: Asset and Liability Tool www.readysetpresent.com Page 10     1 Dream/Plan/Act Big ----------------------------------------------- Plan and Act Small 2 Build Relationships ----------------------------------------------- Just do the Job 3 Big Flirt ----------------------------------------------- Too Serious 4 Everything’s Perfect ----------------------------------------------- Good Enough 5 Asks for Help ----------------------------------------------- Does it Alone 6 Teamwork ----------------------------------------------- Individual 7 Nice/Pleasing All ----------------------------------------------- Self-Centered 8 Avoids Conflict ----------------------------------------------- Seeks out Conflict 9 Speaks Up ----------------------------------------------- Never Speaks Up 10 Takes all Personally ----------------------------------------------- Nothing is Personal 11 Confident ----------------------------------------------- Unsure 12 Claims Authority/Visible ----------------------------------------------- Hides Behind the Scenes 13 Negotiates for self ----------------------------------------------- Never Negotiates 14 Promotes self ----------------------------------------------- Waits for Recognition 15 Always Delegates ----------------------------------------------- Never Delegates 16 Networks ----------------------------------------------- Doesn’t Network 17 Mentors and has Mentors ----------------------------------------------- Doesn’t Mentor or have one 18 Takes care of self ----------------------------------------------- Takes care of others 19 Asks ----------------------------------------------- Tells Asks for Help vs. Does it Alone (3 of 5): Asks for Help vs. Does it Alone (3 of 5) Value of Asking for Help Automatically makes person asked feel valued Off-loads task from you Creates sense of trust Shows vulnerability Can be learning opportunity for both sides Creates dialogue and opportunities for new ideas www.readysetpresent.com Page 11 Delegates vs. Never Delegates: Delegates vs. Never Delegates www.readysetpresent.com Page 12 Delegates vs. Never Delegates (1 of 5): Delegates vs. Never Delegates (1 of 5) Delegation is a key principal of Leadership Women don’t delegate because: Do not use or recognize their authority Keep control/Fear of letting go Easier to do it themselves www.readysetpresent.com Page 13 Cares for Self vs. Cares for Others (5 of 10): Cares for Self vs. Cares for Others (5 of 10) Women are HIGH risk for martyr model Often caregivers for Children Elderly parents Sick/disabled friends/relatives Women report stress does not come from work, but lack of support at home Sharing of household responsibilities on average correlates to woman’s income Possible ambivalence about working outside home www.readysetpresent.com Page 14 What Does Being a Woman Leader Mean (2 of 2): What Does Being a Woman Leader Mean (2 of 2) You know who has succeeded and why. You know which assets and liabilities, skills, attributes, traits that you need to be a successful woman leader. You know what the gaps are and how to fill them. www.readysetpresent.com Page 15 Summary (3 of 3): Summary (3 of 3) Women of today have the freedom to choose their own paths/careers All these woman leaders in this workshop followed their passions, their ideals, and their values www.readysetpresent.com Page 16 Action Plan: Action Plan What are you going to take action on? Start with the three easiest items. www.readysetpresent.com Page 17 PowerPoint Presentation: www.readysetpresent.com Page 18 Download “ Women & Leadership ” PowerPoint presentation at ReadySetPresent.com 164 Slides include : Definition/s of a leader ~ Learning objectives of this presentation ~ 6 slides on female leaders ~ 17 slides on the six weapons of influence for persuasion ~ 7 slides on planning big vs. planning small ~ 14 slides on balancing relationship-building with doing the job ~ 5 slides on the pros and cons of asking for help vs. working alone ~ 7 slides on teamwork vs. individual strength ~ 9 slides on speaking up ~ 13 slides on confidence ~ 14 slides on negotiating for and promoting oneself ~ 5 slides on delegation ~ 11 slides on networking ~ 15 slides on the benefits of having a mentor ~ 4 slides on telling vs. asking ~ A summary of what was learned ~ Examples of women in leadership ~ 12 action steps and much more Royalty Free - Use Them Over and Over Again. Updated & Expanded 2013 Now: more content, graphics, and diagrams

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