Women in ICT Leadership - Are We Nearly There?

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Published on March 7, 2014

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Voices 2014 presented by Global Tech Women

Women in ICT Leadership - Are We Nearly There?

Chandana Unnithan, Deakin University, Australia; Renu Rajani, Capgemini, India and Arathi G, RIPL, India

WOMEN IN ICT- ARE WE NEARLY THERE? (A SURVEY FROM EPIT) CORE TEAM Ms. Renu Rajani Vice President Capgemini India Ms. Chandana Unnithan Faculty, Info & Bus Analytics Deakin Univ, Australia Ms. Arathi Gundurao Quality – Lead Catalyst, Ricoh Innovations P Ltd

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Survey Report 2013 This survey titled „Equal Professionals in IT‟ tried to focus on those areas, which is a global cause of concern and are the „vital parameters‟ that need to be addressed, to see women folk advance as professionals. Women have long proved their capabilities to be „Equal‟ at profession, But the amount of struggle, challenges and work attitude they face in the professional world is far from „Equal‟. This survey has also addressed for the first time unlike other surveys, the perception and capturing the „Voice of men professionals‟ and shares, their perspectives. This makes this survey „Unique‟ as it‟s focus is not just a „Women oriented survey‟, but a „Equal Professional survey‟ that surfaces challenges even Men face The Survey unfolds the following Themes  The Motivation to pursue career has been the „Same‟ for both men and women professionals, „Financial Commitments‟ to the Family is one of the Least reasons why they are working.  Men receive „tremendous support‟ in all areas of support required to be a successful professional than women.  Men have a more positive outlook towards the careers, where ever they have taken , the reasons for taking a break have been very different. leadership capabilities of women professionals than women themselves, citing women have a self inhibiting tendency to limit themselves from progressing to higher leadership positions.  Women cite Family oriented reasons while men cite  Both men and women agree on the „Critical Qualities Career Progression oriented reasons for the „Career Break‟. needed to be a successful leader and to progress to higher leadership positions, sees no difference coming from gender related parameters.  Most men and women have not taken a break in their  A‟ Change in Job‟ for men have been better professional/financial opportunities, while it has been „Commute distance, closer to home, cultural & family oriented reasons‟. Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 2 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

THE SURVEY OBJECTIVE Survey Report 2013  It‟s about, „Equal Professionalism‟ Enablers and Inhibitors in Different Countries  To explore gender perspectives on „Enablers‟ and „Inhibitors‟ for women rising into leadership positions and perception gaps.  Participation (Current): reflect major proportion from India or of Indian origin.  The Survey Link:  Perceptions Discovered: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/viewform  What inhibits women from taking leadership positions?  What motivates them?  What do Male professionals think about women leadership?  What are the expectations from women?  Are the perceptions of women and men converging at some point?  What are the perception gaps and its implications? Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 3 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

RESPONDENTS (CURRENT) Total=159 Female=66 Survey Report 2013 Male = 93 2% Professional Careers 4% 7% 20% 9% Owner Top Management Senior Leader Middle Mgt Operations Role Junior Management 11% 18% Entry/Mid Level Technical Entry/Mid Level Support Other 13% 16% Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 4 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Survey Report 2013 3-8 Years 7% 0-3 years 0% 8-15 Years 24% 15+ Years 69% Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 5 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE Survey Report 2013 Others 38% India 62% Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 6 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

CROSS TABULATIONS Survey Report 2013 For India and Other Countries  For Female Vs. Male  Financial commitment towards family is the main influencer for men taking up careers, India and Other countries.  Financial commitment is not a major factor in case of women in general and particularly, in case of women in other countries outside of India.  Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 7 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

MOTIVATIONS TO PURSUE CAREER Survey Report 2013  For both men & women, „Personal aspiration‟ and „Financial Independence‟ Scores highest  Financial commitments for the family is not the only reason, they work for  Family/Culture background is most irrelevant to pursue career Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 8 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

MOTIVATIONS TO PURSUE CAREER Survey Report 2013 Personal Aspirations Financial Independence  Opportunity to create new ideas and  Commitment gives certain kind of products that touch lives of many people excites me…  Aspiration towards leadership and belief in my self are my motivations..  Belief to be able to make a difference in the industry, motivates me.. meaning to my life.  It makes me feel I am valuable.  Doing more than just manage your family  Financial independence is extremely important and brings a sense of „self worth‟  It is important to have an identity of my own  I want to make a difference to this world  Needed Self Satisfaction through achievements. Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 9 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

CROSS TABULATIONS – TOP INFLUENCES  Survey Report 2013 80 % of the sample indicate that Personal aspirations and Self Motivation are major factors that influence career. Around 77% of male and 92% female respondents from India have considered this as major factor  In other countries approximately 81% of male respondents and 67% for female respondents consider it as a significant factor .   Financial independence is considered a major factor that influence career    for 66 % Indian men and 54% of men outside of India For 72% Indian women and 60% of women outside India. Inspiration and Encouragement from family: 80 % of the Indian men and women consider this a big influence.  70% of male and female respondents in other countries consider this factor as significant.  Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 10 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

CAREER ENABLEMENT Survey Report 2013  Men are lot more better enabled than Women on career opportunities Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 11 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

CAREER ENABLEMENT – GENDER SPEAK Survey Report 2013 Women Men  Company sponsorships to study further  Being given new challenges with trust  Support systems – spouse, family, society  Having a strong mentor and visionary leaders  Training programs to build new skills and enhance career choices  Work independence  Time provisioning for training (taking time off)  Legal implications on discrimination promoted by feminists. Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 12 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

CAREER ENABLEMENT – VOICES Women Survey Report 2013 Men  My former company offered extensive training programs to selected staff to build new skills and enhance our career choices.  Trust that people show in you (You can do it or achieve it) will make very big difference (Recognition).  I worked for 13 years for consulting firms, which gave me broad and deep experience and skills development in a variety of roles and in many business domains.  When I got assigned a mentor who was a very acknowledged and a visionary leader gave me a tectonic shift to my thinking and belief in the ability to draw on opportunity.  I feel that legal changes promoted by feminists in the 1970s and 1980s (equal pay for work of equal value, making it illegal to reject a job applicant due to gender, etc.) enabled our careers  support from organization after a health issue, support in being open ..I came back to work with l  ower vision, but got a higher grade.  For a mother to have a career, she must have a support system around her, that may include spouse with an easier and flexible job, support from extended family, no other family obligations, a very flexible work schedule or support from immediate manager or the organization.. Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 13 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

WHAT INFLUENCED A JOB CHANGE Survey Report 2013  Women mostly changed for „Closer to home‟, „Flexible hours‟ and „Better work from home‟ options  Double the percentage of men changed jobs with Reference from mentors. Do Women have something to learn? Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 14 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

TOP FACTORS FOR JOB CHANGE Survey Report 2013 Women Men  Family moved to another place  Better role in directing a company that  Gender issues and open discrimination  Better career opportunities and independence impacts the society positively  Wanted to become an entrepreneur  Relocation (geography)  Work and Family balance  Stagnation and saturation of learning in a job  Flexibility and telecommuting ability Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 15 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

JOB CHANGE – GENDER VOICES Women  I had to leave a toxic environment where I was not able to act to my full capacity and avoid gender issues in workplace including open discrimination (it does exist?).  The work environment was very male focused and even though we had equivalent seniority, others would ask my husband if I was available for a meeting or work – bizarre (reflection on society?).  Survey Report 2013 Men  I have taken a break from a corporate career to experience entrepreneurship at least for some time and lead a life of a Consultant. This is for my own satisfaction and gaining a different kind of experience (Independence?).  If a Job adds to a new dimension then it is a plus (Job Satisfaction?) With kids going to school, their varying schedules, after-school activities, Mom must have a flexible job and as close to home as possible. Other parameters are secondary. The bottom line is kids need at least one or both parents(A gender bias?) Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 16 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

THOSE WHO TOOK A CAREER BREAK Survey Report 2013 19-50% women cite having taken a break in career as against 6-19% men having done so. Women and Men both cite “No Regrets”, Men cite difficulty in finding equivalent role post the career break. Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 17 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

TOP FACTORS FOR CAREER BREAK Survey Report 2013 Women Men  Having a child, looking after children as per expectations of family and society  Being laid off work due to industry sector problems (Financial Crisis)  For better work-life balance  Not finding a satisfying role in a long career  Male domination at work and resultant role stagnancy  Better work-life balance for health reasons  Spouse travelling for work and had to accompany him  Choosing retirement  Health issues – stress at workplace  Wanted to try entrepreneurship instead of working for an organization Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 18 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

CAREER INHIBITORS Survey Report 2013  Men and Women agree there is little sponsorship from organizations  Women state they lack having mentors, and support to return back to work Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 19 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

SUPPORT VS LACK OF IT Survey Report 2013 Women have received „Least Support‟ in the areas of  Mentoring – 35%  Organization support – 40% More men (compared to women) cite opportunities to network outside their immediate role internally/Externally Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 20 2 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

CAREER INHIBITORS Women  Male focused work environments  Survey Report 2013 Men Gender bias in workplaces Curbing of working independence  Lack of strong mentoring and personal jealousy of managers   Perception that women are difficult to work with Financial commitments and job security inhibits from risk taking ability    Micro management of seniors Work life balance and flexibility Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 21 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

CAREER INHIBITORS, STORIES Women Survey Report 2013 Men  Female manager at my first company could not see me advance (Are women themselves the major inhibitor? Is the gender bias promoted by women?)  Financial commitments, and job security, in an volatile IT market, inhibits you sometimes from taking risks to your career.  Male-focused work environment was the major inhibitor…there is still gender bias.  Lack of quality mentoring is an inhibitor  Being perceived as a threat by seniors, personal jealousies and resultant micro-management  Moving up the ladder curbs work independence (time is no longer your own)  There is entrenched beliefs that women are 'difficult' to work with…  My supervisor has said the reason why men get paid more is because they have to take care of family.  Lack of encouragement from immediate management. Females are encouraged to stay in support roles. Decades of culturally supported sexism Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 22 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

FACTORS AFFECTING ACCEPTABILITY OF WOMEN LEADERS  Survey Report 2013 Women perceive themselves as not so capable as men for leadership positions, while Men accept women capabilities for leadership position Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 23 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

LIMITATIONS TO CONSIDER WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP Male Voices  I have worked with most wonderful women in my Survey Report 2013 life ..as either my managers, colleagues and peers. Many of them have been very inspiring and encouraging as well. However, this breed, was very less, …many of them abuse good women policies. until, a women treats a Man as a colleague and another employee, then looking as a gender, its difficult for some to take her as a lead.  I always felt that major inhibiting factors are Family social pressure, and lack of inspiration / self confidence to reach at top. I had lead more than 10 women employees…only two people had a vision for their future, what roles to handle and enthusiasm to work for it.  Even though we have lot of women enabling programs for career progression. I don't see any seriousness for considering them except if the person holds personal interest. Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 24 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

LIMITATIONS TO CONSIDER WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP Male Voices  Survey Report 2013 I was unable to find strong desire and ambition in women to move ahead of career and take challenges Primarily it is ability to manage career and home effectively - there aren't enough enablers to manage this.  In aggressive situations the women leaders have excelled by having a balanced view, the dexterity in decision based on speed, risk taking and in high competitive landscapes women leaders have strangely been seen as devoid of any emotional considerations while the male leaders without displaying emotion have balanced emotional impact to the larger ecosystem.  It may be quoted that women as leaders would be weak etc. I think the converse is the reason. Women in leadership positions suddenly don a very different and sometimes scary proportions of ruthless unpredictable tactics which unsettles the predictable male thinking. Unpredictability in behavioral pattern as well as arrogance/rudeness which comes in with power. Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 25 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

LIMITATIONS TO CONSIDER WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP Male Voices  Survey Report 2013 Most women have family as first preference which impacts working hours. Staying alone (away from family in a different country) for a longer period at any project site or on project work is extremely difficult.  There is a presumption that women are not ready to stretch themselves to raise up to demanding challenges.  There is a tendency to think that personal family commitments may come in the way of dedicated work hours and overtime if required. this is not my perception, but what I see in my experience at work.  Most men rely on male counterparts for completing jobs– they have been doing the work all the time…this is NA in the present ..with both genders in the workplaces. But, expectations of society and family on women who work are different from men who work. Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 26 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

LIMITATIONS TO CONSIDER WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP Male Voices  Survey Report 2013 Once family pressures them to marry then don't know whether will continue or not….Woman's priority changes after marriage - much more than a man's. Her ability to multi-task, is huge, but family, home and husband take up the same. Where women flourish, is when given the right backing at home.  Other then very few, many women I met in my career want to fill the work hours. they do not have a vision. they only want to use the work as an "escapism tool" from family. ... they never want to go out of the box or stay longer to fix really important work related problems.  Most Women I have worked for/with are a lot more focused on the job at hand than men are and operational/implementing strategy efficiency is far higher. However the seriousness that a woman brings to the job at hand sometimes blocks creativity/strategizing, esp. if it an entirely new idea that has never been thought of earlier. Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 27 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

LIMITATIONS TO CONSIDER WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP Male Voices  Survey Report 2013 You might say I am a male chauvinist but in my opinion, females in the entire animal kingdom are home makers. They are the best in that. Don't take me wrong; that home could even be a company they work for. Having said that, in my opinion, women should be considered for roles that are critical in implementation and not decision making.  At home "Mom is the minister" but outside "Dad is the supreme power" and that's the recipe for a balanced and happy family. Work place is no different, at every level there are Dads, Moms and children. Can you imagine a home run by two Moms or two Dads? We need women at every level. But the deficiency is in understanding "supremacy" and that is where women drop the ball. They forget to be the "Mom" they are at home, which is stopping them from being who they could be  No reason's in my mind why women can't be treated equally and achieve the same level of professional status, although I do agree that not all work places/individuals see it this way. Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 28 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

CRITICAL QUALITIES FOR SUCCESSFUL WOMEN LEADERS Survey Report 2013 Men and Women are almost in alignment on the Critical Qualities needed for women to take on leadership positions Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 29 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

HOW FAR ARE WOMEN FROM WHERE THEY BELIEVE THEY NEED TO BE Survey Report 2013 Women Have Decision Making Women Need for Success 100% 90% 80% Risk-Taking 70% 60% 50% 40% Influencing Skills 30% Professionalism 20% 10% 0% Result Orientation Stakeholder Management Courage & conviction Creativity & Innovation Personal Branding Women perceive themselves as not so capable as men for leadership positions, while Men accept women capabilities for leadership position Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 30 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

CRITICAL QUALITIES FOR WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP : GENDER SPEAK Survey Report 2013 Women Men  Effective communication  No difference in what women/men need  Clarity of thoughts  Curb emotions at workplace  Strong listening skills  Social skills  Playing a team player  Women don‟t lack qualities, but the  Agility  Bear Ridicule Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse ability to identify them  Don‟t micro manage Slide 31 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

TELL US WHAT YOU THINK Survey Report 2013 Write to equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 32 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

HAVE NOT RESPONDED TO THIS SURVEY? PLEASE DO NOW.. Survey Report 2013 Please start your survey response by clicking https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wszIpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Your participation in this survey is voluntary and responses/perspectives would remain anonymous. There are no foreseeable risks associated with this project. However, if you feel uncomfortable answering any questions, you can withdraw from the survey at any point in time. Your responses will be strictly confidential, and will remain anonymous as the data from this research will be reported only in the aggregate manner. Your information will be thematically coded and presented as a report. If you have questions at any time about the survey or the procedures, you may contact by email at equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com and provide a contact to reach you and/or share findings of this research, if you wish to. EqualProfessionalsinIT team is looking forward to your valuable opinion and contributions. With Regards EqualProfessionalsinIT - Research Team Renu Rajani, Arathi Gundu Rao, Chandana Unnithan Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 33 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

Survey Report 2013 ABOUT THE SURVEY EqualProfessionalsinIT – “Survey of Diversity – Enablers & Inhibitors, A Multi-cultural/ Multi-country Perspective” focuses on bringing in diversity and inclusiveness, equally of both men and women professionals in the world of careers. The survey also tries to deeply understand the specific inhibitors and enablers of success as perceived by both, women and men across geographies on career progression. Globally, enabling women in leadership positions as equal have become imperative for organisational success. This survey intends to bring in cross-cultural perspectives, similarities or differences in the perception IT professionals carry on the current opportunities, challenges, the attitudes, capabilities, Performance aspects and contributions of women professionals. This research survey would help bring in your vast experiences and perceptions as a 'Research Outcome' and thereby enable, motivate and help to sustain women professionals in their career objectives, as much as their male counterparts. In this quest, building on the presence and network of the core research team. This report is based on about 200 responses from across geographies. More responses would help us analyze the responses by specific segments and countries It will take you, approximately about 15-20 minutes to complete this survey. Your valuable participation and contributions of your perspectives is requested. Highlights from this study will be shared with you, if you share contact details in survey response (optional). The survey response analysis will use only perspectives and no personal information would be revealed. This survey attempts to study1. Career drivers, Enablers and Inhibitors for men and women. 2. Women's perception of self and of men IT Professionals around them 3. Men's perception of self and of women IT Professionals around them Survey Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CkE31wsz-IpgXZA56dFMWBO6aPbz0tRismRY3Bdm49Q/formResponse Slide 34 Write to: equalprofessionalsinit@gmail.com

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