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Published on June 17, 2007

Author: Sabatini

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Me and my brother love each other very much. x x Slide2:  Susan with her proud brother he is so happy to have his new baby sister. x x Slide3:  ‘Mmm… tasty fish I love to chew and squash him I squeeze him and love him.’ We chew, chew, chew!:  We chew, chew, chew! Here I am having a good chew on my friend’s garland, making it all soggy. Slide5:  My friend O….. is reading me a story. I am enjoying watching the way her face changes as she reads the different words. I love to hear stories. Slide6:  I am a well rested child and love my sleep Here me and Storm have flaked out I’m stuck!:  I’m stuck! S… is still learning to crawl and has wriggled backwards and got stuck under a stool and is now stretching to try and reach the remote she loves to press buttons Slide8:  I love to imitate and copy my older brother. Here I am helping him to play on his 'umputor' or computer, I hope I will be as good as him at it. Slide9:  Look at my baby, Mommy. Aah, I give my baby big loves. x x Slide10:  This is G…’s bear, aah, I can give it lots of hugs and it has a bottle too. Yummy. Slide11:  I really enjoyed watching G… help grandad and grandma build mine and G…’s Wendy House, ITS FANTASTIC! Slide12:  I spent ages playing with these two tubes, putting the one inside the other. I stuck my hand in and got it stuck too. Slide13:  Wow! my idea of heaven. I have got a ball and I am putting it in and out of the bottle and basket. I try to do both but it doesn’t work very well, clever me. x x Slide14:  I love to pull wipes out of the packet, they taste pretty good too!! My brother always catches me and tells me to stop, he’s only jealous because I won’t give him one. Slide15:  Now what’s in here I wonder? Oh look I can fit my hand right in! Slide16:  Here M… has shown me, and I am sticking a magnet to a fork and then moved on to sticking it on the fork and then in the cup, then I just put the magnet in the cup and used the fork to get it out. Clever girl x x Slide17:  Here I am getting the screws and putting them on the floor and then picking them up again and putting them back. Slide18:  It amazing what fun you can have with coloured cellophane, look I’m a mermaid. And oh where’s S… gone?? Boo ha ha. Slide19:  Here I am after the dogs chew toy, I stretch and wriggle to reach it and then he pinches it back. Cheeky Slide20:  See I can build a tower on you G…, now just hold still. Slide21:  I am so clever, I can now pull myself to stand, see. Hurray Slide22:  Mmm, what’s this, ooh, it feels funny. Wonder how it will look on my head? Oh like this, beautiful! Slide23:  I really enjoyed getting messy here, and enjoyed putting the brush back in the pot. Slide24:  Ooh, this looks good, mmm all slippery. Wow, look I can put this back in the pot, and out again………. Slide25:  I helped G… to make the nest to go on his Easter bonnet, well I helped pick the chicks and put them on. Slide26:  This was a very busy day for me at nursery I did lots of things x x Mmm, these look interesting Hello is there anybody there?? I love to play in the sand. Stretch, I think I can reach…… Yummy Slide27:  Here I am helping my friend put her cream on her arm, and I tried to put some on her face, I then helped to wipe some off, now hold still! Slide28:  I love having a bath with my brother, we splash lots. Slide29:  I am helping my uncle with his riff! Apparently. Cool dude. Slide30:  I sleep in a bed that looks like a 'dog basket' at my nursery and as I have a dog at my house I like to climb in his bed!! G… says it’s kind to share. Slide31:  Look at me Mommy I can do it too!! This is the actual picture I was working on. Slide32:    These are some of the things that get put on the PDA, it is used by all of us. Art work Shopping lists More art work Slide33:  I can play nicely all together too, my brother is very kind and shares his toys with me, I love to help him play. Slide34:  Just look at what they do to me, silly people, it just doesn’t go with my outfit at all! Slide35:  Look at those two silly boys, I will just finish G…’s drink and see if he notices! Ha ha. Slide36:  Well we do go out sometimes and this was my first time at eating curry. It was great, and after being shown I fed myself my ice-cream, it was yummy. Slide37:  Then we could have some chocolate covered fruit which as you can see G… loved! I was not that impressed. Slide38:  I spend ages at nursery putting rollers in my hair and sticking them to a woolly surface. Slide39:  I spent ages being creative on my Mom’s PDA Slide40:  Here I am just having a go at painting, it looks good on me too, ha ha. Slide41:  S… brought some paintbrushes outside with her and enjoyed dipping them into the water, and then squeezing them and brushing the water toys with them, putting the brushes in and out of the water. Slide42:  Slide43:  Slide44: 

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