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Published on June 10, 2013

Author: effat57

Source: slideshare.net

In the name of Allah, Most Merciful,Most Compassionate

Why did the Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) have many wives?

If someone asks you that question,either in a good or in a bad intention,will you be able to answer?

Here is the answer,as given in a lecture by Amro Khalidabout the Mothers of the believers)the Prophet’s wives(

Let’s first ask ourselves,how many wives did the Prophet had?

They were twelve. When he died therewere ten wives with him,while Khadija and Zaynab died in his life

But do you know their names, the namesof your mothers, the mothers of thebelievers?

They are:Khadijah Bint KhuwaylidSawdah Bint ZamaahAaishah Bint Abi BakrHafsah Bint OmarZainab Bint KhuzaymahOm-salamah , Hind Bint OtbahZainab Bint JahshJuwayriyah Bint AlharithSafiyah Bint Huyay Ibn AkhtabOmmo Habibah Ramlah Bint Abi SofianMaria Bint Shamoun, the EgyptianMaymonah Bint Alharith

Did the Prophet’s (PBUH) wives marriedsomeone for the first time(i.e. were they all virgins)?

Only one, Aaishah, all the rest wereeither widows or divorced.

Were they all Arabs?

All, except for Mariya, who was fromEgypt.

Where they all Muslims?

All but two ; Safiya who was a Jew ,and Mariya who was a Christian.

Now, let’s answer the main and very importantquestion: Was it lust that caused the prophet(PBUH) to have so many marriages?

To answer the question we haveto mention the followingfacts:

1-The Prophet married for the firsttime when he was 25 years old.

2-The first woman he married , Khadijah was 40years old already married twice before him and hadchildren. He stayed married to her alone for 25years, until she died. He stayed single after herdeath for two years in grief and mourning overher death. He was then 52 years old.

3-From 52 till 60, he married several times for politicaland social reasons, not for lust (Naooz Billah(….After two years of living single , he married Sawdah, an80 year old widow in order to honor her because shewas the first widow in Islam.Not an act of a lustful man after a period of living single.

It’s not logical to say that lust had appearedsuddenly at the Prophet’s life at 52, and at themiddle of the fierce physical and psychologicalstruggle to spread Islam

There is only one conclusion we can extractfrom the above:1-Mohammad (PBUH) the man married Khadijah2-Mohammad (PBUH) the Prophet married therest of his wives.

But , was Mohammad (PBUH( the onlyProphet to have multiple wives?Or polygamy was taken by otherProphets as well?

The answer is : NO. Polygamywas the norm at the times of Ibrahim,Dawoud, Solayman, all known in theBible to have been polygamists.

Now, let’s mention the political, socialand religious reasons the prophet(PBUH) had these marriages.

First: To spread the culture through eyewitnesses withall the details known only to intimate people. HazratAaishah (R.A), being so young, was able to tell allthose details to the Muslims for more than 42 years.She had seen and learnt so much from him. Heryoung age was a great advantage in this respect. Shecould tell what the Prophet (pbuh) used to do or sayin all aspects of life, so that people do and say thesame in the similar situations…

Hazrat Aaishah (R.A), was the most knowledgeableperson when it comes to the daily life of theMuslims and how it should go as was lived by theProphet (PBUH) himself . But how can he (PBUH)married her when she was only nine years old? Thedesert climate answers to that.In such environment Girls reached youth veryyoung. Not only in Arabia, but also in Roma andPersia, girls were married that young

Second:To strengthen the relationships with hiscompanions, he married Abi Bakr’s daughter andOmars sister, married his daughters to Othmanand Ali, May God be pleased with them all.

Third: out of mercy and rewarding the early Muslimwidows and divorcees he (PBUH) gave them the honor ofmarrying them himself (Husbands either died in battlesor were non Muslims who divorced them.).Sawdah, Om-salama and Habeebah were widows.

Fourth: The Prophet (PBUH) was being a role modelfor the Muslims being kind to the widows and to thepeople of the book who newly embraced Islam.He (PBUH) married Safiyah after her father , a Jew,embraced Islam , so giving him and his daughter thehonor among his people

Fifth: He (PBUH) wanted to have ties and links with thedifferent nations of the world. When he married Mariya, allEgyptians were on his side, and when he marriedGowayriyah, all herpeople (they were called the BaniAlmustalaq and were captured by the Muslims afterabattle),, they all embraced Islam

I wish this makes you more assured and able takea stand up to allegations against the Prophet (PBUH).May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you all.

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