Witmer Group Marketing Automation Case Study

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Information about Witmer Group Marketing Automation Case Study

Published on January 5, 2017

Author: witmergroup

Source: slideshare.net

1. Marketing Automation Client Challenges and Successes

2. Guiding clients to successful campaigns

3. Tips for Successful Email Automation 1. Segment your email list 2. Look at creative ways to build your list 3. Start small and scale up 4. Personalize emails and landing pages 5. Spend time on content with clear CTA’s and engaging topics 6. Visually customize the landing page to match the email content 7. Identify your true campaign objectives – lead nurturing

4. When everything is measurable … learning from the results of a campaign is a MUST.

5. Roadblocks to Happy Clients 1. Design first, strategy second approach 2. Overly aggressive timelines 3. Lack of understanding of what the tool can do 4. Incomplete implementation of the alerts, tasks and workflows

6. 5. Unwillingness to set time for the things that matter

7. One client’s story

8. Situation Prior to SharpSpring Implementation • Messy email list • Poor process behind the scenes for handling inbound leads • Lack of focus on the ideal prospect and a lack of content that could drive form submissions • No single point of tracking and measurement

9. Step 1: Identifying the target

10. Step 2: Provide something useful

11. Step 3: Capture only the information you need

12. Step 4: Form to Lead

13. Step 5: Email Responses

14. The Results • A Steady in-bound stream of leads related to a specific service offering • A drip campaign / communication process that starts upon lead capture • A process that has been honed over time which can be applied to other service or product offerings 30% Increase in Quality Inbound Leads

15. Happy Client

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