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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: manumjoy

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When a person withdraws, she may stay with the group physically, but does not transact with other group members. During withdrawal, the only stroke I can get or give are self strokes.


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Withdrawal • When a person withdraws, she may stay with the group physically, but does not transact with other group members. • During withdrawal, the only stroke I can get or give are self strokes. • They try to avoid psychological risk of rejection.

Withdrawal • Withdrawing is sometimes a rational adult decision. • People need time to be alone, to relax, to think their own thoughts, to take stock of themselves and to be rejuvenated in their individual humanness.

Withdrawal • Withdrawing is sometimes based on copying parents. In this case, person imitates parental behaviors. • For example, a man threatened by conflict with his wife may withdraw as his father did when his mother got mad.

Withdrawal • Withdrawing patterns also come from child ego state. • These are often replays of a person’s childhood adaptations out of the necessity for self protection from pain or conflict. • They may also be the result of training.

Withdrawal • When a person withdraws psychologically, it is often into a fantasy world. • These fantasies are likely to be of uncensored pleasure or violence, creative imaginings or of learned fears and catastrophic expectations. • Everyone withdraws into fantasy world from time to time.

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