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Published on October 3, 2009

Author: claudioa

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WiTech "Fast Deployment WiMAX CSN" solution is devised to help operators timely deploying a future-proof WiMAX Connectivity Services Network (CSN) with a stepped approach, one platform at time and taking into account the specific needs, priorities and timing of the operator. This solution quickly provide the key functionalities the operator needs to commercially launch its WiMAX network and so accelerates the never-enough shortened “time to customer”. All at an affordable initial investment and a no-surprise TCO.

WiTech Fast Deployment WiMAX CSNTM October 2009

WiMAX Forum Network Reference Model (The Theory)

Moving Into Reality The WiMAX Forum NRM is an important “reference”, but isn’t enough 1. Focusing primarily on the radio access infrastructure can bring troubles 2. The CSN Is Not a “Second Step” Matter!  There isn’t certified interoperability inside the Core Network  Building the Connectivity Service Network (CSN) is a critical piece of the network deployment NMS AAA  Subscriber and Service Management Policy Function Rating  Provisioning Billing DNS/DHCP  Customer Care  Application management CRM HA

Deploying a CSN – Some Possible Issues  Unproven interoperability.  Malfunctions at commercial launch  Customers can be more sophisticated than expected  Costs can be higher than planned  Unexpected customer ramp-up can take by surprise  Wrong level of system granularity  Limited support for the commercial channels

WiTech Fast Deployment WiMAX CSNTM – First Step Starting with WiTech WROP|Suite

WiTech WROP|Suite The Access & Service Management Platform for Your Growth

WiTech WROP|Suite  Carrier-class Access & Service Management solution framework for fast moving broadband network operators and service providers  Scalable  Modular  Secure  Reliable  Affordable  Allows to deploy and manage wireless and wireline access networks with advanced features for  Access Control (AAA)  Service Definition and Provisioning  Rating and Mediation  Retail and Wholesale value chain management  Logging and Reporting

Full Featured (1/2) Comprehensive support of different types of  Broadband Wired and Wireless Access Services/Applications networks  xDSL, WiFi Hot Spot, HiperLAN, Fixed and Mobile WiMAX, …  Authentication protocols  UAM, PPPoE, PAP, EAP with EAP-MD5, EAPSIM, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-PEAP, Cisco LEAP EAP sub-types, …  Services  Fixed Access, Nomadic Access, Portable Access, VoIP, IP-Centrex, Mobile VoIP, … Broadband Access Networks  Metering and Charging  Flat, Prepaid, Postpaid, Single Access Accounting, Advanced VoIP Rating, … Fiber Optic

Full Featured (2/2)  Support of different business models thru the support of extended, multilevel value chains  Integrated NMS (Network Monitoring System)  Supporting SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3  Outage, Event/Notification, Performance Management

WiTech Platforms are Natively Connectable to the Intalio|BPM  WROP|Suite and TelcoGIS|Suite are equipped with a dedicated connector for the Intalio|BPM platform and together constitute the main building blocks of the WiTech BPM-enabled Next-Gen OSS/BSS FrameworkTM  Intalio is the market leader in the Open Source, Java-based Business Process Management System (BPMS) segment  WiTech is Intalio’s Platinum Partner focused on the Telecommunications Industry

Architecture – Functional Overview WROP|Suite Engines DHCP NMS DNS Access Control Wholesaler (AAA/Radius) Web User Interface VNO/Reseller FBWA WiFi End Customer xDSL Data Base API Value Chain FO VoIP Provisioning Security WiMAX Policy Report Access & Service Rating Mediation Modules (CDR) API Intalio|BPM Connector

Typical Deployment - Multi-technology Scenario Fiber Optic

Access Control (AAA/RADIUS)  AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) conformant with RADIUS protocol  Authentication: digital data identity verification  Authorization: privileges granting  Accounting: network resources consumption tracking  Supports request proxying, with fail-over and load balancing, as well as the ability to access many types of back-end databases.  Different classes of Authentication requests can trigger access of different Authentication and Authorization databases (with cascaded fall back), and Accounting records can be simultaneously recorded in multiple different storage databases and directories.  Complete support for RFC 2865 and RFC 2866 attributes  All main authentication protocols are supported: EAP with EAP-MD5, EAP-SIM, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-PEAP, and Cisco LEAP EAP sub-types, etc.  Vendor-Specific Attributes for almost one hundred vendors, including BinTec, Foundry, Cisco, Juniper, Lucent/Ascend, HP, Microsoft, USR/3Com, Acc/Newbridge and many more

Access & Service Modules  Interacting with AAA/RADIUS-DHCP-DNS and the Engines to fully manage network and service/application access and use  Implemented as a separate, independent module for each type of network and service/application  Enabling flexible configurations supporting combinations of multiple access technologies and application/services Fiber Optic

Data Base  Central data repository for  Web User Interface & API security  Price lists  Event logging  Value chain’s user accounts  End-Customers’ master data  Data persistence  Object Relational Model  Java Persistence API  Oracle’s Toplink Essentials TOPLINK Essentials  Hibernate  Deployable on any JDBC compliant RDBMS (certified with PostgreSQL and MySQL)

Engines – Policy & Provisioning  Network & service/application independency  Definition of different service levels, QoS and access rules  Policies per single customer or per customer segment  Effective service differentiation  Repository of pre-provisioned network resources and templates of policies and service profiles and service levels allow  separation between policy design and policy application  one-click account activation

Engines – Rating & Mediation  Rating  Real Time metering and charging of Prepaid/Postpaid accounts with a powerful threshold-based rating algorithm based on  Time (seconds)  Traffic (Bytes)  Telephony & Call Destination  Fixed charges and connection set-up fees  Bonuses.  Enabling fraud protection and detection  Mediation  Creation of simplified CDR from event logs  Data Export/Import through diverse formats  CSV (Comma Separated Values)  XML (extensible markup language)  XLS (MS Excel)

Engines – Value Chain  Tree-based multilevel value chain  Wholesaler, VNO/Master Reseller, Reseller, End- Customer  Support of different flavors of Wholesale (Carrier and White-Label) and Retail business models  Management of the Business Partner & End- Customer Lifecycle  Creation/Activation, Deactivation/Cancellation  Usage Data collection  Reporting

Engines – Security  Role enforcement in the multilevel value chain  Flexible and adaptable  Management of security user profiles for both Web User Interface and APIs

Engines – Report  Data extraction  Data aggregation  Data export  PDF  Email  Web page  XML  XLS (MS Excel) Report  Dashboards (with Business Object Xcelsius) Engine Reports  … Events Log Mediation CDRs Rating Engine

NMS (Network Monitoring System)  Supporting SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3  Trap Management for Real Time Alerting  Load Balancing Support  Discovery, Polling, Data Collection  Outage, Event/Notification Management  Advanced Performance/Availability Reporting  Exporting Management Data in XML

Application Programming Interfaces  All key functions are accessible through standard APIs  Web Services (WSDL, SOAP)  Java RMI remote interfaces  Common management developed with the C.R.U.D. paradigm  Create  Add a new entity  Read  Read or search for a particular entity  Update  Modify an already existent entity  Delete  Disable or delete an entity  Full exploitation of the Java EE 5 development platform

Web User Interface – Overview (1/2)  All WROP core features can be accessed through a neatly organized and easy-to- use Web User Interface  JavaServer Faces based  AJAX enabled  Model-View-Controller design pattern  Totally decoupled from engines  Can be deployed in any Java EE certified application server  Customizable (themes, languages)  Support for Sun’s OpenSSO-based Single Sign On

Web User Interface – Overview (2/2)  Role based access control  Different views and capability for different operational roles End-Customer VNO/Reseller Admin/Wholesaler (only personal info) (partial access) (complete access)

S Sample Web Site implemented leveraging the WROP|Suite’s set of APIs (easily customizable with logo and preferred color schema)

Sample Web Site – Managing Account - Login Allowing End-Customer to Enter Into Their Reserved Area to Manage Their Accounts

Sample Web Site – Managing Account – Recharging Credit Recharging Credit With Different Payment Options (Credit Cards / PayPal) or Using a Voucher The Customer can recharge the Credit available with a Voucher selecting one of his/her accounts. The Customer can, afterwards, rearrange the credit allocation among the different accounts with the “Manage Credit” function

Sample Web Site – Managing Account – Managing Credit Rearranging Credit Among the Different Accounts

Sample Web Site – Recharging Credit to Anybody For Example, Recharging Credit to Friend The new Credit purchased with a Credit Card/PayPal or with a Voucher will be assigned to the default account defined by the Customer with the “Preferences” function in his/her “My account” reserved area. The Customer can, at any moment, rearrange the credit allocation among the different accounts with the “Manage Credit” function in the “My Account” reserved area.

Sample Web Site - WiFi Hotspot Captive Portal Home Page Logging in

Sample Web Site - WiFi Hotspot Captive Portal Home Page Recharging Credit By default, all the Credit will be allocated to the WiFi Account. The Customer can, afterwards, rearrange the credit allocation among the different accounts with the “Manage Credit” function in the “My Account” reserved area of the main site.

WiTech Fast Deployment WiMAX CSNTM – Second Step Enriching the configuration with WiTech TelcoGIS|Suite

WiTech TelcoGIS|Suite The Geographical Information System Platform for Your Growth

WiTech TelcoGIS|Suite  WiTech’s Web-based integrated GIS platform tailored to support Service Providers addressing key operational needs in multiple areas

Architecture – Functional Overview TelcoGIS|Suite

GUI – State-of-the-art, Portlet-based Implementation  TelcoGIS GUI is built with standard Portlet technology and is natively pluggable into a Liferay-based Enterprise Portal  Liferay is the world's leading open source portal platform powering portal solutions for leading enterprises around the world

Simplified Spatial Data Management  Automation of key activities  Import various format of Raster data  Import Vector data  Layer grouping and management  Dynamic Spatial Queries  ........

S Sample Web Site implemented leveraging the TelcoGIS|Suite’s set of APIs (easily customizable with logo and preferred color schema)

Sample Web Site - WiMAX Coverage Check (1/5) Going through a Guided Path from Checking Coverage to Selecting a Plan to Picking a Gear

Sample Web Site - WiMAX Coverage Check (2/5) Checking Coverage for All Types of Services by Address When “Not specified”, a default floor can be set by the Operator (normally, it Map is detachable and can is the Ground Floor) be made larger

Sample Web Site - WiMAX Coverage Check (3/5) Checking Coverage for a Specific Type of Services by Address & Floor, Plus Coverage Map

Sample Web Site - WiMAX Coverage Check (4/5) Selecting a Service Plan After Having Checked Service Coverage

Sample Web Site - WiMAX Coverage Check (5/5) Picking the Appropriate Gear After Having Selected a Service Plan, Then Subscribing On-line

Sample Web Site - WiFi Hotspot Finder

WiTech Fast Deployment WiMAX CSNTM – Third Step Applying the WiTech BPM-enabled Next-Gen OSS/BSS FrameworkTM

Traditional OSS/BSS Architecture Unfit to support the growing needs of today’s Telco Service providers!

Next-Generation OSS/BSS  The OSS/BSS for Next-Gen Telco Service Providers need to support:  multiple technologies/networks  diverse services  complex and interdependent charging principles  convergent service definition, rating, billing and customer care  All prominent Telco service providers worldwide have formalized in the widely-recognized TM Forum's NGOSS/eTOM guidelines that formal process definition, process repositories, and process engines are fundamental to implement Next-Gen OSS/BSS  Business Process Management (BPM) is key, and the separation of business processes from software components is one of the core principles underlying it

The BPM Key Principle: Externalized Process Logic  Problem: Embedded process logic in business systems/apps  Agility barrier, expense GIS  Solution: Decompose business systems into reusable modules (“services”) Billing CRM  Expose process logic in a separate solution layer external to systems GW  Compose process model in graphical tool  Flowchart, accessible to business users ERP Systems / Applications  Agile, easily changed Systems /  Execute the model on BPM System Applications  Connects to systems through standards- Process Model based integration  BPM provides a great abstraction for building business systems

Functional View of a Modern BPM System (BPMS) Performance Management • Dashboards Integration • Analytics adapters • BAM Performance Business Data Systems CRM Process Modeling & Design Integration Framework • Flow Billing • Resources/cost • Data Process GIS • KPIs • Business Rules Engine ERP Business • Forms Rules • Simulation analysis Workflow ……. • Integration Human User User User User workflow

BPM – Life-Cycle and Standards Business Analyst Common BPMN Language IT Engineer BPEL & BPEL4People BPEL End User Workflow Systems

WiTech BPM-enabled Next-Gen OSS/BSS FrameworkTM (1/2)

WiTech BPM-enabled Next-Gen OSS/BSS FrameworkTM (2/2) Main Building Blocks  BPM System  Access and Services Management Platform  GIS Based Integrated Platform  Enterprise Content Management  Portal

Intalio|BPM – Overview  Integrated environment and set of tools for Business Process Management (BPM)  Leader in the commercial Open Source Java-based BPMS segment  Key features  Technically based on SOA  Processes are available as Web Services  Supporting all key BPM standards  BPMN, BPEL, BPEL4People  Scalable  Decreases process automation cycle  Forms designer supporting XForms  JEE certification  Eclipse plug-in for designing and deploying processes  Centralized configuration and control through administrative console  Process versions  CPU based licencing

Some Intalio Telco References  3U TELECOM AG - Germany  Plexus SL - Spain  Avaya - United States  QuetzalX - France  Cyberlink Internet Services - Switzerland  R Cable y Telecomunicaciones Galicia SA - Spain  France Telecom - France  SITA - Switzerland  GammaTelecom - United Kingdom  Tel-Lab International Sdn. Bhd. - Malaysia  Mobitel - Slovenia  Telcordia - United States  Nokia - United Kingdom  Telenor - Norway  Nokia Group Finland - Finland  TeliaSonera Finland - Finland  Nokia Networks Germany - Germany  Vodafone Group Services Limited - United Kingdom  Orange France – France  Freemax - Italy  Perceval - Belgium  Worldspan - United States Full List of customer references at http://www.intalio.com/customers/industry-verticals/

BPM Life-Cycle and Standards Mapping of Intalio|BPM Enterprise Edition Main Components Intalio|Designer Intalio|Ajax Business Analyst Common BPMN Language IT Engineer Intalio|Server BPEL & BPEL BPEL4People End User Workflow Systems Intalio|BAM

Intalio|Designer  Integrated Process Development Environment  Powered by Eclipse  Zero Code Process Design  One-Click Process Deployment

Zero Code = Development Efficiency 1 BPMN box generates… 10 lines of BPEL code, which replaces… 100 lines of J2EE code.

Intalio|Ajax  Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used for the development of real-time user interfaces  Based on the open source version of TIBCO General Interface™  Enabling rapid creation of reliable Ajax applications, components and portlets, with the look and feel of desktop graphical user interface applications

Intalio|Server Engine Scalability  Business Process Execution  Native BPEL 2.0 Execution  Performance Largest number of individual process activities modeled: 250,000 Largest number of process models deployed: 100,000 Largest number of concurrently running process instances: 250,000,000 Largest number of individual end-users per day: 100,000 Largest number of servers in clustered deployment: 1,000 Largest number of in-memory transactions per day and per CPU: 14,300,000 Largest number of persistent transactions per day and per CPU: 3,600,000oundtrip call to a WSDL web service from a BPEL process: 14 milliseconds

Intalio|ECM (Alfresco)  Supporting the collaborative development of complex business processes, and letting users manage advanced document-centric workflow processes.  Based on the Alfresco open source project

Intalio|Portal (Liferay)  Allowing end users to manage daily workloads from a single interface.  Integrated with the Workflow Framework of Intalio|Server and Intalio|ECM in order to provide direct access to any workflow tasks and documents  Based on the Liferay open source project

Intalio|SAP Connector  Can take any version of SAP, all the way back to SAP R/3 3.1i, and expose all BAPIs, IDOCs, RFCs, and ALEs as ready-to-use web services, for both inbound and outbound transactions.  Can be configured from the Intalio|Designer in order to link it to a given SAP instance. All 150,000 transactions offered by SAP R/3 or mySAP are available directly, as well as custom ones developed by customers as web services, on the fly, without having to write any code.

WiTech’s Platforms are Natively Connectable to the Intalio|BPM  WROP|Suite and TelcoGIS|Suite are equipped with a dedicated connector for the Intalio|BPM platform and together constitute the main building blocks of the WiTech BPM-enabled Next-Gen OSS/BSS FrameworkTM  Intalio is the market leader in the Open Source, Java-based Business Process Management System (BPMS) segment  WiTech is Intalio’s Platinum Partner focused on the Telecommunications Industry

Freemax Case Study

Freemax Operating Platform ERP

Freemax “From-Prospect-to-Bill” Process Implementation Modeled, designed and deployed with Intalio|Designer

Freemax Promoter’s Sample GUI

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION WiTech S.p.A. Via Giuntini 25 56023 Navacchio di Cascina PISA Italy www.witech.it Phone: +39 050 775 056 +39 050 754 719 +39 050 754 720 Fax: +39 050 75 47 22 E-mail: info@witech.it

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