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Published on October 10, 2009

Author: lightsteps

Source: authorstream.com

Witches Brew : Witches Brew A Halloween Legend Slide 2: Listen, my children and you shall hear, Slide 3: A Halloween legend told far and near. Slide 4: As witches galore - oh, what a sight, Gather together on Halloween night! Slide 5: Fat ones and skinny ones, old ones and new, Slide 6: Fly in on broomsticks to make their brew. Slide 7: Each witch brings a special treat, To make this tasty brew complete. Slide 8: The witches are ready, their magic to cook, Let's come on in and take a look. Slide 9: Watch carefully now - don't even blink,  The brew is too horrid, too awful to drink. Slide 10: Begin with some green slime from the deepest, dark cave. If you don't want to drink this, you'd better behave. Slide 11: A drop of blood from a lion's tail,   Insures that this brew's magic will not fail. Slide 12: Add to it some juice from an evil curse,   Can you imagine anything worse? Slide 13: Heh, heh, heh, to this tasty dish, We'll add the eyes of two dead fish. Slide 14: The bile from the liver of a bat killed at midnight,  Makes this potion a gruesome sight. Slide 15: We'll add some catsup just for fun, Slide 16: Two snake eyes and a snake - see how they run? Slide 17: A final touch for the most delicate flavor, Rattlesnake poison, it's something to savor. Slide 18: The brew's complete, the black cat is purring All it needs now is some careful stirring. Purrrrrrrrr Slide 19: A hot fire makes the brew boil and bubble  If you listen, you'll hear it without any trouble. Slide 20: The witches are pleased, and they cackle with glee. Their brew is the best, the best it could be. Mmmm! Slide 21: They fill up their vials and make ready for flight, Slide 22: Here they go on their broomsticks this Halloween night. Slide 23: And off in the distance, by the light of the moon, I hear them calling, "We'll see you so-o-o-o-on!“ ~ Author Unknown Bibliography : Bibliography Source: http://www.thevirtualvine.com/halloween.html

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