Wireless Sensor Network Security Analytics

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Information about Wireless Sensor Network Security Analytics

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: SandeepSharma65

Source: slideshare.net


Wireless sensor network Security Analytic,
Wireless Security Analytics,
Security QA metrics

10 PROJECT GOALS 1. Routing algorithm: SPIN,CTP. 2. Measure energy consumed 3. Validate PPECEM Model 4. Improve in existing model for efficiency, reliability, availability.

10 PROJECT GOALS 5. New Model: ERAECEM Efficiency Reliability Availability Energy consumption Estimation Model. 6. ERAQP BASED on ERAECEM Model for WSN a new energy aware routing algorithm (ERAQP)

10 PROJECT GOALS 7. Configurable Routing Algorithm Approach Proposed on WSN motes utilizing user defined QoS parameters 8. Model for WSN: Leader-Follower Model, Directed Diffusion Model

10 PROJECT GOALS 9. Fuzzy routing Algorithm Motes represent 10. Fuzzy Information Neural Network representation of Wireless Sensor Network.


1.1 SPIN

1.2 CTP  Collection tree protocol

2 ENERGY MEASUREMENT  Agilent 33522B Waveform Generator was used to measure the Current and voltage graph .  The Graph measurement were then converted to numerical power Power= Voltage X current = V X I. The Power consumed during motes routing on SPIN and CTP then taken into is added up to give power consumption and values are applied to PPECEM.


3.1COST OF SECURITY  Cost of security In WSN can only be estimated by looking at extra burden of secure algorithm and security of Energy Consumption as the Energy is key driver or critical resource in design of WSN. As design is completely dominated by size of battery supplying power to mote.

3.2 PPECEM  QCPU = PCPU * TCPU = PCPU * (BEnc * TBEnc + BDec * TBDec +BMac * TBMac + TRadioActive) Eq.2)

4 ERA  Efficiency = Ptr X Prc X Pcry … (Eq.2)  Reliability = Rnode1 = FtrX FrcX Fcy  Availability= TFNode1 = Ftr+ Frc+Fcry

5. IMPROVE EXISTING  . ERA = fed  Efficiency of Energy Model: QEff=QCPU X Eff (improvement #1 in Zang model)

ERAECEM  Etotal = Average(Eff + R +A)= (E+R+A)/3  Efficiency of Energy Model: QEff=QCPU X Etotal (improvement #1 in Zang model)

6 ERAQP  Efficiency ,Reliability, Availability QoS prioritized routing Algorithm  ERA ranked and routing based Ranking Cost on Dijesktra to find most suitable path

7.CONFIG. ROUTING  q1, q2, q3 as QoS parameter algorithm rank Motes/nodes based on combined score of these parameters. Based on this we rank we apply Dijesktra algorithm to arrive at least path or elect Cluster head to node. Thus q1, q2, q3 can be added, deleted.

8 MATHEMATICAL MODEL  Leader Follower EACH node share defined diffusion rate given by slider control on UI which tells quantity it is diffusing with its neighbors.Since it’s a directed graph so Node B gives data towards Node A while traffic from A towards B may be non-existent  Directed Diffusion Mathematical model represent diffusion of quantity towards a directed network. Helps to understand topology, density and stability of network and a starting point for designing complex , realistic Network Model.

9 FUZZY ROUTING  Fuzzy set A {MoteA, p(A))  Where, p(A) is probability Of Data Usage Or Percentage Load in Fraction Compared With Global Load

10 FUZZY TOPOLOGY  Based on this Utilization p(A) nodes can be ranked in ascending order to find most data dwarfed node at the top. Then We can apply Dijkstra's algorithm on the network to find best route based on weight on each node represented by Rank.

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