Wireless power Transfer by Microwave

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Information about Wireless power Transfer by Microwave

Published on March 2, 2014

Author: bhushankumbhalkar

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WPT is a technology to transmit power wireless to all over world using Microwave. This technology is now being practiced everywhere as it has number of Advantages over our conventional method of power transfer.

PRESENTATION ON “Microwave” A Next Generation Power Transmission System PRESENTED BY Shivani Kumbhalkar Maitreye Jha (3rd year BE ) Department Of Electronics & Communication Engineering G. H. RAISONI ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY NAGPUR Session 2012-13 1

Outline • • • • • • • • • • • Introduction Why WPT is required? Inventor of WPT Wireless power transmission system Advantages Disadvantages Applications Biological impact References 2

INTRODUCTION • In our present electricity generation system we waste more than half of its resource. Especially the transmission and distribution losses are the main concern of the present power technology. • The transmission & distribution system causes a loss of 26% to 30% of the energy generated. • The transmission of power without wires may be one noble alternative for electricity transmission. 3

WHY WPT IS REQUIRED? • The losses occurs during the transmission and distribution of electrical power is more. • • Power loss due to resistance of wires used for grid. • • Indian government agencies put that number at 30%, 40% and greater than 40%. • • Power theft at distribution level. • 4

NIKOLA TESLA(Inventor of WPT) • 1856-1943 • • Innovations: – Wireless power transmission experiments at Wardenclyffe • • Concept of WPT is depends on electrical conductivity • 5

WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION SYSTEM • William C. Brown, the pioneer in wireless power transmission technology. • Developed a unit and demonstrated to show how power can be transferred through free space by microwaves. 6

FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM OF WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION SYSTEM Transmitting Antenna Microwave Power Source Load CoaxWaveguide Adaptor CoaxWaveguide Adaptor Waveguide Circulator Tuner & Directional Coupler Impedance Matching & Filter Ckt. Schottky Barrier Diode Microwave on Free Space Receiving Antenna 7

ADVANTAGES OVER A WIRED TRANSMISSION SYSTEM. •WPT system would completely eliminates the existing hightension power transmission line cables, towers and Sub-stations. • •It facilitates the interconnection of electrical generation plants on a global scale. • •Can reach the places which are remote. • •High Efficiency and maintenance Low cost. • •Power Theft will be negligible. 8

DRAWBACKS OF WPT • Interference of microwave with the current communication system. • • Failure in signal & Path loss • • Supports short distance only. • • The capital cost for practical implementation of WPT seems to be very high. • 9

BIOLOGICAL IMPACTS • WPT has the slightly Higher emission than the currently used cellular telephones . • • It is below the safety guidelines ANSI/IEEE exposure standards as of cellular telephones. • • • 10

APPLICATIONS •Wireless Power Source. •Wireless sensors • Wireless power technology. •Electric toothbrush. •Use of fuel replaced by Electrical Power 11

Power Can Be Generated By Solar Power Satellite(sps). 12

Wireless power transmission & reception using microwaves 13

LONG DISTANCE WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION • Carried out by Communication Research Center at Canada during the year 1980. • Designed an unmanned plane by the name Stationary High Altitude Relay Platform (SHARP). • It was also designed to fly without rest or battery backup for months. • • 14

FUEL FREE ELECTRIC BUS Trolley Powered With Wireless Power Transmission 15

References • Nikola Tesla, My Inventions, Ben Johnston, Ed., Austin, Hart Brothers, p. 91,1982. • Nikola Tesla, “The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires as a Means for Furthering Peace,” Electrical World and Engineer. Jan. 7, p. 21, 1905. • W.C. Brown, J.R. Mims and N.I. Heenan, “An Experimental Microwave-Powered Helicopter”, 965 IEEE International Convention Record, Vol. 13, Part pp.225-235. • Brown., W. C. (September 1984). "The History of Power Transmission by Radio Waves". Microwave Theory andTechniques, IEEE Transactions on (Volume: 32, Issue: 9 On page(s): 1230- 1242 + ISSN: 0018-9480). • 16

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